12th September 2018

An insight into Shenzhen’s world of blockchain

What is blockchain? What does it have to do with money, AI, and security? Generation UK intern Jamie provides the latest insight into Shenzhen‘s rising technologies. […]
6th September 2018

How to ace your Advising Call

Many people find interviews a daunting prospect – lots of questions, time pressure, and raking your brain for the best answer – all whilst sounding cool, […]
3rd September 2018

Alumni Story | Luna Terauchi

“I was offered a position to work after graduation”   Luna Terauchi is a Psychology major at the University of Michigan. Following her Hospitality internship in […]
20th August 2018

This industry helps new businesses in China…we went to learn how!

Thinking of starting your own business? Ever thought about what it takes to impress businesses and consumers in China? Generation UK intern Beth heads to the […]
13th August 2018

Day in the Life | Karolina Smolicz

“I’ve been assessing UK, US, and Hong Kong law from a comparative perspective”   Put yourself in our interns’ shoes! Karolina is completing a CRCC Asia […]
6th August 2018

International sustainability advice from Ho Chi Minh City architects

One of the advantages of interning in Ho Chi Minh City is learning about the many industries that drive the economy. So…how much can you actually […]
31st July 2018
intern-in-china- Kara Leckinger

Alumni Story | Kara Leckinger

“I worked on a start-up AI/blockchain project!” Kara Leckinger is a rising Junior at Miami University (Ohio) studying Information Systems and Analytics with a minor in […]
26th July 2018

What is re-entry shock and how do I deal with it?

When travelling abroad many people are aware of the potential for culture-shock, but a newer concept to many is re-entry shock. After arriving into a new […]
17th July 2018

Our most active China Business Seminar to date?

In midst of the World Cup tournament, and preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, CRCC Asia held one of the most active China Business Seminars […]