Social Responsibility and Scholarships for Inclusion

Access. We are committed to sustaining an environment of inclusion, opportunity, community, and encouragement. The world is open. Access your potential.

In response to Australia’s bushfire emergency, CRCC Asia has donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service. We have been deeply impacted by the devastation on the ground and feel it is our duty to support the efforts of first responders, their families, and the surrounding communities as they continue their fight and recovery. Our Australia office is in contact with our University Partners in the affected regions to see how we can continue to support efforts.

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Social Inclusion 2020
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CRCC Asia CSR Month – November 2019

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility – globally and within our own communities – we are launching 2nd annual CRCC Asia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Month in November of 2019.

To highlight our local CSR, each office is taking part in a team volunteering activity during the month of November.

Thank you to all of our local organizations for providing the structure to allow us to help our communities.

A Letter from our Directors


From the very beginning, CRCC Asia has been about social mobility, doing the right thing, and making the world a better place.  Over the years we’ve developed and joined many initiatives which have furthered these values and goals.


These have included our Disability Scholarship, run in conjunction with the British Council since 2011, our alumni investment fund since 2012, delivering the British Council’s Generation-UK China Initiative since 2013, and our broader range of needs-based scholarships available annually in each of our regions.  We have also match-funded several staff or alumni initiatives which do not have to be directly related to our Programs.


We have recently designated November our Corporate Social Responsibility month, when you will see a number of initiatives taking place.  We are particularly focused on under-represented groups and strongly encourage you to engage with us if you are from one of these groups, or concerned that an internship abroad may be more difficult for you than for others.  We are here for you!




The Directors

2020 Inclusion Initiative – Corporate Sponsors

StudentUniverse UK

StudentUniverse is the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth. For students looking to travel the world, we offer our members special rates on flights, hotels, and tours, allowing students to travel more and spend less. Our unique pricing and terms are negotiated specifically for this demographic through contracts with dozens of world-class partners and more than 70 airlines. Membership is free. We are on a mission to make global experiences possible. We believe that travel is essential to a modern education and that students return enlightened and inspired. Millions of students use our service every year.

Envisage Global Insurance

Envisage Global Insurance is a specialized international group insurance broker for the J1, work and travel, youth travel and cultural exchange markets. In business since 1998, we are now recognized as one of the leading providers of international insurance plans to organizations from all around the world that send and receive students on cultural exchange and youth travel activities.

Our Mission: We are on a mission to make global experiences possible. We believe that travel is essential to a modern education and that students return enlightened and inspired.

2020 Inclusion Initiative – Scholarship Partners

KAHAL Abroad

KAHAL is a nonprofit organization working in 50 countries and 110 cities around the world that facilitates transformational Jewish experiences for study abroad students. KAHAL is a network & resource. Wherever students travel, KAHAL can connect participants with amazing, immersive experiences in their local communities. KAHAL connects Jewish students to exciting opportunities and high-impact experiences by working with local Jewish students, families, organizations, and community leaders.

CRCC Asia is proud to partner with KAHAL in supporting Jewish life throughout each site. KAHAL provides tens of thousands of Jewish students studying abroad each year the resources, tools, and connections they need to meaningfully engage with the Jewish community and deepen their Jewish identity during one of the most important, meaningful, and enduring experiences of their lives.

KAHAL Abroad will provide a grant to the winner of the Scholarship for Jewish Students to host an event aimed at celebrating Jewish faith and customs.

2020 Inclusion Initiative – Outreach Partners

Universities UK International (UUKi): Go International Standout Campaign

Universities UK International’s Go International: Stand Out campaign is designed to help the sector to deliver on our national target for outward student mobility: ‘to double the percentage of UK-domiciled, full-time, first degree, undergraduate students who have an international placement as part of their university programme by 2020.’

UUKi is convening a series of activities from 2017 to 2020 to support universities in meeting the national target. As a first step, UUKi encourages universities, and other organisations, to sign up to the campaign charter and to submit a pledge to help boost and broaden UK outward student mobility.

