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Through this program, I had the privilege of getting the chance to work in the amazing culture of Vietnam. I appreciate the CRCC staff’s efforts in making this experience worthwhile and easy, especially Mi Tran, Sammy Pham, and Kelsy Nguyen. My host company was a perfect fit for me and made me feel very welcome. They introduced me to a lot of local food and activities. This is a great way to have work experience in your chosen field and travel at the same time. Highly recommend.

Thank you for the opportunity to work abroad and not only expand my career specific skills, but also my cultural competency!

Nearing the end when I had to update my resume, Career Bridge gave me a list of vocabulary to use and how to implement that in my resume after my internship. The examples they gave in the different countries about their business culture and just culture in general: the do’s and don’t’s, what’s normal here, and how to adapt accordingly.. were helpful

I got a lot of compliments from my coworkers on projects related to programming. I’m happy with the work I and my co-intern have been able to get involved with.

I am grateful and eager to take on the role of a Digital Marketing intern in Gangnam-Gu! I’d also like to express my gratitude to Van Pham and the rest of the CRCC Asia team for all their support and guidance through the internship search process.

I had a really great experience at my host company!

I really appreciate all the help you gave me during my time there. You guys really helped me enjoy Korea a lot more than I thought I would.

Thank you for your help and support. My host company has a lot of experience with interns throughout the company so they actually give you work

I felt I learned a lot of skills during the short month of my internship. My workload was enough to keep me busy but did not feel overwhelming with the quantity. My Supervisor and colleagues were proactive in making me feel welcome, and were helpful. 

The Company placement allowed me to work in a field I was interested in with tasks to help me grow professionally, and felt in clear communication with my goals.


Program advisors that met me at airport, and did events were personable and helpful whenever I needed anything. Career Bridge courses are good for new young professionals to analyze their development.

While the internship provided the heavy lifting of experience and skills growth, the Career

Thank you for all you have done! I appreciate you all for helping make this trip such a great experience!

My work here is focused on Web Design, a field that I am less familiar with, but I am devoted in learning new skills to achieve the best results possible ! I am currently familiarizing myself with UXPin and improving my understanding of the software, which is really fulfilling and a great skill to develop.

I deeply enjoyed my time there and am truly grateful to the company for being so welcoming and open with me. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t dreading working in a foreign, unknown environment. But experiencing the great work culture there was a bowl of fresh air !

Moreover, I learned many valuable skills in such a short amount of time ! I was impressed with myself – and with my team members for putting their trust in me. I will never forget what a great experience this has been and I hope to have been just as valuable to the company as its members were to me. Working abroad – in a new field nonetheless – was scary and extremely rewarding !

Working in an intercultural environment is enriching and teaches me much more than an internship in my own country would have. 

Interning abroad is a great experience that was made possible for me thanks to CRCC Asia and especially Van Pham, who helped me during the entire process. I do not think that I would have been able to organize everything on my own and I am very grateful to everyone involved in the planning stage of the internships.

Moreover, living in a secured structure, along with other interns from around the world is reassuring and being able to share my thoughts, insecurities and joys with my peers gives me more mental stability and allows me to live this internship in the best conditions possible. And of course, I am making friends in the process !

And finally, as a Geography major, Seoul is particularly interesting to visit because of its urbanism, its many streams within the city and its high density in population ! Witnessing such complex interactions is fascinating and I cannot wait to explore the city !

There are so many more things to say regarding this enriching experience, but I would sum it up this way: “Travel is a set of corrective lenses that helps focus the planet’s blurred reality.” (Andrew Solomon). I cannot wait to see what will my reality of Seoul be like !

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