CRCC Asia is committed to providing support to our student participants’ academic progress as well as future employability. Consequently, CRCC Asia is readily able to support any student seeking credit either through their home university, our school of record, or a faculty-led program. Check out the many ways you can receive credit below or reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Obtaining credit for your international Internship


1. Reach out to your CRCC Asia Admissions Advisor

After completing your advising call and formally accepting your placement on a CRCC Asia internship program, your Admissions Advisor will be the first and best source for you to reach out to with any and all questions. Your Admissions Advisor will be able to explain the opportunities for credit and what will work best for you.

2. Meet with your University Academic Advisor

It is very important that you speak with your academic advisor at your university as soon as possible to ascertain if you can receive credit for your international internship program and what is the best pathway to do so. Your academic advisor will let you know if you must receive credit through your home university or if alternatively it would be best for you to receive credit from our School of Record.

3. Work with your Admissions Advisor and program Business Development Manager to complete an interview and confirm your internship placement

Once confirmed on the program ensure that you check your email daily for any requests for interviews. We ask that all participants accept any and all interview requests, and after an interview, your AA will reach out to see your thoughts about the opportunity and if you would like to formally accept an offer. Once confirmed you will receive a Placement Informational Plan detailing your work hours, details about the company, and key tasks and responsibilities.

4. Get your Paperwork in Order:

If receiving credit from CRCC Asia’s School of Record, St Peter’s University you will need to complete the Credit Request Form, as well as provide an unofficial transcript to Saint Peter’s in order to officially enroll you in our international internship course.

If receiving credit through your home university, CRCC Asia can provide:

  • A written confirmation of your acceptance on the CRCC Asia program, guarantee of an internship placement, and program inclusions.
  • A direct University Partnership Manager contact to provide additional context to our program should your faculty lead or academic advisor ask for a CRCC Asia liaison.
  • A Placement Information Plan of confirmed host company with outlined tasks and responsibilities.
  • A written referral post-program noting supervisor evaluation, confirmed hours worked, and intern profile.

5. Complete your International Internship

During your international internship, ensure that you complete all necessary components to receive credit and meet all deadlines.

For those receiving credit through our School of Record, participants will need to complete the minimum hours of internship worked and all inputs will need to be completed within two weeks of your Program End Date to include finishing CareerBridge

Credit Options For CRCC Asia Participants

Transfer Credit from Saint Peter’s University

CRCC Asia has partnered with Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 3, 6, or 9 academic credits for our international internship programs. Students will be enrolled in CRCC-295: CRCC Asia Internship Course.

Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of CRCC Asia’s Global Internship Curriculum, CareerBridge, proof of hours worked, reflective essay, and an evaluation from your host company supervisor.

In order to be eligible for transfer credit from Saint Peter’s University, participants must be enrolled students or recent graduates from a bachelor’s degree program and provide an unofficial transcript from their home university.

Saint Peter’s University

CRCC-295: CRCC Asia International Internship Course

Saint Peter’s University is a private Jesuit university in Jersey City, New Jersey. Together CRCC Asia and Saint Peter’s have partnered together to ensure that all students are able to gain access to affordable credit opportunities, financial aid, and international internships. Together we have partnered to create a school of record collaboration that utilizes Saint Peter’s academic oversight and understanding along with CRCC Asia’s global internship course, CareerBridge.

Saint Peter’s ranked highest in New Jersey, and 12th overall for Social Mobility in the Regional Universities North Category in the 2020 U.S. News & World Best Colleges Rankings and remains amongst the top 100 “Best Regionals Universities in the North.”

This course provides international off-campus experiential learning activities designed to provide students with opportunities to make connections between the theory and practice of academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment.​ Through direct observation, reflection and evaluation, students gain an understanding of the internship site’s work, mission, and audience, how these potentially relate to their academic studies, as well as the organization’s position in the broader industry or field. Students will produce a critical reflection on their internship experience demonstrating how they have addressed specific learning goals.

Credit Options are:

Number of Credits

3 Credits

6 Credits

9 Credits

Minimum Hours Required

(not including Induction Day, CareerBridge, Business Seminars and optional cultural events)

105 direct internship hours worked

232.5 direct internship hours worked

360 direct internship hours worked

Total Price

$300 USD

$550 USD

$750 USD

Pay Your Academic Credit Fee:

3 credits - $300 USD 6 credits - $550 USD 9 credits - $750 USD


For more information on how to receive academic credit reach out to [email protected]

Credit from Your Home Institution

CRCC Asia works with various institutions worldwide to quantify credit for our programs, allowing interns to obtain pre-existing home university credit for the work completed in our internship programs. This can include supervisor evaluations, collecting a reflective essay, provision of our Global Employability Certificate received after completing our global internship curriculum, CareerBridge, or providing detailed information on our program inclusions.

Faculty-led Programs

Many customized CRCC Asia programs are run with a faculty leader who is either teaching a course prior, during, or after the international program. Credit can be for a specific course taken, completion of a full-time internship, or both. Please reach out to your faculty-leader or CRCC Asia for confirmation of credit earned.

Australia – Work Integrated Learning

Many universities in Australia require that students complete a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) module as part of their degree course in order to graduate. Through our office in Brisbane, we are expertly familiar with Work Integrated Learning requirements and are able to assist applications with gaining accreditation for their degree through our Internship Program. For more information specifically relating to the WIP process and how you can receive credit for your degree with an Australian University, please contact our Brisbane office: [email protected].

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