International Disability Alliance

The International Disability Alliance (IDA) is an alliance of eight global and six regional organisations of persons with disabilities. IDA advocates at the United Nations for a more inclusive global environment for persons with disabilities and their organisations. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is IDA’s touchstone. IDA is invested in ensuring that the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals are inclusive and in line with CRPD. IDA supports organisations of persons with disabilities worldwide to take part in UN and international human rights processes, and use international accountability mechanisms. With member organisations globally, IDA represents the estimated one billion people worldwide with disabilities. This is the world’s largest and most frequently overlooked marginalised group.

Hillel Ontario

As an affiliate of the largest Jewish student organization in the world, and now the largest global regional Hillel system, Hillel Ontario works to amplify Jewish campus life across nine universities, with a combined Jewish student population of over 13,000. 

Hillel engages with, empowers, and inspires the leadership of more Jewish university and college students than all other endeavours combined. By promoting Jewish identity through life-changing trips and campus initiatives, cultivating student leadership and embracing religious, and political, diversity in an inclusive environment, students learn to make a meaningful impact on the future of the Jewish people and the world, while they grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually.


The European Association for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The question of breaking gender segregation in the workplace and to attract more women to the technology-oriented sector is at least as relevant today as when WiTEC was founded 30 years ago.

WiTEC was formed as a network in 1988. After more than ten years of networking and project activities related to women and STEM it established itself as a non-profit European association in May 2001



CodeOp is a women-led coding school that supports the advancement of women, trans, and gender nonconforming individuals in tech. With campuses in Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur, we offer bootcamp-style courses in Full Stack Development and Big Data Engineering.

CodeOp equips its students to become adaptive problem-solvers, ready to meet the challenges of an ever-shifting technical landscape. Via rigorous training in leading technologies, CodeOp students learn the foundations of computer science and iterative approaches to team-based coding.



Voice4Change England is a national advocate for the Black and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community sector (BMS VCS). Our vision is a stronger and inclusive civil society to meet the needs of BME and other disadvantaged communities. Our mission is to strengthen the BME VCS to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities.


University of Birmingham Afro-Caribbean Society

The University of Birmingham African Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity, unity and culture by putting on events that educate, reflect and empower our proud members.

We strive to enrich the academic and social experience of its members, whilst simultaneously upholding a strong sense of community. The ACS illustrates the vibrancy of African & Caribbean culture through the coordination of exciting, inspiring and enjoyable events, which are open to anyone with an interest in our culture.

The ACS is open to all students who want to find out more about African and Caribbean culture.  We hope to create a vibrant community of people and use their talents to create a fantastic experience in the learning of our different cultures and each other. Our society also creates a platform for networking and a medium to inspire ourselves and enhance the future of our members.


International Dyslexia Association

The International Dyslexia (IDA) is an international organization that concerns itself with the complex issues of dyslexia.  The IDA membership consists of a variety of professionals in partnership with dyslexics and their families and all others interested in the Association’s mission.  The purpose of the IDA is to pursue and provide the most comprehensive range of information and services that addresses the full scope of dyslexia and related difficulties in learning to read and write….in a way that creates partnership….so that every individual has the opportunity to lead a productive and fulfilling life, and society benefits from the resource that is liberated.  The International Dyslexia Association currently has 48 branches throughout the country and 15 Global partners throughout the world.


Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is a worldwide community with 50,000 members. Through a supportive online group, a free job board, and opportunities to learn, they help Tech Ladies grow their careers. Tech Ladies has been featured in Teen Vogue, Fox Business Network,Forbes, Fortune, Bustle, Mic, CNBC, Observer, Hearst, and more.



Masa Israel Journey

Masa Israel Journey is the leader in immersive international experiences in Israel for young adults (18-30). Our diverse portfolio of study abroad, internship, service learning, or Jewish studies programs help you grow—as a person, a professional, and a leader— while also developing a robust global professional network. Since its founding in 2004 by the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Israel, together with The Jewish Agency for Israel, over 150,000 young people from more than 60 countries have participated in Masa Israel programs.



INWES Logo on CRCC Asia
International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES)

INWES is a global network of organizations of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), reaching over 60 countries worldwide. INWES is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Directors representing organization, corporate, University/Institute, and individual memberships.

