University Testimonials

We are proud of the outstanding testimonials our university partners have written for us over the years. For further testimonials and partnership information, please email our London, Philadelphia, or Brisbane office.

"To describe CRCC Asia in one word, I would use committed.

CRCC Asia is committed to their partners, to their interns, to their work and to their desire to see students from around the world experience China in a safe and effective way.

Since first sending students to China with CRCC Asia in July 2012, our team at the University of Technology, Sydney has been nothing but impressed by the professionalism, dedication and passion that CRCC Asia demonstrates in their internship program and with their interns. As a university program that sends hundreds of students around the world every year, our priorities are always the safety and value of the experiences. CRCC Asia can be trusted 100% with your students. From beginning to end, CRCC Asia took complete control of the intern experience for our students, allowing us the freedom to know our students were in safe hands before, during and after their experience in China.

We believe CRCC Asia is passionate about allowing students to experience China in all its diversity and opportunity. By providing language lessons, a fantastic social and cultural program and well as internships that are seamlessly matched to our students’ wishes and personal goals, it is obvious that CRCC Asia understands China and is successful in providing an all-round Chinese experience.

From their arrival in China, our students have raved about their experiences, even asking to extend their internships because their participation had been so valuable to not only their studies but their future career!

We look forward to a continued partnership with CRCC Asia and a future knowing our students’ eyes will be opened to the endless possibilities in China!"

Caitlin Ramrakha, University Administrator, Sydney University of Technology

“It is a terrific programme and we are delighted to be involved.”

Richard Pettinger, University Administrator, University College London

"We have had two students this past summer participate in summer internships in Beijing coordinated through CRCC Asia, and the organization and the internship placements were fantastic. I highly recommend this organization."

Heather Sprandel, University Administrator, University of Arkansas

"We first sent Richmond students to intern in Beijing with CRCC Asia in the summer of 2008 after our Internship Programme Director met Edward and Daniel and learned about the opportunities on offer. We had been running an internship programme based in London for around 20 years which allowed students to earn 3 credits, towards their major, for an 11 week internship. Being able to intern in Beijing or Shanghai seemed like such a good opportunity for our students that we amended our programme slightly to allow the 8 week CRCC internship to be credit bearing for our students.

Since then, we have sent over 28 students, with 6 in the works for this summer and 1 for fall. Every student has been very satisfied with the process, the internship programme, accommodation and experience that CRCC has offered them. We actually have 1 former student now permanently employed in a company in Beijing. Each year we have more and more students interested in this opportunity because they hear from the interns who have returned from the programme how amazing the experience has been.

Two areas that always seem to be a concern are the quality of the housing (by the students) and the quality of the internships (by us at the Internship Office) and neither concern has ever been a problem. The housing is completely fine and the internships are what you would expect for any internship. While some students have needed extra support during their internship, especially facing culture shock, the staff in CRCC Asia’s China offices have always been very hands-on and attentive to these students. In addition, CRCC creates quite a comfortable and active community amongst the interns which makes their integration into China much smoother.

We always wish that there was a CRCC Asia in every country."

Sarah Douglas, University Administrator, Richmond University

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