12th February 2024

Unlocking Opportunities: CRCC Asia’s Short-Term Programs

Introduction CRCC Asia, a global leader in international education and professional development, offers dynamic short-term programs that bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience. […]
31st August 2020

Why You Should Complete an Internship While at University

Before I entered university in 2014, my parents spoke to me at great length about the importance of becoming a well-rounded individual. They encouraged me to […]
15th May 2020

My Experience Working From Home in Vietnam

Despite having only 313 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of May 15 (with no reported deaths), business in Vietnam has been seriously affected by the pandemic. […]
24th April 2020

Remote Working in India in 2020

In the recent decade, remote working has picked up in many parts of the world. But in India, its acceptance has been restricted as it has […]
10th March 2020
how to get academic credit

How to Earn Academic Credit During Your CRCC Asia Internship

Many students often struggle between choosing to participate in a summer abroad program or to apply for a summer internship. But what students may not realize […]
12th February 2020

Make Your Decade a Success With a Ten-year Plan

Where do you want to be in ten years? Running your own company? Submitting your PHD thesis? Competing in the Olympic games? Ten years is a […]
15th January 2020

CRCC Asia’s Decade in Review

A lot can happen in ten years. Just before the start of the last decade: Barrack Obama was inaugurated as US President; Avatar dominated the global […]
26th December 2019
doing business in china

Alumni Thought Piece: Doing Business in China

I first visited China in October 2018, fresh after graduation, where I taught English in Shanghai. I worked there until July before returning home to prepare […]
23rd December 2019
CRCC Asia Decade in review

How to Get The Most Out of The Programme

You could secure an internship in China during summer 2020 thanks to the Generation UK Programme – a British Council flagship scheme that is supported by […]