Virtual International Internships

Here at CRCC Asia we want to best support our university partners and students in creating alternative avenues to gain work experience, increase cross-cultural understanding, and maintain access to these opportunities despite major world events. It is for this reason we are partnered with Virtual Internships who are the industry pioneers having offered remote internship opportunities since 2018.

Benefits of an Virtual International Internship

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Online opportunities reduce the financial barriers that study abroad can present, but still allow for crucial work experience in a different culture.
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Internships remain grounded in cross-culture competencies, exposing students to new work cultures, future international career management and foreign languages.
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In light of the present COVID-19, keeping students home and safe is a major goal, while still ensuring they aren’t missing out on crucial summer opportunities
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Online international opportunities unlock accessibility issues that may have previously been present allowing any and all students to actively gain project-based work experience.

Virtual International Internships Inclusions

Our partners at Virtual Internships offer an industry leading remote internship program, that includes:

Inclusions are:

  • Guaranteed Online International Internship in your country of choice
  • Dedicated Career Coach 
  • 8 hours of Online Language Lessons 
  • CareerBridge, our Global Internship Curriculum 
  • Weekly Group Discussions or Business Webinars 
  • Full End of Program Report
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Access to Academic Credit

Any student is able to access academic credit through our School of Record, Saint Peter’s University. Credit is based on hours worked and range from 3-credits for an 120-hour internship to 9-credits for a 360-hour internship. Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of CRCC Asia’s Global Internship Curriculum, CareerBridge, proof of hours worked, reflective essay, and an evaluation from your host company supervisor.

Virtual International Internships Programming for University Partners

Flexible Start Dates

CRCC Asia can create a program with custom start dates to align with your university calendar and requirements. Start dates can also be rolling to allow students to begin once placed and finish once specific hours are met.

Part-time or Full-time Options

Our online internship program allows for the university or student to note their availability and complete a 10-35 hour a week internship over 1-6 months.

Supporting Group Internships

Students can be paired in groups of 2-4 interns at one host company with a set project deliverable to ensure that they are supported by not only CRCC Asia and their host company but their peers as well.

Cohort or Individually Based

Working with our university partners, our online international internships can be with host companies from a specific country with a set start date to allow all students to process the same steps on the same timeline best supporting a complementing course or facilitation.

Opportunity to Select one or More of our Program Countries

Programs can be built around a specific country or culture or conversely open to all locations to best support the needs and interests of the student.

For more information on how CRCC Asia can create the ideal program for your university please reach out to [email protected].

Virtual International Internships FAQs

How Do Online International Internships Work with the Time Differences?

In ensuring that students are still given access to global work experiences that can lead to increased global connections, future international work opportunities, and cross-cultural understanding, we do run into the logistical concern of working across the world and timezones. To help support online work across the globe CRCC Asia actively:

  1. Prepares online interns in understanding not only best practices for online work but also managing different time zones. This support is given through our Online International Internship Toolkit, CareerBridge, and directly from our Admission Advisors and Career Coach.
  2. Creates supervisor requirements that ensure each student has a daily check-in through email and at least a bi-weekly virtual meeting or call.
  3. Delivers support including Career Coaching Calls and Weekly Group Discussions during local standard working hours as much as possible.
  4. Manages expectations upfront, letting students know that this will not be a traditional 9-5 with some work being done in the early morning or evening. Below we have provided a guide for best work experience opportunities.

Networking across time zones

Should I, as a Faculty or University, Pick one Country or Allow Students to Pick any Country?

If creating an online international internship program for a set number of students for your university, you may find it advantageous to select one country to ensure all students are working at the same time and within the same cultural complexities. Conversely, a lot of students seek global work experiences in order to start building the bridge to full-time global work, and allowing them to choose the country best aligned to their future career management will open up your participant recruitment efforts and could increase program outcomes for individuals.

How are you Supporting Supervisors to Understand how to Support Online Interns? What are the Check-in and Support Expectations?

Ensuring that all our host companies and supervisors receive the best support and guidance is crucial when creating an internship culture where one may not have existed before. Much like with our in-person international internships, CRCC Asia puts a strong emphasis on identifying English speaking supervisors who have created a project-based placement, allowing all students to be engaged in their day-to-day work. 

To adapt to the switch from in-person to online internships, all supervisors are given our our Online Internship Supervisor Prep Webinar and Supervisor Toolkit, which provides an overview of the best practices students are taught and walks each supervisor through:

  1. Communication Best Practices
  2. Creating a Project Plan online
  3. Nuances of working with International Interns

Furthermore all supervisors are directly supported by a full-time Business Development Manager, who can assist with any issues, similar to how students have access to a Career Coach. 

All supervisors are required to check-in with their interns by email at least once daily, as well as through a bi-weekly call or virtual meeting.

Are There Concerns for Connectivity and Firewall Issues?

An important first step in beginning any new role or internship is to master the platforms and softwares that the company uses to complete tasks and communicate. This may include learning a different CRM system, or switching from Slack to another internal chat platform. For a global internship, it may require shifting all platforms to align with what the company uses, as well as what’s consistent with the country’s standards.

CRCC Asia has included in our support documents best practices for supervisors and students to connect and work together, even from across the world, which includes adapting to key platforms such as WeChat. All companies hiring international interns have confirmed their ability to work internationally and communicate outside of their countries.