Organizational Excellence in 2024: Embracing Employee Thriving as the New North Star

Organisations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their performance and maintain a competitive edge. Amidst this pursuit, the traditional notion of employee engagement is evolving into a more comprehensive concept known as employee thriving. As highlighted by the Harvard Business Review, employee thriving represents a fundamental shift towards prioritising the holistic well-being and fulfilment of individuals within the workplace. This paradigm shift not only redefines the way we view employee satisfaction but also holds the key to unlocking organisational excellence in the 21st century.


Understanding Employee Thriving in Today’s Workplace

Employee thriving, as articulated by the Harvard Business Review, represents a paradigm shift from the traditional concept of employee engagement. While engagement focuses on an individual’s emotional commitment to their work and organisation, thriving encompasses a holistic approach that prioritises their overall well-being and fulfilment. It goes beyond mere satisfaction with the job and delves into areas such as physical health, mental resilience, and personal growth. Thriving employees are not only productive and motivated but also resilient and adaptable in the face of challenges, making them invaluable assets to any organisation.

A compelling example of the benefits of prioritising employee thriving can be seen in Microsoft’s journey (full read). By shifting their focus from mere engagement to fostering a culture of thriving, Microsoft witnessed significant improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity, and innovation. Employees reported higher levels of job satisfaction, reduced stress levels, and increased creativity, leading to tangible business outcomes and sustained success.


Transitioning from Employee Engagement to Thriving

Employee thriving aligns closely with the principles outlined in the B Corp assessment, which evaluates companies based on their social and environmental performance. By prioritizing employee well-being and fulfillment, organizations demonstrate a commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. Initiatives such as promoting work-life balance, investing in professional development, and fostering a culture of inclusivity all contribute to a higher B Corp score (what is Bcorp). Furthermore, by prioritizing employee thriving, organizations not only enhance their brand reputation but also contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society.

Initiating Employee Thriving: Where to Begin

The journey toward a thriving workforce begins with actionable steps that yield tangible results. In the short term, organisations can kick-start their efforts by exploring opportunities such as hosting international interns. This initial step allows for the infusion of fresh perspectives and diverse experiences into the organisational culture, laying the groundwork for future growth and innovation.

Once the decision to host international interns is made, it’s essential to establish clear objectives and metrics for success. These objectives may include enhancing cultural diversity within the workplace, fostering cross-cultural collaboration, or providing valuable learning opportunities for both interns and existing employees. By setting specific and measurable goals, organizations can effectively gauge the impact of their internship program and track progress over time. By continuously iterating and improving upon the internship experience, organizations can create a dynamic and thriving workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

In essence, by embracing employee thriving as the new north star, organizations pave the way for a future where individuals not only succeed but truly thrive. This journey towards organizational excellence is rooted in a deep commitment to prioritizing the well-being and fulfillment of employees, driving positive changes within the organization and beyond.


Exciting Global Internship Highlights: Spring 2024

We’re thrilled to announce after a few weeks of our peak summer season launched, more than 100 interns have got solid offers from our global business partners in Tokyo, Kansai, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh. 

Our diverse pool of interns hails from renowned institutions across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Representing a multitude of academic disciplines and backgrounds, these interns bring a wealth of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our organisation. 

We invite our valued business partners to connect with them at their earliest convenience. In today’s interconnected business world, securing top talent is more competitive than ever. Therefore, we encourage prompt action, as internship placements are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.
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Leveraging Global Internship Opportunities 

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Together, let’s foster meaningful connections and collaborations that drive innovation and growth, shaping a brighter future for our organization and beyond. We look forward to the impactful contributions our interns will make as they embark on this enriching journey with us.

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Image: Our program students during their short-term program in Japan