How International Internships Overseas Work

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Choose Your Program Location

Choose from our locations across the world. Each location offers a variety of career-boosting benefits, so be sure to read through our location pages before applying.
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Choose Your Career Field

This is your chance to get working experience in a Career Field of your choosing. We provide 18 Career Fields across each of our program locations, made possible by our network of over 1,000 host companies. Whether you prioritise Location over Career Field or vice versa, it is your choice. Our team of experienced Admissions Advisors will strive to place you in the career field and location of your choice for one unforgettable experience.

Decide Your Learning Objective

CRCC Asia has carefully designed 5 key learning objectives: Employability, Cultural Agility, Country Specific Knowledge, Career Field Knowledge & Global Connections. You need to consider which of these you wish to be the focal point of your Internship Abroad, as this will help our Admissions Advisors to recommend the optimal program based on your needs.

Apply for Your Global Internship

With the prior three steps decided – it’s time to Apply! After completing our application form, you will be invited to either an advising call or a video assessment to help us better understand your aspirations, motivations and goals.
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CRCC Asia Internship Program Locations

What’s included with the International Internship Program?

  • High-quality Accommodation  
  • CareerBridge, our Professional Development Hub, which contains 10 professional development courses
  • Welcome Pack on arrival (SIM & Travel card included)
  • Airport Pickup and Accommodation Drop-off during our operations window
  • Orientation Weekend including city tour
  • Company First Day Support/ Drop-off
  • Business, Cultural, and Community outreach events
  • On-site Emergency Support
  • Exclusive Alumni Network and LinkedIn groups

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The Five Key Learning Objectives

Throughout your CRCC Asia Internship you will develop your professional and personal skills via an exclusively designed Program of 5 Key Learning Objectives including;

  • Employability
  • Country Specific Knowledge
  • Career Field Specific Knowledge
  • Global Connections
  • Cultural Agility

Program Options and Prices

Our Program Prices start at $2,090. There are a range of customization options available from Location to Location, so no matter what your goals are, we have a Program to suit you.

Some of our International Internship Programs Options include;

  • Intensive Language Classes
  • Country-wide Travel Programs
  • University campus-based Programs
  • A Placement Only value option

Academic Credit

CRCC Asia has partnered with Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 3, 6, or 9 academic credits for our international internship programs. Students will be enrolled in CRCC-295: CRCC Asia Internship Course.

Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of CRCC Asia’s Global Internship Curriculum, CareerBridge, proof of hours worked, reflective essay, and an evaluation from your host company supervisor.

How do I apply for an International Internship? 

It’s easy! You can sign up for an International Internship Program of your choosing in under 5 minutes using our handy online application form.

The International Internship Program Application Process

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