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We are proud of the outstanding testimonials our university partners have written for us over the years.

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To describe CRCC Asia in one word, I would use committed

“CRCC Asia is committed to their partners, to their interns, to their work and to their desire to see students from around the world experience China in a safe and effective way.

Since first sending students to China with CRCC Asia in July 2012, our team at the University of Technology, Sydney has been nothing but impressed by the professionalism, dedication and passion that CRCC Asia demonstrates in their internship program and with their interns. As a university program that sends hundreds of students around the world every year, our priorities are always the safety and value of the experiences. CRCC Asia can be trusted 100% with your students. From beginning to end, CRCC Asia took complete control of the intern experience for our students, allowing us the freedom to know our students were in safe hands before, during and after their experience in China. We believe CRCC Asia is passionate about allowing students to experience China in all its diversity and opportunity. By providing language lessons, a fantastic social and cultural program and well as internships that are seamlessly matched to our students’ wishes and personal goals, it is obvious that CRCC Asia understands China and is successful in providing an all-round Chinese experience.

From their arrival in China, our students have raved about their experiences, even asking to extend their internships because their participation had been so valuable to not only their studies but their future career!

We look forward to a continued partnership with CRCC Asia and a future knowing our students’ eyes will be opened to the endless possibilities in China!”


Caitlin Ramrakha, University Administrator, Sydney University of Technology
CRCC Asia met our need for an innovative custom program

“CRCC Asia met our need for an innovative custom program that allowed our faculty and students a travel program to several cities in China before embarking on a work program in Shanghai. This gave the Terry interns a head-start in Chinese business, language, and culture that inevitably made the experience more rich.”


University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, Holly Alderman, Assistant Director for International Business Programs
Every time we have experienced challenges, CRCC has acted swiftly to find solutions

“We began working with CRCC Asia in 2016 with the goal of introducing a new university internship program in Beijing, China. We knew China would pose logistical challenges beyond our more traditional locations, so we were deliberate in finding a partner who could provide relevant internship placements, flexible program amenities, and local support for the professional and student life goals of our program.

Since 2016, nearly 60 students have participated in the UF-CRCC Asia program. This success was rooted in our strong partnership and mutual strengths. CRCC Asia helped us address the specific needs of our students, provided responsive pre-departure and on-location support, and helped our students find meaningful placements that furthered their professional goals. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the placements and the level of work our students have participated in. It is obvious that CRCC Asia works closely with their professional partners and supervisors to ensure successful internships for our students.

In working with CRCC Asia over the last few years, I am most grateful for their accessibility and responsiveness to student and/or faculty issues that come up. Every time we have experienced challenges, CRCC has acted swiftly to find solutions. For this reason, they have become one of our most trusted partners. We look forward to continuing our partnership with CRCC Asia to improve our students’ readiness in China.”

University of Florida, Heavener School of Business, Jason Ward, Associate Director of International Programs

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