Green Technology, Sustainability, & Environmental Internships


billion expected to be invested into alternative energy over the next decade in China.

China is preparing to launch a huge investment plan in the energy sector

expected increase in Vietnam's energy demand over the next 20 years

Vietnam has already increased its energy demand by 10% over the past 10 years

Green Technology, Sustainability, & Environmental is a thriving sector across our Program locations – with popular destinations including Beijing and, Tokyo.

  • China remained the world’s largest investor in renewable energy in 2021, with a total investment of $121.6 billion, up 22% from the previous year, China is a central player regarding renewable energy
  • Green Technologies are slowly but surely emerging throughout Vietnam. With influences from Europe, different countries are coming together to help the Vietnam Green Technology Trade
  • Japan’s green technology growth strategy is estimated to create five million jobs in the country. Tokyo is also planning on becoming the most eco-friendly mega city

Green Technology, Sustainability, & Environmental Internships: Host Companies & Example Projects

Our Business Development teams have established long-standing partnerships with our Green Technology host companies. For this reason, we don’t disclose host company names here on our website. However, feel free to browse our example placements to learn about the internships we offer.

Smart cities in Osaka

Making our cities greener is now a key consideration across the world. This startup is working with cities in the Kansai region including Osaka to provide greener city planning solutions. This placement will offer experience in  large-scale projects and with a variety of clients, providing any green technology intern with an insight into Japan’s newest sustainability innovations.

Example intern tasks

Green Technology interns will need key transferable skills as well as an interest in all things sustainable. For technically-minded interns, there’s the opportunity to be involved in machine-learning, utilizing Python, and developing the e-commerce platform. For the business side, interns will help to build the company’s marketing business model and conduct case studies from the US and Europe. This is a great opportunity for an international intern to really make a difference for a green tech startup.

Sustainable development in Beijing

As one of the largest countries in the world, China has a key role to play in sustainability and environmental conservation. This host company offers technical support for central and local governments regarding environmental policy, in addition to assessing the effects of policy implementation. If you’re keen on environmental policy and have an eye for quality research, this green tech placement is invaluable for your CV/resume.

Example intern tasks

Interns at this host company in Beijing will be working closely alongside the project manager to develop international projects and build relationships in China and abroad. They will be conducting key research in the field and prepare information for publication, providing interns with evidence of their impact while interning abroad.

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  • Isabelle Dicks

    For anyone considering international internships with CRCC Asia, I cannot recommend the service enough. You will enhance your CV in ways unimaginable, whilst simultaneously embarking on one of the best experiences of your life...

    Isabelle Dicks
    Green Tech, Beijing, University of Edinburgh
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    I was left inspired by culture, motivated by work and addicted to travelling. The CRCC Asia China Program has given me a positive impact on my professional and personal development...

    Herman Inthuvarman
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