What is a Career Field?

What is a career field

For CRCC Asia, Career Fields (formerly referred to as Sectors) are a defined group of opportunities within a set of industries or professions with similar skill requirements that a student can choose to be placed in.

CRCC Asia has 18 Career Fields that are present in each of our 9 program locations. During the placement process we ask each participant to choose three career field choices, which we guarantee a project-based placement in. Students note their career fields during the advising call, and our Business Development Managers take these selections into account during the placement process, always beginning with opportunities in the student’s first career field choice. Last year 80% of participants were placed in their first career field choice, with 92% placed in their first or second career field choice.

How did we choose our Career Fields?

CRCC Asia identified a need to update our Career Fields upon reviewing our 950+ host company network for commonalities within job descriptions and opportunities, ensuring that for every Career Field we offer we could place a student in a successful placement regardless of the program location.

We also audited our university partner’s academic portfolios to align our Career Fields with majors, minors, and concentrations. This audit led to us adding Entrepreneurship & Startups due to increased student demand and noting that degree/certificates in Entrepreneurship-related studies have grown by 572% between 1995 & 2013 (US Dept of Commerce). We also redefined our NGO and Charity sector to our new International Development, NGO, & Charities career field to better mirror student majors and the increased demand, especially in key location such as  HCMC.

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