The International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) was established to strengthen the capacity of individuals, organizations, and corporations to influence policies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) worldwide, and to encourage the education, recruitment, retention, support, and advancement of professional women and students through an international network of organizations and experts.

RespectAbility Logo on CRCC Asia

RespectAbility is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that understands we are a stronger community when we live up to our values – when we are welcoming, diverse, moral and respect one another.

We work with entertainment, policy makers, educators, self-advocates, nonprofits, employers, faith-based organizations, philanthropists, journalists and online media to fight stigmas and advance opportunities for people with disabilities.

Led by people with disabilities and those who love them, we know that people with disabilities and their families have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else, even if they face different challenges.

We do not lobby; we educate. Our free tools and factual resources inform so people with disabilities can achieve the education, training, jobs, security and good health that everyone needs and deserves.

Mission Statement: RespectAbility fights stigmas and advances opportunities so that people with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of community.

The Care Leavers Association Logo on CSR CRCC Asia
The Care Leavers Association 

The Care Leavers Association is a national user-led charity aimed at improving the lives of care leavers of all ages. We bring together the voices and experiences of care leavers to support care leavers of all ages, improve the current care system, and change for the better society’s perception of people in care. We work with individuals through our specific projects, campaigns, lobby and advocate for change at all levels of government and provide training and awareness for a range of organisations. 

Care Leaver Covenant Logo on CSR
Care Leaver Covenant

The Covenant is a promise made by private, public or voluntary organisations to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25 to help them to live independently. In July 2016, the UK Government published ‘Keep on Caring’ to support young people from care to independence. A key policy commitment in the paper is a strategic pledge to introduce a Care Leaver Covenant.

Leonard Cheshire Logo on CSR Page CRCC Asia
Leonard Cheshire

We are Leonard Cheshire – supporting individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability.  Led by people with experience of disability, we are at the heart of local life – opening doors to opportunity, choice and support in communities around the globe. 

Like our founder, we believe that diversity creates a world of possibility. Through pioneering research and innovation we’re building a fairer, more inclusive society. One that recognises the positive contributions we all make, and where we are all proud to play our part.

Leading by example, we do everything humanly possible to empower people to live their lives as freely and as fully as they choose.

CRCC Asia Past Initiatives

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Past Partnerships 


100,000 Strong Initiative


100,000 Strong Initiative seeks to bridge the gap between the United States and China by building stronger ties in bilateral economic and strategic relationships and enhanced global stability. President Barack Obama issued the Initiative with the hopes of sending over 100,000 American students to China by the end of 2014.

CRCC Asia is a proud supporter of the Foundation in educating and expanding the diversity of American students studying abroad in China.




The Australian Association of Graduate Employers Ltd (AAGE) is a national body that was formally incorporated on 24 June 1988. It is made up of member organizations which recruit and develop graduates or which offer services in connection with graduate recruitment and development.

Our current membership comprises 400+ organizations, including a variety of large and small employers across a wide range of industries in both the private and public sectors.


Australia China Business Council


The Australia China Business Council (ACBC) is the premier business organization dedicated to promoting business and trade between Australia and the People’s Republic of China.

ACBC is a membership-based organization, with Branches in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria providing business-focused information and events for members in all industries.


Australia China Youth Association


ACYA is a vibrant community of young Australians and Chinese interested in promoting cross-cultural understanding and developing lasting friendships, academic and business partnerships, and professional and educational opportunities.

With hundreds of events annually across Australia and China, unique internship, study, and volunteer opportunities, a diverse range of publications and over 5000 members, ACYA is the first port of call for anyone interested in Australia and China.


British Chamber of Commerce in China


The British Chamber of Commerce in China (BritCham), in partnership with the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), is focused on boosting UK-China commerce and investment. We operate as independent, not-for-profit organizations.

Our members include SMEs, large corporations, individuals and organizations drawn from a wide range of sectors. This diversity is a core strength, allowing large, established players to exchange information and experiences with small businesses, entrepreneurs and young professionals operating at the front lines of new high growth sectors.


Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong, with its head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline was founded on September 24, 1946 by American Roy C. Farrell and Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow.

