Frequently Asked Questions

These are the Frequently Asked Questions for our Internship Programs. If you are interested in our other programs please visit our programs page.

The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received by our Global Offices. The questions are separated into different categories. If you cannot find the answer to your question then please feel free to contact one of our Global Offices for more information.

General Questions

Who are CRCC Asia?
Founded in 2006, CRCC Asia began life as a consultancy for SMEs wishing to engage with China. Before long, we branched into providing internship programs in China and haven’t looked back since. Having sent over 9,000 participants (and counting) on our programs, we are now the leading provider of internships across 9 locations.

Our staff are a diverse group dedicated to improving understanding and connectivity across continents. They are able to draw on years of experience to find the right program for you. A program that will, not only provide valuable professional experience, but help you engage in a new culture like never before.
What are CRCC Asia’s programs?
The heart of CRCC Asia are our internship programs. Taking place across 9 cities in 6 countries, we provide a unique opportunity to gain professional experience in some of the most dynamic parts of the world.

During our internships, you will be embedded in host company in one of your chosen industries based on your background and preferences. There you will be fully involved in the hustle and bustle of company life, working directly with an English-speaking supervisor to develop valuable professional and cultural skills. Alongside the internship placement itself, the programs also include cultural and business events that help you make important connections for the future.

While internships are the core of CRCC Asia, we are also able to offer language and travel programs that you can either add to your internship or take part in as a standalone experience.
When do the programs start?
Our programs begin on a rolling monthly basis in most locations. You can find specific start dates for each location on its dedicated location page. You can choose between 1,2 or 3 month programs for each location and start date.
Where do the programs take place?
We currently have 9 program locations in 6 countries but are always looking to expand. Our current locations are:

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China

Shenzhen, China

Tokyo, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Seoul, South Korea

Manchester, UK

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mumbai, India

Your free to choose any location when you sign-up to the program. If you aren’t sure where you would like to go, please discuss this with an admissions adviser and they can guide you to the right choice. Additionally, some industries are stronger in particular locations and our advisers can help you choose the right location for your sector.
How do the programs work?
First, you should apply for the program here (Don’t worry, it should only take 5 minutes and doesn’t tie you into anything). Once you’ve applied you will be invited to have an advising call with your regional admissions team. The call will last 15-25 minutes, covering your background and hopes for the program. If we think your suitable, we will then make you an offer to join.

If you join the program, our team in your chosen location will look to place you with a host company based on your background and interests. The companies themselves ultimately decide who they wish to take on and may ask to interview personally. We expect your placement to be confirmed 7 to 4 weeks before your start date.

When you reach your location, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation. You will then be provided with an in-depth induction to your location and its culture. On the first day of your placement (the first Monday of your program), we will drop you off at your host company and introduce you to your supervisor. You will then spend the duration of your program interning in your host company with business and cultural events provided by CRCC Asia taking place outside of your office hours.

Please note this is a fee-based Program. The fees depend on location and duration of your program and you can find them listed here. How the payment process works is explained below.
Am I guaranteed a placement?
Yes. We guarantee a placement with a host company within one of your sector choices. If we are unable to place you, you will get a refund.
What is CareerBridge?
Rooted in CRCC Asia’s 5 Key Learning Objectives, CareerBridge is a professional development hub used to enhance a participant’s overall internship by targeting personal and professional growth within the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) career readiness competencies. CareerBridge contains our Global Internship Curriculum where you will gain access to a series of 12 professional development courses designed to prepare you for jumping in to the global workforce. The content follows your progression from the admissions stage, through your internship program, to your return home, and beyond.

Application Questions

Who can apply?
Our Programs are open to anyone over 18 years old that speaks a reasonable standard of English. There are no specific qualifications required and we've had school leavers, current students, recent graduates and experienced professionals take part.

Our Programs are open to all nationalities, but please be aware there may be visa restrictions on some nationalities in particular locations.
Do I need to speak the local language?
CRCC Asia programs are English language Programs. For our China, Japan, Vietnam, India and South Korea programs there are no requirements to speak the local language. For programs in the UK you will need to speak English.

The supervisors in your host company, regardless of location, will be English speakers. If you are taking part in the Program to improve pre-existing skills in the local language, we can place you with a company best suited to doing so.
Is there a deadline for applications?
We recommend applying as early as possible as this will give us the best opportunity to secure the placement most suitable for you. Competition for places at some host companies can be high, particularly in the peak summer months, so early applications are encouraged.

For most Programs will can still accept applications up to 6 weeks ahead of your start date, with the others having a 10 week deadline due to visa processing times. We will take each application on an individual basis, so if you're unsure on your deadline, please apply and you can discuss this with your admissions adviser.
I am a national of the country I would like to intern in, can I still apply?
Yes, while we encourage participants to intern in foreign country in order to gain exposure to a new culture, we are just as committed to providing high-quality professional experience for all. If you already live in the location you wish to intern in, you may want to look at our Placement Only options.
Can I gain academic credit for my placement?
Yes. CRCC Asia works closely with a number of universities to assist those who wish to use our Program to gain credit towards a university degree.

