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Directors: Founded by Oxford and Cambridge University graduates, Daniel Nivern and Edward Holroyd Pearce
Naming: China Recruitment Ltd (CR) and China Consulting Ltd (CC) merged in December 2008, leading to the formation of CRCC Asia

About Us

CRCC Asia provides award-winning Global Internship Programs to help boost your global employability and truly stand out from the crowd

CRCC Asia was founded with the aim of helping people from all walks of life obtain high-level employment early in their careers. With more and more students and aspiring young professionals now obtaining degrees, masters and so on, gaining employment has become much more competitive. This is where CRCC Asia can help. As the leading provider of global internship programs, we work with over 1,000 host-companies in Tokyo, Kansai region, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic and international setting. Through our Global Internships, our priority is to ensure we boost your global employability, equip you with the career field knowledge and insight you need, but ultimately make sure you truly stand out from the crowd when seeking that perfect career.
All of our Global Internships allow participants to gain insight into global business culture, meet industry leaders and build business networks in an aim to;
✓ Boost your global employability
✓ Dramatically improve your CV/Resume
✓ Acquire the essential industry specific skills sought-after by employers
✓ Learn to be adaptable, sensitive of others and resilient through our focus on cultural agility and cross-cultural communication
✓ Enhance country specific knowledge

Company History

In 2009, Global Internship Provider CRCC Asia was incorporated in the United States. In 2010, CRCC Asia was runner-up in the British Business Awards Most Promising New Business in China and later in the year, CRCC Asia won the Cathay Pacific China Business Award for fostering links between China and the international community.

In 2011, CRCC Asia opened new offices in Shanghai and San Francisco, expanding its operations both in China and globally. In 2012, CRCC Asia won the British Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year Award and opened an office in Brisbane, Australia, making CRCC Asia a leader in both the European and Asia-Pacific markets. Due to increasing demand and interest in Global Internships, combined with the rise of a number of international business cities in China, CRCC Asia expanded China operations with offices and a new program in Shenzhen in 2013. We later added Tokyo, Manchester, and Ho Chi Minh City to our Program options. Today, CRCC Asia has had over 9,000 participants on our Global Internship programs and has announced new locations in Kansai region and Seoul through 2018-2019.

Our Values

CRCC Asia believes in maintaining the highest level of commitment to its core values surrounding our global internship programs: