Sally Chu

23rd April 2024
International Internships - Shanghai Bridge - CRCC Asia

Exploring Top Career Fields in Shanghai

As China’s financial hub and a global metropolis, Shanghai offers a diverse range of career prospects for expatriates. Whether you’re an English teacher, an IT professional, […]
16th April 2024

Discover Shanghai: Your Gateway to Professional Growth

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that combines professional development with cultural immersion? Look no further than Shanghai, the bustling metropolis where tradition […]
4th April 2024

CRCC Asia: Connecting Business Minds with Our Program Business Events

At CRCC Asia, we believe that business transcends borders. Our commitment to fostering global connections and empowering young professionals has led us to create an inclusive […]
28th March 2024

Top 10 skills that employers highly value in interns for the year 2024

Whether you are aiming for your first summer internship, honing your skills during the academic year, or applying for your first job out of college, mastering […]
21st March 2024

Work Culture in Thailand and Top Career Fields in Bangkok

Understanding Work Culture in Thailand 1. Respect and Hierarchy Respect is the cornerstone of Thai work culture. Showing deference to those in positions of authority is crucial. […]
14th March 2024

Exploring Thailand and Bangkok: A Journey of Captivation

About Thailand – the “Land of Smiles” Thailand, known as the “Land of Smiles,” is a country that effortlessly blends ancient traditions with modern dynamism. From […]
19th February 2024
internships in Japan - grid 14

Exploring CRCC Asia’s Short-term Program in Korean and Japanese Pop Culture

The CRCC Asia Short Term program is a gateway to understanding the cultural phenomena of Hallyu in Korea and the Manga, Anime, and Gaming Culture in […]
12th February 2024

Unlocking Opportunities: CRCC Asia’s Short-Term Programs

Introduction CRCC Asia, a global leader in international education and professional development, offers dynamic short-term programs that bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience. […]
5th February 2024

A day as a Marketing Intern in Kansai region, Japan – Andrea Schiro

Before coming to Japan, I expected this job to give me more real-life work experience related to marketing. My goal in the future is to work […]