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is the annual growth rate at which the creative economy in Vietnam

The Vietnamese fashion industry is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to become a major player in the global fashion market. The

Asia's record-breaking fashion sector valuation in 2021

A 14.9% increase on the previous year. The total is forecast to grow by 5,6% in 2022.

We offer creative, design, & fashion internships in a number of famous cities – including Seoul.

  • There are over ten different variations of the Japanese Kimono, each worn to mark different occasions and social events, including weddings and funerals
  • Rivaling Paris and Rome, the Seoul fashion week is held annually each October. The event celebrates the latest in fashion and textiles from Asia’s most renowned designers
  • A sari is the national dress of India. Its origins can be traced back as far as 100 BC, with documented statues appearing to be wearing the garment
  • Bollywood is often seen as the little brother to Hollywood but in actual fact the Indian counterpart produces a lot more films annually. In 2012, Bollywood released 1,602 films compared to only 476 U.S. produced films
  • Graphic novels, knows as manga, are widely enjoyed by both children and adults in Japan. Manga makes up 40% of all publications sold in Japan
  • The APAC region is the largest video game market in the world. Revenue from video game sales in the region amounted to 78.4 billion USD in 2021, more than double that of the second largest region
  • Photography is booming across East Asia. As a sign of respect it’s very common for locals to approach tourists and ask them to pose in photographs with them

Creative, Design, & Fashion Internships: Host Companies & Example Projects

We take time to build our host company networks to ensure that we can connect interns with high-quality placements in the global marketing industry. For this reason, we don’t disclose host company names here on our website. Nevertheless, why not check out some of our example placements below?

Design agency in Ho Chi Minh City

Formed and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, this design agency takes ownership of its customers messaging and imagery to separate them from their competitors. The agency takes control of its clients branding, website and promotional materials – providing each with a unique sense of style. Part of the fun of working for an agency is flexing your creative muscles to generate deliverables for a number of different companies, in different industries, all with different brand messages.

Example intern tasks

This internship is a great opportunity to further your creative and design skills by working alongside design professional that have quickly made a name for themselves. Day to day you’ll be expected to produce visually stimulating print and digital material which provides each client with a clear identity. In addition, you’ll be encouraged to be vocal and contribute ideas for promotions, web design and video content.

Digital Media Projects with Carpenstreet in Seoul

Carpenstreet Company is a South Korean company that specializes in the development and production of digital signage and interactive displays. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Carpenstreet has a team of experienced engineers and designers who are dedicated to providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for its customers. The company’s products are used in a wide range of industries, including retail, education, healthcare, and government.

Example intern tasks

As a creative and design intern at Carpenstreet Company in Korea, your tasks may include graphic design, website and UI/UX design, content creation, branding and identity, product packaging design, creative concept development, visual storytelling, design research, and involvement in video projects. One example of such a project could be creating an animated video showcasing the “Floor is Lava” concept, where you would utilize your design skills to develop engaging visuals and bring the concept to life through animation.

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  • Natasha W

    "In a world that is becoming increasingly inter-dependent, it would be a crime to pass up an opportunity to experience diversity at its finest. I feel that this internship abroad has given me the competitive edge to thrive in a depressing economic society. I learned how working collectively is just as fundamentally important as working individually. I developed extensive market research techniques and methods that are dynamically feasible in any industry. I strengthened my sense of leadership by crafting the initial stages for a new organization within my company. Not to mention, I’ve developed long lasting friendships from across the world.

    Easily, the most enjoyable part of my experience was comparing life stories with colleagues while discovering many types of delicious Chinese food and exploring Beijing.

    No other internship experience that I’ve participated has left me with a great sense of inter-cultural awareness and that has prepared me for a graduate program and career in communications. My internship experience in China proves to be invaluable since the skills that I’ve acquired are intangible to my competitors and exclusive to my knowledge.

    The sagacious thing about CRCC internships abroad is that you’re surrounded by diverse students from all over the world in a beautiful city that welcomes visitors of all kinds. After completing my internship, I feel a greater connection to the world at large and equipped to enter a world of diverse magnitude."

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    Natasha W
    Marketing, PR & Advertising, Beijing, East-West University
  • Onyema U

    "Participating in the CRCC Asia China Finance Internship Abroad program was a highly fascinating, stimulating and rewarding experience! I really enjoyed every single bit of my first ever experience in Beijing! From exciting and memorable site-seeing adventures, to mouth-watering Chinese cuisines and jaw-dropping acrobatic shows. The programme was packed with lots of fun!

    Above all, I learnt so much about China’s financial and economic development, engaged in Chinese business skills workshop and networked with market-leading professionals from various financial sector. A particular highlight for me was going on a site visit to Taikang Life (one of China’s major insurance companies) and observing the daily operations of the company’s risk management team. What was truly remarkable about the China Finance Course was the fact that other participants came from diverse academic background with varying level of financial knowledge and different areas of interest within the financial sector; this created a wonderful platform for us to share valuable and interesting views about finance in general. In deed, this internship abroad has greatly strengthened my passion for international finance and corporate work!"

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    Onyema U
    Finance & Accounting, Beijing
  • Shaun Radgowski

    "My internship abroad with CRCC Asia was not only a valuable professional experience, but also an enlightening opportunity to see life in a different corner of the world. I was fortunate enough to work for a small environmental company in Shanghai, which finally enabled me to feel like I was making a difference in a field that I cared about. I conducted research, wrote reports, assisted with translations, prepared company contracts, and collaborated on a number of other company projects, all of which undoubtedly helped me prepare for a career in the 21st century. I would highly recommend this experience!"

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    Shaun Radgowski
    Green Technology, Shanghai, Yale University