You will need to contact your university academic department to discuss the procedure your university will follow in order to accredit your internship. Contacting your university is your responsibility but CRCC Asia will be happy to provide the necessary documentation to support this application.

If you would like to gain academic credit through your internship program then it is essential that you inform CRCC Asia about this intention as far in advance of your intended Program start date in order to guarantee that CRCC Asia can provide the necessary documentation in time.

Please visit our Accreditation page for more information about obtaining academic credit for your internship.

Pre-departure Questions

Do I need to get vaccinations before I go?
We cannot offer any advice on vaccinations for your trip as we are not medical professionals. We strongly recommend checking with your doctor for any medical advice. In the meantime, you can check the NHS Fit For Travel website here.
What do I need to bring with me?
For your internship placement itself, you will need to bring your own laptop. Unfortunately, a tablet or other similar device will not be suitable.

As for clothing, you be advised on the dress code for your company once placed. You will need to bring at least one business suit or equivalent and should wear this on your first day in the office as well as to any formal events. Most of our locations are extremely hot in the summer so you should pack accordingly. Manchester is the exception but can also get hot at times! If you're travelling in the winter, some locations like Beijing can be extremely cold so please bear that in mind. You should check the local average temperatures for the time of year you're travelling before you pack.
Do you have any information about health and safety on the Program?
Your health and safety is a top priority for us and we will assign you a Program Manager to make sure you have a safe trip. We also have a number of policies and procedures in place to protect you on your Program.

Your Regional Office will be able to advise you on what to bring at the time of year that you depart, and you will receive a pre-departure list that provides more detail about what to pack.

On-Location Questions

What happens when I arrive?
We will provide an airport pick-up service for you so long as you arrive between 09:00 and 21:00 at the appropriate airport on your Program start date. We provide this service from the following airports:

Beijing- Beijing Capital Airport(PEK)

Shanghai- Shanghai Pudong Airport(PVG)

Shenzhen- Hong Kong International (HKG) (Please be aware you will need to arrive at HK International between 09:00 and 18:00 and take a short ferry ride across to Shenzhen. Our team will then meet you at the ferry terminal in Shenzhen)

Manchester- Manchester Airport (MAN)

Tokyo- Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)

Ho Chi Minh City: Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)

Seoul-Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Osaka- Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Our staff will meet you once you’ve landed and should be identifiable by their CRCC Asia t-shirts and flag.

You will be provided full arrival instructions and a list of contact numbers before departure. If you are arriving outside the airport pick-up time, you will be provided alternative instructions.
What about accommodation?
If you are going onto our 'Internship Program' accommodation is provided as part of your program fee. The details vary depending on location but all are modern, fully furnished and well located in your chosen city. All accommodation has been vetted by CRCC Asia, and conforms to our requirements. CRCC Asia does not provide accommodation with home-stays, and ensures the majority of participants are living in the same accommodation complex so you can meet other interns. Accommodation is excluded from our 'Placement Only' programs.
What if I have my own accommodation?
If you have your own accommodation already, please speak with your admissions adviser as we may be able to offer you a discount.
What will be my itinerary?
Once you’ve arrived in your location, there will be a non-mandatory informal meal in the evening. Some participants may still be arriving at this time, so we don’t expect everyone to be there.

On the first full day of the Program you will have an Induction Day to introduce you to the city and its culture. This will be followed in the evening by our Welcome Banquet for all interns.

For your first day, we will drop you off and introduce you to your supervisor and give you advice on how to make it into the office from then on.

The rest of the Program will consist of your internship placement with office hours usually 09:00-17:00/18:00 Monday to Friday. Outside office hours we will run business, cultural and charity events throughout the Program with the rest of your time free to explore and socialize.
What happens if I have any problems once I’m on the program?
In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem while on your program, your first point of contact will be the CRCC Asia office in that city.

Our multi-national team is made up of bilingual professionals who will be able to help you solve any issues that you might have. Program participants are always welcome to visit our on-the-ground offices
How do I prepare for working in a new culture?
Nothing can prepare you fully for this challenge and your time on the Program will provide you with invaluable experience. However, we will provide you with comprehensive training on the ground to familiarize you with local business etiquette and culture, helping you integrate into your host company. Additionally, your pre-departure pack will provide some tips on how to best prepare yourself so you can hit the ground running!
How much money will I need to cover living costs?
The cost of living varies depending on how you choose to spend your money however as guideline, please visit and enter your Program Location to get an idea of the cost of living in that city.
Who else will be on the Program?
Our participants are ambitious and eager students, graduates and young professionals keen to explore a new culture. You will share an apartment with between 1 and 4 other interns who could be from anywhere in the world.

Since on the vast majority of our Programs, every intern will be housed in the same building or close by, you will have a chance to meet many like-minded people from diverse backgrounds who want to learn more about the country, gain work experience and have fun. Depending on the time of year, group sizes range from around a dozen to as many as 150.
What happens if I have any problems once I’m on the program?
In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem while on your program, your first point of contact will be the CRCC Asia office in that city.

Our multi-national team is made up of bilingual professionals who will be able to help you solve any issues that you might have. Program participants are always welcome to visit our on-the-ground offices
What are the other interns like? How many will there be?
It is likely that you will share your accommodation with at least one other intern and almost all will stay in the same apartment building. The majority of interns are ambitious, high-caliber students, graduates and young professionals from across the world. One great thing about this program is the chance to meet similarly minded people who want to learn more about the country, gain work experience and have fun.

Intern groups usually consist of around 40-50 people, with up to 150 interns during peak months.

Our interns are from the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. You will get to know them very well over the course of your internship through living together and various social events.
Will I be able to learn the local language?
The best way to learn any language is to be surrounded by native speakers on a daily basis, our Programs provide the perfect opportunity for this. You will be exposed to both the spoken and written language constantly, providing a truly immersive experience.

For our China Programs, we are also able to provide weekly Chinese lessons to aid you on your language journey. These lessons start from a basic level so, if you already speak a reasonable level of Chinese but would like some lessons to brush up, please contact us and we should be able to arrange something appropriate for your level.

Unfortunately, we can't currently provide language lessons for our non-China Programs. However, we can help you arrange some with an approved provider if you wish.
What happens if I have any problems on the program?
The vast majority of our interns experience no problems on their Program so it's best not to get too worried ahead of time. If you do have any issues once you've arrived, you will have a dedicated English speaking supervisor in your host company as well as a Program Manager from CRCC Asia. Our regional offices are staffed by multi-national teams of bilingual professionals who are there to help and, in the event of an emergency, there will be someone available to contact 24/7.
How is CRCC Asia supporting inclusion?
CRCC Asia is recognized as a KAHAL Preferred Provider. As a member of the KAHAL Preferred Provider Network, CRCC Asia works directly with KAHAL to help students connect with diverse experiences throughout Asia and the UK.

We are committed to sustaining an environment of inclusion, opportunity, community and encouragement. The world is open. Access granted.

For Jewish Students Abroad: KAHAL and CRCC Asia have partnered to help support Jewish life throughout the world. KAHAL aspires to give the tens of thousands of Jewish students traveling abroad each year the resources, tools, and connections they need to meaningfully engage with the global Jewish community in their host country and deepen their Jewish identity during one of the most important, meaningful, and enduring experiences of their lives.

Placement Questions

Where will I be interning?
CRCC Asia works with hundreds of companies across a diverse range of industries. You will be placed with a company in one of your 3 chosen industry sectors with around 90% of our interns being placed in their first choice.

Our host companies range from large corporations to innovative start-ups and are a good mix of locally and internationally run. You will be asked about your preferences during your advising call and our team will match you with companies that best suit your needs.

Ultimately, the companies themselves choose if they want to take anyone on, so the process of placing you can take some time. We expect your company to be confirmed 7-4 weeks before your start.
Will it be possible for my internship to lead to permanent employment?
Around 30% of our interns are offered further work after their placement. Sometimes this is in their internship location and sometimes back in their home country.

Obviously, this is not something we can guarantee as it’s entirely in the hands of your host company.
Will I be paid during my internship?
Due to visa restrictions on our programs, all of the internships offered will be unpaid.

Visa Questions

Do I need a visa and is it be included in the program fee?
Visa requirements depend on, both, program location and your nationality. You should take the time to discuss visa issues with your admissions adviser during your advising call. If you require a visa, processing costs are usually included in the fee depending on the circumstances of your particular application. This will also be made clear to you in discussions with your admissions adviser.

Please note, for China programs we will be required to hand in your passport to the Chinese embassy/consulate for processing. Please be sure to a leave enough time before your program in which you do not require your passport. Ideally, you should be able to be without your passport for the 4-weeks leading up to your departure.
How do I process my China visa if I’m based in the UK?
If you are located in the UK and have a British or EU passport, the CRCC Asia UK office will process your visa for you. After you apply to the Program, you will receive more information about this process.
If you are located in the UK and have a non-EU passport, the CRCC Asia UK office can usually process your visa if you have a valid visa for the UK.
From December 2018, if you are located in the UK, you are required to visit the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, or Belfast to submit biometric information. This is a mandatory requirement for all Chinese visas processed from the UK.
How do I process my China visa if I’m based in Italy?
CRCC Asia works with a visa agent in Italy and will be able to assist with your visa process. You will receive further information 8 weeks before your start date.
How do I process my China visa if I’m based in Australia or New Zealand?
If you are located in Australia or New Zealand, the CRCC Asia Brisbane office will process your visa for you. After you apply to the Program, you will receive more information about this process.

