Investment Portfolio

In line with the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, CRCC Asia has taken equity stakes in several businesses. Some of these businesses were founded by or are operated by our program alumni. The investment portfolio includes businesses that focus on Asia, education, or employability, and investments have been made where recipient companies can benefit from the experience, network, or other resources CRCC Asia has to offer. To contact CRCC Asia about possible opportunities for investment or collaboration, please contact [email protected] or contact your local CRCC Asia office.

The Dragon Trip

The Dragon Trip aims to show backpackers the real Asia, giving them the chance to meet other like-minded travellers and make a positive impact on the places that they visit. The Dragon Trip shows the very best parts of China, Japan and South East Asia including cultural, historical and adrenalin-inducing attractions, jaw dropping scenery and mind-blowing night life. We also encourage our CRCC Asia internship participants to consider adding on a travel option provided by The Dragon Trip.

China Study Abroad

China Study Abroad is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented company offering language programs, higher education and further opportunities with Universities in China. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking for longer term courses at Chinese Universities and is in line with the Chinese government's desires to increase the number of foreign students coming to China to study.

The Student Lawyer

The Student Lawyer is a free online resource run by students, providing careers advice and legal news for aspiring lawyers. Everything on the site is written by law students or practicing professionals and aims to help those who want to become lawyers or have recently started their career. If you are serious about a career in the law, we hope that The Student Lawyer will become an indispensable part of the journey to your desired career.


Teachy is a platform for tutors and teachers to connect with their pupils online, and arrange lesson plans, groups of students, and payment in one place. Teachy capitalises on the growth and importance of online learning.

The Coyote Trip Logo

The Coyote Trip

The Coyote Trip is a part of The Dragon Trip. The Dragon Trip has been operating adventure tours in Asia over the past 10 years and has taken over 10,000 young people away. Their ethos is centred around providing transformative travel experiences for young people who are looking to really understand the places and communities that they visit.

The Learning Adventure Logo

The Learning Adventure

The Learning Adventure is trusted by some of the world’s leading schools and universities to run their school trips, educational tours and faculty-led programs, year on year, because of their impeccable service. Click on the logo to find out more.

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