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As China’s financial hub and a global metropolis, Shanghai offers a diverse range of career prospects for expatriates. Whether you’re an English teacher, an IT professional, or a chef, there are exciting opportunities waiting for you. Let’s delve into why undergraduate and post-graduate students should seek for their first internship in Shanghai, as well as the details of some of the most sought-after career fields in Shanghai.

Why Interning in Shanghai

Shanghai, with its dynamic blend of tradition and modernity, is an excellent destination for university students seeking their first internships, due to several reasons:

  1. Thriving Business Environment: Shanghai is the beating heart of China’s growth. As one of Asia’s most vibrant cities, it offers a plethora of opportunities across various industries. Whether you’re interested in finance, law, marketing, or public relations, Shanghai has it all.
  2. International Work Experience: Standing out in today’s competitive job market requires more than just academic qualifications. International work experience is a powerful asset. By interning in Shanghai, you’ll gain exposure to a global business environment, enhance your cross-cultural skills, and broaden your professional network.
  3. Real-World Learning: Shanghai serves as the perfect classroom for experiential learning. NYU Shanghai, for instance, integrates the city’s history, culture, and economy into its courses. Students visit local businesses, explore historical sites, and connect theory with practice. For example:
    • In the course “Doing Business With China,” students tour businesses of all sizes, gaining firsthand insights into entrepreneurship and operations.
    • Professor Lena Scheen’s Chinese literature class, “Shanghai Stories,” takes students to locations from the stories they read, bridging literature and real-life experiences.
    • During CRCC Asia internships program in Shanghai, students also get the opportunity to participate in cultural events and business events, which can boarden their perspectives about different aspects of the city and gather career insights.
  4. Cultural Immersion: Shanghai’s bustling streets, diverse neighbourhoods, and rich heritage provide a unique cultural immersion. You’ll learn about mianzi (face) and guanxi (relationships), essential aspects of Chinese work culture. This exposure goes beyond textbooks and enriches your understanding of life in a multicultural society.
  5. Access to Multinational Companies: Shanghai hosts regional headquarters for multinational corporations. Whether it’s tech giants like Google and Microsoft or financial institutions, you’ll find exciting internship opportunities. The Pudong District, where NYU Shanghai is located, houses hundreds of Chinese and foreign financial institutions, making it an ideal spot for internships.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Shanghai’s vibrant professional scene allows you to connect with industry experts. Attend networking events, engage with professionals, and build relationships that can shape your future career. These connections often lead to valuable job prospects after graduation.
  7. Logistical Convenience: Shanghai’s efficient metro system makes commuting easy. Most internship destinations are just a few metro stops away, allowing you to head to your internship right after class. This convenience minimises transit time and maximise your productivity.

Overall, Shanghai offers a blend of academic enrichment, cultural exploration, and career development. Whether you’re sipping tea in a traditional teahouse or attending a business seminar, this city promises a life-changing experience for university students embarking on their internship journey. 

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Figure 1: Internships in Asia countries, specifically Shanghai can open doors to several opportunities after graduation


Top Career Fields in Shanghai

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Figure 2: Several top career fields are offered in Shanghai

1. Teaching and Education

Teaching remains a popular choice for expats in China. Opportunities exist from kindergartens to universities, and specialty training centers. While some controversies surround unqualified teachers, the demand for foreign educators remains high. Salaries can be competitive, especially in first-tier cities.

2. Trade and Commerce

China’s global expansion owes much to trade and commerce. Ambitious foreigners engage in buying Chinese products for export, capitalizing on low production costs. Cities like Guangzhou and Yiwu are hubs for commerce and trade, when Shanghai is well-known to be a technology hub.

3. IT and Technology

The IT sector is rapidly growing in China, with technology permeating everyday life. From mobile payments to online shopping, tech-savvy professionals find ample opportunities. Shanghai, being a tech hub, offers exciting prospects in this field.

4. Healthcare and Biopharmaceuticals

With an aging population and increasing health awareness, healthcare and biopharmaceuticals are thriving. Roles like nurse practitioners, data scientists, and physician assistants are in demand.

5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Shanghai’s position as a major global port and logistics hub creates opportunities in this field. Professionals skilled in supply chain management, transportation, and logistics are sought after.

6. Finance and Banking

As a financial center, Shanghai hosts numerous multinational banks and financial institutions. Roles in investment banking, risk management, and financial analysis are prevalent.

7. Marketing and Advertising

With China’s consumer market growing, marketing and advertising professionals are essential. Digital marketing, brand management, and market research roles are abundant.

8. Hospitality and Tourism

Shanghai’s vibrant tourism industry offers jobs in hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies. Proficiency in Mandarin and understanding Chinese culture is advantageous.

9. Environmental and Renewable Energy

As China focuses on sustainability, careers in environmental protection and renewable energy are on the rise. Roles include environmental consultants, energy analysts, and sustainable development experts.

10. Real Estate and Construction

Shanghai’s rapid urbanization drives demand for real estate professionals, architects, and construction managers. Infrastructure projects and property development offer exciting prospects.

As that the job market is dynamic, staying informed about industry trends and networking is crucial for success in any field. Thus, students who get the chance to work in Shanghai whether in an internship or full-time position will win advantages over the one that do not.


CRCC Asia Program in Shanghai

CRCC Asia offers an immersive internship program in Shanghai. Here are some of the highlights about our program in the city:

  • Internship Placements: CRCC Asia collaborates with top companies across various industries to provide tailored internships. Participants gain practical experience and cultural insights across different industries of choice.
  • Professional Development: The program includes workshops, networking events, and mentorship sessions. Participants enhance their skills and build a global network.
  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond work, participants explore Shanghai’s rich history, cuisine, and vibrant lifestyle. Cultural activities and excursions are an integral part of the program.
  • Language Learning: Participants may have the opportunity to learn Mandarin, which enhances their employability in China and globally.

Figure 3: CRCC Asia hosts international internships program across different Asia locations

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a mid-career professional, CRCC Asia’s Shanghai program offers a unique chance to grow personally and professionally in one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. 🌟🇨🇳

For more information, visit CRCC Asia’s website or check out our Shanghai program page