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  • David Blankenship

    "The months approaching my two month summer internship in Shanghai were filled with questions, Is this the right decision? Will I be able to handle it? And worst of all, will I regret it? Even with only one week left, I still find myself stopping and reflecting on the fact that I am currently in China, I am interning with a Russian clothing company, and that I am enjoying the experience more than I ever thought I could. During my time here I have seen, tried and learned more things than I even know at this moment, and I honestly believe it will be years until I can fully process, appreciate, and understand the impact this short two months will have on my life. I also feel it is important to add that nothing is all sunshine and rainbows, China can be an unsettling place. Despite that, those experiences have taught me the most and helped me grow as a person, both in the professional work environment and in my personal relationships. I can’t begin to thank Miami University enough for providing me the opportunity and helping me out along the way, and CRCC Asia for setting up my internship and getting me settled in."

    David Blankenship
    Marketing, PR & Advertising, Shanghai, Miami of Ohio