Short Term Programming

Short-term programming is any program operating less than 8 weeks abroad. In 2017 IIE Open door reports noted that 64% of programs were short-term with increased focus on 1-3 week trips as it allows for increased accessibility due to lower time commitment, fees, and increased student interest. As such, CRCC Asia seeks to support this demand supporting a variety of short-term options aligned with industry sectors in our program locations to include Faculty-led Trips and CRCC Asia Employability Summits


Our short-term programming options are all grounded in our two areas of expertise: Asia and professional development. CRCC Asia strives to ensure that both areas of expertise are embedded in our on-the-ground programming regardless of the type or duration.

Overview of Short Term Programming Abroad

CRCC Asia Employability Summits

Founded in our two areas of expertise: Asia and Professional Development, CRCC Asia has developed a series of professional summits to allow students to explore one of our 8 program locations for 5, 7, 10, or 14 days. During the professional summit the cohort of students will partake in cultural activities, company site visits, and professional development workshops through our partners at CommonPurpose. The ultimate goal of the summit is for students to walk away from a high-impact experience with increased understanding of our five key learning objectives.

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Short Term Programs Abroad students doing group work

Example CRCC Asia Employability Summit:


CRCC Asia Employability Summits are fully customizable and can focus on key sectors and events. Some summits may focus on the following:

Beijing: Technology (Start-Ups), Chamber of Commerce, International Trade, NGO (Charity Work), Winter Olympics 2022

Shanghai: Finance, Creative (Fashion), Creative (Media)

Shenzhen: Start-Ups (Entrepreneur), Technology, Engineering (Manufacture), Engineering (Logistics & Supply Chain)

Tokyo: Technology, Creative (Digital), Summer Olympics 2020

Osaka: G20 Summit 2019

Ho Chi Minh City: Start-Ups (Entrepreneur), Finance Technology (Fin-Tech)

Seoul: Media

7 Day Beijing Technology Example

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Day 1

Group airport pick-up and transfer back to accommodation for check-in.

Informal welcome dinner.

Day 2

Morning Orientation reviewing Health and safety and upcoming week. Followed by a walking tour of the neighborhood.

Professional Development Seminar provided by Common Purpose (full day)

Day 3

Morning Professional Development Seminar provided by Common Purpose (Half day)

Company Visit: Innoway is a $36 million government backed start-up village with opportunity to see multiple start-ups in the tech epicenter of Beijing.

Day 4

Company Visit: NIU Technology an electric scooter company with presence in Beijing, Shanghai, and globally

Cultural Activity such as Calligraphy lesson, Wingchun class, Hutong walking tour or more.

Day 5

Company Visit: one of China’s largest ecommerce companies showing globalization, IT and international business in China.

Networking event at technology co-working space

Day 6

Opportunity to offer a full Beijing day tour or Great Wall excursion. Alternatively students can enjoy a cultural activity followed by a free afternoon to explore on their own.

Farewell dinner featuring local delicacy Peking Duck

Day 7

Morning accommodation check-out and group airport transfer

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What’s Included & Costs

To support our University partners and their students, all Short-Term Programs will include a dedicated University Relations, Admissions, and Program team.

As part of our standard offerings, the following will be included in the cost of the program:

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  • Visa Support (if necessary)
  • Host Company visits (by sector/event)
  • Professional Development Seminar – provided by CommonPurpose
  • Networking Event(s)
  • The Dragon Trip – Weekend (included with 10 or 14-day programs)
  • Accommodations
  • Airport Transfer- round trip
  • Transportation to all events
  • Orientation/Health & Safety Seminar
  • CareerBridge – Personalized
  • Cultural Activity(ies)
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All programs will have the option to include the following (at an additional cost):

  • Standard Internship – 1m
  • Standard Internship – 2m
  • Micro-Internship
  • The Dragon Trip – Complete
  • The Dragon Trip – Weekend
  • Language Course
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Welcome Banquet
  • Faculty-Led Accommodations
  • Faculty Led – Lecture Hall Rental
  • Leaving Event
  • Virtual Internship
  • University Visit
  • Public Transportation Card

Contact our team for Pricing Information

All of our Short Term Programs abroad are customized to suit your organization and your faculty’s needs. For information on pricing, please contact us via the link below:

Faculty-Led Short Term Programs Abroad

While developing a Custom Short-Term Program, Faculty-led trips can benefit from CRCC Asia’s rich and diverse program locations lending well to specific majors and concentrations while taking advantage of our expertise in professional development and 850+ host company network allowing for expertise embedded into events, site visits, and more.