Cathay Pacific currently holds the title of the world’s third largest airline, measured in terms of market capitalization, according to the International Air Transport Association. In 2010, Cathay Pacific became the world’s largest international cargo airline, along with its main hub Hong Kong International Airport as the world’s busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic.


China-Britain Business Council


The China-Britain Business Council is the leading organization helping UK companies grow and develop their business in China. Their mission is to help UK companies of all sizes and sectors, whether new entrants or established operations, access the full potential of the fastest growing market in the world.

Through 57 years of engagement, they have built up exceptional connections with government and business across China. The Board is made up of senior business people from companies with a strong China interest, and their business advisers all have extensive first-hand experience of doing business in China.


China Advisers Network


The China Advisers Network was established in November 2007 with a group of founder members whose areas of business expertise range from recruitment to tourism and business consultancy to marketing. The common thread is that all members are actively working in or with Chinese businesses.

CAN provides members with a forum for discussion, exchange of views and support and will act as a platform to present a corporate profile and represent the views of a group of people who share the same area of work, albeit from many different angles.


China Performance Group


China Performance Group is a full sourcing service provider and supply chain advisory firm. With offices in China since 1978, CPG has been helping companies around the world develop and maintain successful sourcing programs directly with Chinese factories.

CPG has developed its know-how through decades of onsite experience and interface with Chinese manufacturers. During this time, CPG has fine-tuned a proprietary system for supply chain management that ensures optimal costs, quality control and timely deliveries for its clients.




Gaotime, founded in 1994, has over 17 years of experience as a leading financial information service provider, offering integrated service solutions for the financial sector in China.

Gaotime’s VIP Terminal seamlessly integrates news, analyses, real time and historical prices about the financial markets into a single platform. Gaotime is headquartered in Shanghai and operates throughout China with branches and offices in major cities.




GradConnection was created in 2008 when three young graduates (Dave, Mike & Dan) experienced first hand just how hard it was to find a good platform linking students and graduates to employment opportunities. GradConnection is a free platform that lets you choose exactly what industry opportunities you want to hear about, and delivers them straight to your inbox.

You can research the companies on the site, talk to other graduates in the forums and connect with employers viewing your GradConnection student profile.


Mandarin House


Mandarin House is the leading Chinese language training provider servicing 3 types of customers: expats living in China; international students traveling to China; and Chinese language learners around the world.

Mandarin House main products include: classroom learning, online learning, Chinese teacher training, textbook publishing, mobile phone applications and Chinese proficiency test.

Having won international awards, reached the strictest quality accreditation standards and employing only the best teachers and staff, Mandarin House is the globally trusted brand to help you achieve your Chinese language goals!


NAFSA – Association of International Educators


NAFSA is the world’s largest non-profit association dedicated to international education and exchange with over 10,000 members in over 150 countries. Their mission is to advance internationalization within public policy, higher education and the broader community.

CRCC Asia partners with NAFSA’s efforts of increasing awareness about international education by presenting at several of their national conferences and serving in a variety of leadership roles within the association.


Directors’ Past Social Contributions


Daniel Nivern



Daniel is a UK Government connector, with the role of encouraging entrepreneurship amongst young Brits, was the Vice President of the Oxford Cambridge Club Beijing, is a committee member of the China Britain Youth Association and is one of the founding members of the China Advisers Network.

Daniel works with Smile Train in China, Animals in Asia and has worked with the British Council in developing a scholarship program for students with disabilities.


Edward Holroyd-Pearce



Edward is a founding member of the China Advisers Network, a committee member of the China-Britain Youth Association and currently plays an active role in a number of other China-related societies in both London and San Francisco.

Having led a team of volunteers in August 2004 to complete a water project for the Karen Hilltribes Trust, Edward became a trustee.

The Karen Hilltribes Trust provides water and sanitation to villages in North Thailand.


Thomas Kirkwood



Thomas is an owner of Kirkwood & Sons, a board member of SINOGEO, and a director of Kirkwood & Company, the Asia arm of his family office.

Tom is fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese and his interests include family time, volunteer work, oil and gas exploration, geophysics, fly-fishing, ice hockey and tennis and Chinese “bian” plaques.

Tom and his wife Kate have been involved in co-sponsoring China’s first private charity for the blind (The Bright Angel Fund under the China Red Cross) and are active supporters of the Peace Corps and Special Olympics in China.


Past Donations


Smile Train



CRCC Asia is working in partnership with Smile Train, an international charity that provides cleft lip and palate surgery to children and cleft-related training to doctors. Smile Train works in many countries around the globe, but is particularly active in China.

Clefts are a major problem in developing countries, where there are millions of children suffering from unrepaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly, find attending school difficult, and may be unable to find a job.

They face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache.

Surgery to repair a cleft costs as little as USD $250 and the procedure takes as little as 45 minutes. In December 2009, CRCC Asia helped raise RMB 100,000 for Smile Train in conjunction with the Oxford and Cambridge Club Beijing.

Gifts 4 Kids Cambodia



CRCC Asia has strong links with the Gift4Kids Cambodia Charity, established to improve the lives of young people and children in Cambodia through the provision of free education, care and support. As a contributor to Gifts4Kids Cambodia, CRCC Asia and members of our Alumni Network support the development of their Children’s Home and School Projects.

CRCC Asia made a £400 donation to help provide education facilities to children in rural Cambodia.

Through their many platforms, they encourage financial sponsorship of children in the Siem Reap region. The children are reliant on this support to provide assistance with their basic needs, including school fees and healthy snacks.


Roots & Shoots



CRCC Asia has long established relations with the Roots & Shoots Foundation, with our Beijing Office in 2012 being awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in acknowledgement of our financial support and assistance.

Supporting tens of thousands of young people in over 120 countries, the Roots & Shoots Foundation seeks to connect youths sharing the desire to create a better world.

We regularly donate £100 to Roots & Shoots to go towards their ongoing charity projects.


Past Scholarships


CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2010


Professors from the top 50 universities in the UK were contacted via email, and asked to forward the scholarship information to the most appropriate students. The students would apply via a link in the email and the applications were open for 3 weeks. CRCC Asia sorted through over 1000 applications and contacted the top 10 to request 2 references, supporting their academic excellence and their financial circumstances. In June 2010 our first scholarship winner went out to China, a fourth year Edinburgh University medical student called Oliver Keown. He thoroughly enjoyed his pharmaceutical and healthcare placement and said:

“My generation is in a unique position of being able to benefit from what’s happening over in China. This scholarship is an amazing opportunity for me. I’ll be able to use my skills and knowledge at a higher business level than would be possible virtually anywhere else in the world and I am grateful to CRCC Asia for giving that to me.


CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2011


In October 2010 the Scholarship Program was re-opened and the applications increased. Peter Amponfi, a student from Birmingham University was chosen and went on the China Internship Program in Beijing in September 2011.Peter completed a finance internship, and was incredibly grateful for the experience:

Internships, especially the international variety, are seen by employers as key opportunities for new graduates to make the transition from students to working professionals and I absolutely couldn’t have achieved international work experience without CRCC Asia’s scholarship program.


CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2012


In September 2011, CRCC Asia was pleased to be able to offer 10 scholarships worldwide and also offer the top scholarship candidate complimentary flights provided by Cathay Pacific, in light of our recent Cathay Pacific China business award. This was granted to the Queen’s University Belfast student, Emma McIlveen. Emma participated in a legal internship in Beijing in October 2012:

I am delighted to get the CRCC Asia scholarship because I’m really keen to get some international legal experience on my CV given that I hope to secure a career in international law. I’d looked into opportunities previously but hadn’t been able to afford what was on offer.


CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2013


In 2013 our Scholarship Program was expanded globally across our key regions, with Gold Full-Ride Scholarship Winners selected by our offices in London, Sydney and San Francisco. From our Sydney office, Ronald Ibardolaza was selected as a Gold Full-Ride Scholarship Winner. Robert is a student from the University of New South Wales studying for a Bachelor of Commerce and Liberal Studies. He completed his marketing internship in December 2013 in Beijing. Our London office selected Alessia Riposi as a recipient of the CRCC Asia Scholarship Program award for 2013. Alessia is an Italian student from Durham University in the UK, who completed a legal internship in Shanghai in August 2013.

“The firm at which I’m presently working is focusing on immigration business between the United States and China. I find the working environment absolutely amazing. The supervisor is very kind and welcoming and my colleagues have been really excited to have international interns in their organization as well.” (Alessia Riposi, Shanghai 2013)


CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2014


In November 2013 our US and UK offices accepted applications for the 2014 edition of our annual CRCC Asia Scholarship Program. We reached out to key university contacts and received an overwhelming number of applications from students interested in gaining international work experience in China. We selected the top 20 students through an interview stage, where we requested they provide additional documentation to support their application and further vetted their suitability for the program. Our Gold Scholarship Program winner from the United States was Marissa Williams, a student from the University of Baltimore, completed a marketing internship in Beijing in May 2014. Our Sydney Office selected Adam Ferris from the University of Adelaide as our Gold Scholarship Program winner. Adam completed his internship during the 2014/15 summer break in the NGOs, Charities and Not for Profit Internship Sector.



CRCC Asia-British Council Scholarship for a Student with a Disability


After receiving over 160 applications, and support for our program from celebrities and various university departments, CRCC Asia was delighted to announce that Jessica Stubbs was successfully awarded a fully funded scholarship from CRCC Asia to undertake a one month internship with the British Council, Shanghai. Jessica also received support from Cathay Pacific Airways who kindly agreed to sponsor her flights. Jessica’s experience proved to be very fulfilling and her internship was extremely successful. She wrote:

“I believe that experiences such as mine in China are especially important because all too often there are numerous barriers – both physical and societal – in the UK that hinder disabled people…A lot of people I know were surprised that I was going so far away. Giving more disabled people the opportunity to do internships such as mine will therefore have a twofold effect. Firstly, the person’s own possibilities and horizons will be expanded, and secondly, over time, the wider society will come to regard seeing disabled people in all areas of life as completely normal,” (Jessica Stubbs, Shanghai 2013).

For any questions, please email us at [email protected]. All correspondence will be held in strict confidence.


The UCL Finance Conference Scholarship


CRCC Asia and the UCL Finance Conference have worked closely for a number of years. With CRCC Asia providing financial support, selected attendees of the conference are able to partake in our one-month China Internship Program over the summer.

In its second year of operation, CRCC Asia is proud to work with the UCL Finance Conference and looks forward to continuing this partnership over the years.


The UCL Finance Conference Scholarship 2012


Through sponsoring the UCL Finance Conference, CRCC Asia offered ten UCL Finance Course 2012 Scholarships to those who participated in the conference. While CRCC Asia understands that many of the students and graduates who go on our programs are self-funded, we want to ensure that our programs are made accessible to as many people as possible. Recipient Nishad Potdar (UCL Economics) completed his June China Internship Program and upon returning back to the UK, stated the following about his experiences in China with CRCC Asia:

“Working at a leading financial services firm in the tallest building in Shanghai was an experience both culturally and professionally enriching. Thank you CRCC Asia for this wonderful opportunity.”

The UCL Finance Conference Scholarship 2013


Continuing our association with the UCL Finance Conference, CRCC Asia awarded Leonard Yang a finance scholarship for our China Internship Program in August 2013. Leonard blogged about his experiences on the program, discussing life in Shanghai as an intern and his experience of adjusting to life working in China.

“Arriving at Pudong International Airport was as smooth as possible. The CRCC Asia representatives are there waiting for you when you arrive, helping you make your transition from flight to hotel as painless as possible. Navigating around a brand new city can be very challenging, even for a Mandarin speaker like myself. I was immediately given a SIM card, transport card, and a handy guide to Shanghai (published by CRCC Asia). These are essential settling-in items, and have never since left my side. I’m glad to know someone has it all thought out for me.”


The Cathay Pacific Scholarship


The Cathay Pacific Scholarship is awarded to the top scholarship candidate and consisted last year of complimentary flights provided by Cathay Pacific.


CRCC Asia & AHEAD – Students with Disabilities Scholarship

We at CRCC Asia believe that everyone – regardless of physical, mental or emotional ability – should have the opportunity to access their potential through an international internship experience. We partnered with the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), an organization invested in creating welcoming higher education experiences for disabled individuals since 1977. Through the CRCC Asia & AHEAD – Students with Disabilities Scholarship, we awarded a fully-funded international internship program to a deserving individual who embodied the overcoming of adversity and showcases dedication to promoting awareness and advocacy of issues faced by people with disabilities.


