12th February 2020
10-year plan

Make Your Decade a Success With a Ten-year Plan

Where do you want to be in ten years? Running your own company? Submitting your PHD thesis? Competing in the Olympic games? Ten years is a […]
15th January 2020
CRCC Asia decade in review - banner

CRCC Asia’s Decade in Review

A lot can happen in ten years. Just before the start of the last decade: Barrack Obama was inaugurated as US President; Avatar dominated the global […]
30th December 2019
Tet 2020 - Header

Tet 2020: Celebrating Vietnam’s Biggest Festival

Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas – in the West a variety of festivals are celebrated throughout the year. For the people of Vietnam, there is no occasion […]
26th December 2019
doing business in china

Alumni Thought Piece: Doing Business in China

I first visited China in October 2018, fresh after graduation, where I taught English in Shanghai. I worked there until July before returning home to prepare […]
23rd December 2019
CRCC Asia Decade in review

How to Get The Most Out of The Programme

You could secure an internship in China during summer 2020 thanks to the Generation UK Programme – a British Council flagship scheme that is supported by […]
16th December 2019
Psychology internships

Psychology Internships: How to Apply your Skills in Various Industries

Each fall, CRCC Asia’s university partnerships team travels to schools across the world to meet with students at study abroad fairs, and to explain the international […]
13th December 2019
What is a career field

What is a Career Field?

For CRCC Asia, Career Fields (formerly referred to as Sectors) are a defined group of opportunities within a set of industries or professions with similar skill […]
6th December 2019
GenUK Internship

What you can get out of your GenUK Internship

You could secure a work placement in China during summer 2020 thanks to the GenUK Internship Programme – a British Council flagship scheme that is supported […]
5th November 2019
Five reasons to intern in Mumbai

Five Reasons to Intern in Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly Bombay, India is one of the emerging economic and social superpowers in the world due to its rapidly expanding economy. Approximately 65% of India’s […]