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Full Program Support

CRCC Asia can offer full and holistic programming support for faculty-led trips including provision of classroom space, welcome orientations, cultural events, multi-city excursions and more. Many faculty choose to lead the trip for the first part leaving when the participants transfer to their internships or 1-3 weeks after.

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Internship Add-On

CRCC Asia can offer internship add-ons to existing faculty-led trips to any of our program locations. This gives an opportunity to students to further their location knowledge and immersion taking what they learned in the classroom and applying it to work. In other instances CRCC Asia can support professional development events or company site visits through- out at existing faculty-led course.

Faculty-led Examples

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Short Term Programs Abroad Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City

Faculty-led Engineering Program in Ho Chi Minh City: The program began with a cultural orientation week including multiple excursions and cultural activities, followed by an 8 week internship.

Short Term Programs Abroad Beijing Shanghai
Beijing & Shanghai

Faculty-led Business Program in Beijing and Shanghai. The program began with a week of classes, cultural activities, and company visits in Beijing, followed by a weekend in Xi’an while en route to Shanghai. Once in Shanghai student completed an additional week of classes, cultural activities, and company site visits before faculty headed home, and students stayed on for a six week internship.

Short Term Programs Abroad Shenzhen

Faculty-led Mechatronics program in Shenzhen: Students took courses on campus for four weeks with support of local professors, and then could choose to stay on for an additional four week internship to apply what they had learned to direct local work experience.

Common Purpose

CRCC Asia is proud to partner with Common Purpose to deliver highly-specialized and consistent professional development seminars to all standard Short-Term Programs in all 8 program locations.


Common Purpose is a not-for-profit leadership development organization that specializes in cross-boundary leadership. Founded in 1989, they run programs in over 100 cities worldwide and have more than 80,000 Alumni. As well as working with over 1,000 organizations each year to develop their emerging and senior leaders, they work with some of the world’s leading universities to develop thousands of their students. Their programs focus on developing the next generation with the skills and competencies to be inclusive leaders.

Overview of Professional Development Seminars

The professional development seminars are 1.5 or 2 day experiential workshops delivered at the start of the Short-Term Program. Designed to develop the skills and competencies students need to be inclusive leaders, they consist of a wide range of interactive and dynamic skills development, reflection and speaker sessions.

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Aims and Learning Outcomes

In today’s globalized world, employers want graduate talent with the skills and competencies to be inclusive leaders. Our professional development seminars are designed to develop these skills and competencies.

  • Through understanding other cultures, students will be more Empathetic
  • Through working with difference and adapting to a new environment, they will be more Agile
  • Through building trust, they will be more Influential

Learning Journey

The seminar will be made up of three consecutive half-day workshops based on the three core competencies.

Empathetic – understanding other cultures

The learning journey starts through exposure to the diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and values of the participant group. Students will broaden their understanding of other people’s cultures and worldviews and view themselves, their values and beliefs through the eyes of their peers. They will learn how to put themselves in other people’s positions, truly understanding their beliefs and worldview, and to be more empathetic with their peers and team ahead.

Agile – working with difference

Students will then explore how to work with difference, developing their ability to adapt in diverse teams. Through Core & Flex, insight from a keynote speaker and a team challenge, they will learn when to flex their style and approach to suit their team and when to play to their strengths, core beliefs and behaviors. This workshop will challenge them to develop the self-awareness of when to adapt and when not to, thereby enhancing their agility.

Agile – adapting to new environments

Students will then explore agility through the lens of adapting to the new environment they are in. They will discuss their assumptions on the new cultural setting they are in – what the values, beliefs and norms in this new environment are – before testing them on an external speaker. They will gain insight into the unspoken rules and norms and how they influence behavior and relationships. Finally, students will put their learning and agility to the test by canvassing the opinions of members of the public in the city.

Influential – building trust

Having developed their empathy and agility, the final workshop focuses on how students can develop trust and be influential as leaders. They will explore how to communicate their passions and purpose and resonate with diverse audiences before coaching and advising their peers on their future plans and aspirations. Finally, they reflect on and articulate their learning and plan how to implement it, both during the rest of the program and on their return.

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