What you can get out of your GenUK Internship

You could secure a work placement in China during summer 2020 thanks to the GenUK Internship Programme – a British Council flagship scheme that is supported by all four regional governments in the UK. CRCC Asia is proud to be the provider of these programmes in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

At CRCC Asia, we match successful applicants to an internship within a career field of their choosing. Whether you’re interested in Business, Finance, Engineering or Law – we can provide an exciting work placement. We offer internships in 18 different career fields across each of our program locations; whilst carefully screening each of our host companies to ensure that we can provide the best possible experience for all of our applicants.

An internship in China gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the local culture and build towards your career at the same time. You’ll be working in an established Chinese company operating in a career field of your own choosing. Not only will you learn skills sought after by employers in your career path, you’ll also gather first-hand experience of Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Don’t believe us? We’ve reached out to 2019’s GenUK internship participants who did just that. Read on to learn more about the rewarding experiences they had.


Programme participants intern for a company that matches up with their interests but they also broaden their horizons and get to see a different side of that industry, such as Jordan


GenUK Internship


Jordan Watson – Computer Science & ITBeijing

“I worked in Project Management, overseeing and managing the work for a new administrator web application to manage the stores of the company around the world. This involved speaking to my Supervisor and colleagues about what they required from this web application, creating and designing plans from these requirements, and finally communicating these plans to a group of outsourced Developers in India.”



Many of our interns have the opportunity to implement what they’ve been learning at university hands-on within the workplace, while also learning about new software and getting insight from those in the industry, like Danielle


GenUK internship


Danielle Koku – MarketingBeijing

“My internship was a solid introduction to software and marketing for me, the mixture of tasks gave me insight into emerging markets while sharpening my already existing skills and matched me with an open-minded team that was patient enough to answer my constant questions about how to operate an international SaaS competitor from China.”



A lot of our interns are given research-based tasks which allow them to actively aid and contribute to the growth of the business they are interning in while gaining valuable skills



Nichol Yesuthasan – Law – Shanghai

“My day-to-day tasks would involve carrying out legal research in various international jurisdictions, analysing commission agreements as well as drafting a shareholders’ agreement. It soon became evident to me that practising law abroad successfully required a strong network. As a result, I also contacted various Consulates in Shanghai in order to reinforce my host firm’s status as a legal service provider in the city. I participated in various webinars relating to false claims in healthcare litigation and Innovation.”





Our interns are given real responsibility by our host companies and this allows them to develop new skills, much like Jessica’s experience



Jessica Jackson – Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals/BusinessShanghai

“My job was for a company that aids start-ups (life science, MedTech and broader healthcare) get investment and raise capital from the Chinese market – which is expected to be the largest healthcare market by 2020! My role was project manager, organising a bootcamp to give these start-ups information, speakers and tasks to help them pitch to Chinese investors. The responsibility and trust he left in me was empowering (and scary) but I very much enjoyed managing my own workload.”



A common thing we hear from our participants is how life-affirming their experience has been and how their internship abroad has inspired them to follow a certain career path or work in a certain type of company



Sarah Blaseby – Media, Communications & PublishingShanghai

“The company I interned for has given me a drive and motivation to look for roles in other start-up companies due to their nature of being able to take on as many diverse roles and tasks as possible. Therefore, taking part in this internship has meant that I can narrow down the type of roles and companies I look for when applying for jobs in the future.”





These are just a few examples of the sort of internship you could experience as part of the GenUK  internship programme. The deadline for applications is the 13th of January 2020 so make sure you apply now so you don’t miss out!


Written by:

Francis Cain
Admissions Advisor & University Partnerships Associate