CRCC Asia & KAHAL Abroad – Scholarship for Jewish Students

CRCC Asia is extremely proud to host students from a wide variety of ethnic and religious origins from across the globe. We also aim to foster a strong sense of personal identity and allow participants to continue to shape this identity during their time abroad. We partnered with KAHAL Abroad, who works to connect students to immersive Jewish experiences and opportunities to deepen their Jewish identity while abroad. Through the CRCC Asia & KAHAL Abroad – Scholarship for Jewish Students, we awarded this fully-funded international internship program to a deserving individual who is a practicing member of the Jewish faith and who actively works to promote awareness and advocacy in their Jewish community.


CRCC Asia – Indigenous Communities Scholarship

CRCC Asia is extremely proud to have an alumni network made up of individuals from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and lineages. This network also consists of students and individuals who identify with a Native or Aboriginal Group, Tribe, or Nation. Our internship programs aim to foster a strong sense of personal identity and allow participants to continue to shape this identity during their time abroad. Through our Indigenous Communities Scholarship, we awarded a fully-funded international internship program to an individual of Native, Indigenous, or Aboriginal descent who is an active member of their ethnic community and is dedicated to promoting awareness and addressing issues faced by their community.


CRCC Asia’s Symone Sanders Scholarship for Black Communities

CRCC Asia is dedicated to offering unique international internship experiences to students and young professionals from all around the world. It is this mission to the success of our program participants that led Symone Sanders to take part in our Beijing internship program in 2012. We partnered with Symone to offer the Symone Sanders Scholarship for Black Communities to continue our mission of providing worthwhile global internship experiences to students from all walks of life. Through the Symone Sanders Scholarship for Black Communities, we awarded a fully-funded international internship program to a deserving individual who is an active member of their black community and showcases immense dedication to promoting awareness of black issues.


CRCC Asia – LGBTQ Scholarship

CRCC Asia is extremely proud to have an alumni network made up of individuals from a wide variety of gender/sexual identities and preferences. This network consists of many who identify within the LGBTQ+ community and who seek to further their personal and professional identity through an international internship experience. Our internship programs aim to foster a strong sense of identity and allow participants to continue to shape this identity during their time abroad. Through our LGBTQ Scholarship, we awarded a fully-funded international internship program to an individual who identifies within the LGBTQ+ community, and who is an active member of their community and dedicated to promoting awareness and advocacy of LGBTQ+ issues.


British Council Disability Scholarship

In 2019, CRCC Asia, in partnership with the British Council and StudentUniverse, awarded 1 scholarship for an internship with the British Council in Tokyo, Japan. The scholarship was designed specifically for students with a disability, bringing the experience to those who may not previously have had an opportunity to live and work in Japan.


Past Sponsorships


Australian China Youth Association


CRCC Asia has sponsored the Australian China Youth Association in 2012 and 2013. CRCC Asia also provides them with logistical aid for events based in Beijing and Shanghai.

During our regular trips to Australia, we make a number of presentations at Australian China Youth Association (ACYA) events, including at ACYA chapters in Melbourne and Sydney.


China-Britain Youth Dialogue


CRCC Asia provided logistical sponsorship for the China-Britain Youth Association 2012 conference. This included the provision of a number of cultural and social events in Beijing for the chosen delegates. CRCC Asia works closely with a number of British organizations, and is proud to support a number of UK Government funded programs.

The China-Britain Youth Association published an official program detailing the timetable of events for the 2012 Youth Dialogue, which provides more information about our involvement and work with the CBYA.


Brits Abroad


CRCC Asia acted as the DJ sponsors for the 2012 Brits Abroad where 114,50RMB was raised for charity.


Huiling Community Centre


CRCC Asia visits the Beijing Huiling Community Center and the New Citizen Life Center for migrant children in Shanghai monthly, making regular donations of volunteers and gifts for the children. CRCC Asia firmly believes it should be a corporate priority for us to contribute to the local community here in China and back home.

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