Logistics & Supply Chain Internships


of the investment of a developed nation

is China’s proportional logistical governmental investment.


is roughly how fast Vietnam’s logistics career field is growing. Logistics account for 20-30% of Vietnams GDP. This is driven by their projected worth which is to be roughly $600 billion by 2020.

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

Business Development

Liaising with potential business partners regarding their cross-border logistics needs.

Researching for a Report

Researching import legislation to write a report for a trading company.

Customer Service

Customer service, managing a database of clients, advising and taking note of special considerations or problems.

Sample Company

Specialism: Supply Chain Logistics

The company is a St. Louis, Missouri-based global transportation enterprise, specializing in company supply chain, the movement of household effects and high-value products. It is among the largest and most recognized moving firms in the world.

With regional headquarters in the Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore, their service centers are found in all the world’s major centers of commerce.

Andrea Ferrari

Architecture & Real Estate

Università degli studi di Bologna

Faith Locken

Architecture & Real Estate

University of Nottingham

Mia Josimovic

Architecture & Real Estate

Richmond University

Carlos Ruiz

Architecture & Real Estate

School of Art, Institute of Chicago

We’re proud to offer Logistics & Supply Chain internships across some of the worlds global business hubs – including Mumbai and Seoul.

  • Japan has recently lost manufacturing activity to cheaper offshore markets, this loss has paved the way for further growth in Japan’s logistics and transportation career fields.
  • Toyota Production System, a long term symbol of Japan’s leadership in logistics stresses the importance of continuous improvement are trying their best efforts to match supply and demand to reduce inventory and eliminate waste to ultimately learn the supply chain from supplier to consumer.
  • Vietnam’s logistics industry has built trust with several international customers which help local advantages and cooperating with foreign firms to integrate logistics activities.
  • Foreign companies dominate express delivery, sea-freight forwarding, and specialized logistics services and have gained a strong presence in China.

  • Adam B

    “The experience that I got here was definitely useful to my career. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely got a lot of experience of how business is conducted internationally. I definitely think it was rewarding – I would do it again.”

    Adam B
    Logistics, Shanghai, George Washington University