If your Program application is processed through the Brisbane office and you have a non-Australian passport then we can usually process your visa if you are currently in Australia and you have a valid visa for Australia (or if you hold a passport from New Zealand)

If your Program application is processed through the Brisbane office but you are located outside of the Australia or New Zealand then you will have to apply for your visa yourself. This will involve visiting your nearest China Visa Application Service Center, or applying by post.
How do I process my China visa if I’m based in North America?
If you are located in the US, Canada or Mexico the CRCC Asia US office will process your visa for you. After you apply to the Program, you will receive more information about this process.

If your Program application is processed through the US office and you have a non-US, CAN, MEX, passport then we can usually process your visa if you are currently in the US/Canada and you have a valid visa for the US/Canada.

If your Program application is processed through the US office but you are located outside of North America then you will have to apply for your visa yourself. This will involve visiting your nearest China Visa Application Service Center, or applying by post.

Please note that certain non-US/Can/Mex passport holders currently in North America may need to appear in person to apply for their visa, the US office will be able to give further advice on this after you apply to the Program.
How do I process my China visa if I’m based in the Asia-Pacific region?
CRCC Asia will fill out the visa application form for you and provide you with an invitation letter, which you will need to get your visa. We will send these documents to you via email in pdf format. All you need to do is check the details, print out the form and sign it at the bottom.

If you live near a China Visa Application Service Center, you should take these documents and apply for your visa in person. If you do not live near a China Visa Application Service Center, you can do a postal application, which should be sent to the Chinese embassy. We advise you to get exact details from your nearest Chinese embassy or visa center. It normally takes 4 working days to process a visa and there are express options that you can use. If you have applied for your Program before the recommended deadline, there should be no problem.

We recommend that you make an appointment at the visa center to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. If you do not make an appointment, you can queue at the center, however this may take more time.
How do I process my China visa if I’m based anywhere else?
You will need to apply for a visa at your nearest embassy, consulate or China visa center. CRCC Asia will do our best to guide you through the process and provide any documents required. However, please be aware that visa regulations can change from country to country so we may not be familiar with your specific requirements.
How do I process my UK visa?
If you require a visa for the UK, we will provide the supporting documentation required to apply as part of your Program fee. You will then need to apply for your visa independently in your country of residence.

Fees & Payment Questions

What are the fees for the Program?
Fees depend on the location and duration of your Program. You can find them all listed here.
What’s included in the fee?
The fee covers:



Visa services (Eligible locations only, please check with your admissions adviser)

Airport pick-up

Company drop-off

Cultural events

Business event

Community outreach event

Language lessons (China only)

Induction day

Welcome Banquet

Welcome Pack

Pre-departure services

24/7 support on the ground

What about flights and travel insurance?
Flights, as well as travel insurance, are not included in your program fee. You will need to book these independently and inform us of the details. We are partnered with several providers so please check our flights and travel insurance pages.
How do the fees work?
If you are accepted onto the Program, you will be need to pay the Acceptance Fee to secure your place within 7 days. From there, you have 21 days to pay your first installment of 50% of the Program fee.

Once the first 50% has been paid, our team in your location will begin the process of placing you with a host company. This should be completed 7-4 weeks before your start date. Once your company has been confirmed, the remaining 50% of the Program fee is due within 7 days.

All fees can be paid via our website, over the phone or through a bank transfer. If at any point you’re having any issues with your fees, please contact your Admissions Adviser.
Are there any scholarships or discounts available?
Please see our discounts/scholarships page here.
Can my university help with funding?
Absolutely. Many universities have funding and resources available to its students to undertake international internships. You should speak to your faculty, careers office, study abroad, or international office for more information. As we are partnered with universities in the US, UK, Australia, Italy, and Spain we advise you mention CRCC Asia when discussing funding options.

For UK students, we are partnered with several universities that have approved CRCC Asia as a provider of international internships. Some universities also offer funding that can be used for international work experience, these include:

De Montfort University – #DMU Global

Swansea University – Global Opportunities Bursary

Richmond American University – Careers & Internships

Aberdeen University – International Work Experience

Birmingham University – International Work Experience scheme

Essex University – International Experience Bursary

Lancaster University – Financial support and awards

Manchester University – Work Experience Bursary

Newcastle University – Career Insights Bursary

Nottingham University – International Work Experience Grant

York University – Work Experience Support fund

UCLAN – International Travel Bursary

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