SOAS Vietnam Internship Program

SOAS Vietnam and Korea Internship Programs

What’s Included?

Thanks to SOAS School of London, selected students can enjoy our SOAS Vietnam Internship Program in Ho Chi Minh City or our SOAS Korea Internship Program in Seoul which includes:


International Internships in Manchester UK - Whats Included - CRCC Asia

A CRCC Asia program which includes:

  • An 8 week internship in 1 of 14 sectors in either Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or Seoul, South Korea
  • Accommodation
  • Regular social, cultural and business events organized by CRCC Asia
  • Support from a dedicated team before, during and after your internship
  • Regular trips and events (optional – fees apply)
  • Visa application support

Who is this programme for?

Undergraduate students enrolled at SOAS, particularly those:

    • First generation to attend university
    • Family income below £25K
    • With experience of care
    • UK citizen or EU students, who have lived in the UK for more than 5 years and are eligible for Student Finance are also welcome to apply.


Seoul’s Internship Career Fields

One of the biggest appeals to the country, the tourism and leisure industry, gives interns the opportunity to take part in the booming industry thanks to the Hallyu wave. Auto manufacturing as well as technology manufacturing has also been a staple of the South Korean market since its upturn. Internships within IT offer students another look at the changing market. Through all available Career Fields, Seoul can provide you with a unique chance to experience the intense growth and business culture of South Korea.

Why Intern in Seoul?

  • Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea with a population of over 10 million people. The Seoul National Capital Area is the second largest in the world at 233.7 square miles.
  • It is the headquarters of many technology and engineering companies, such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia. 20% of Korea’s GDP is generated here.
  • CNN gave us 50 reasons why Seoul is the world’s greatest city. Some of these reasons include Asia’s largest underground shopping mall, high-tech bargains, superb service, boy/girl groups, the food and more!
  • Cost of living – over 15% lower than New York or London, with restaurant prices over 50% cheaper.
  • South Korea is home to 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with at least 5 in Seoul alone.

Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City provides you the unique opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life, while also taking part in a rapidly developing city. Ho Chi Minh City is the main economic & business hub of Vietnam. In most recent years, it has outpaced other major cities in Vietnam and attracted many foreign investors’ attention. Within Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a standout experience geographically, culturally, and historically with plenty of delicious traditional dishes to chat over. The unique blend of traditional cultural values, French influence, and constant innovation provides a truly unique setting in which for you to get involved in your internship.

Why intern in Ho Chi Minh City?

  • Ho Chi Minh City is the main economic & business hub of Vietnam , which has recently attracted significant foreign investors’ attention. Vietnam is currently the fastest growing economy amongst ASEAN countries.
  • In 2019, Ho Chi Minh City was ranked as the 4th best city in Asia for millennial employment prospects.
  • The cost of living is 60% less than New York and London, with taxis and movie tickets priced lower than the global average.
  • According to CNN Business, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the 10 best emerging cities to launch a start-up.
  • Vietnam is home to delicious cuisine and global favourites including pho noodle soup, banh mi (baguettes), and goi coun (summer/spring rolls).
  • The country has a young and vibrant population, with 70% of Vietnam aged under 30.

14 Sectors

When you apply, you’ll be asked to make 3 preferred sector choices. We guarantee an internship in one of those 3 sectors, and we always try to place you in your first sector choice.  Please have a look though our 14 sectors below:



What's the program all about?

CRCC Asia has partnered with the SOAS, University of London to provide students with either an 8-week internship in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or an 8-week internship in Seoul. Successful applicants will be able to choose to intern and gain work experience in a range of career fields including Business, Marketing, Law, Travel & Tourism and students will benefit from a range social, cultural and business activities whilst on the program in Vietnam or Korea.

The program is facilitated by CRCC Asia, the leading provider of internships in Asia and is funded by SOAS. There are some costs that successful participants must cover and these are outlined below.

The partnership with SOAS specifically targets those who wish to gain experience in 2 of Asia’s most exciting countries. SOAS students selected to participate will  gain first hand experience of Asian Business Culture whilst developing career critical skills focussed around CRCC Asia’s 5 Key Learning Objectives: Employability, Cultural Agility, Country Knowledge, Career Field Knowledge and Global Connections.

This partnership is very special to CRCC Asia, as both the company’s Founders are SOAS alumni. Daniel Nivern (CEO of CRCC Asia) said: “We are always excited to form new partnerships with universities around the world. This partnership however is extra special, as both myself and Edward Holroyd Pearce met and formed plans to launch CRCC Asia while studying a Masters of Science in International Management at SOAS in 2006. It is pleasing to see how things have come full circle and we look forward to welcoming ever more SOAS students on our programs.”

Applications for this program are open now and SOAS students wishing to apply can do so by making an application here.

What's Included in the funding?

This program is funded by SOAS access funds and the funding covers the CRCC Asia program fee in full.

It therefore includes everything you find in the standard CRCC Asia Ho Chi Minh City and CRCC Asia Seoul Internships Programs:

  • An internship in one of CRCC Asia’s 18 Career Fields for the 8 weeks
  • Accommodation during the program
  • Guidance and support with your career vis CareerBridge and our 5 Key Learning Objectives
  • Pre-Departure Materials and Support
  • Exclusive Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Airport Pickup and Accommodation Drop-off
  • Welcome Pack (pre-paid SIM card included)
  • Induction Day and Company Drop-off on your first day of work
  • Dedicated support throughout from our Vietnam and Korea Teams including business, social and cultural events as well as drop in sessions

What's NOT included in the funding?

There are some things that are not covered in the funding. They are:

  • Flights to Ho Chi Minh City/ Seoul
  • Your day-to-day living costs such as food
  • Any independent travel you do at weekends or after the program

If I am successful, where will I intern?

CRCC Asia has 18 Career Fields that you can choose from – more information can be found on the Career Fields pages.

When you apply, you’ll be asked to choose 3 so it’s good to think about these before applying.

Please note that if you are successfully offered a place on the program, you will not have an automatic internship. Our teams in Vietnam and Korea will use your CV and the details you gave during your interview / advising calls to find you a match – the Vietnam and Korea teams will place you with one of our Host Companies. This process can take some time and you may be asked to interview directly with one of our Host Companies. Your Admissions Advisor will guide you through the process.

What's CRCC Asia's involvement?

As the provider of the SOAS Vietnam/ Korea Internship Programs, you’ll get to experience a CRCC Asia program in two of the most exciting cities in Asia and you’ll meet other participants from around the world whilst also gaining valuable work experience.

Why is SOAS involved?

As the provider of the SOAS Vietnam/ Korea Internship Programs, you’ll get to experience a CRCC Asia program in two of the most exciting cities in Asia and you’ll meet other participants from around the world whilst also gaining valuable work experience.

How do I apply?

You can apply for this program by completing the application form here.

Applications are open until Friday 8th April, please apply here