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The Seoul team was amazing.

Wonderful host company and people. Thank you to the entire team for making CRCC Seoul a wonderful experience!

My internship in Manchester was a great experience, by gaining real-world knowledge in the finance industry prior to my graduation, and also being able to undertake activities I never thought were possible.

I would absolutely recommend undertaking an internship if you were considering it.

My internship in Shenzhen was my first glimpse of international exposure and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision to follow through with such an exceptional program. I was placed with a traditionally Chinese investment firm where only one associate could speak English confidently. I was able to learn so much about independent productivity and agricultural markets during my time with the firm and those lessons translated well into my professional experience in the United States. The challenges I faced, the friends I still stay in contact with, and the journey as a whole made this experience one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t thank CRCC Asia enough for selecting me to participate in such a unique program and for offering me growth opportunities that have sculpted my character and professional development.

Best decision of my life! An unforgettable experience coming into Vietnam, where not only did I get to work in a country where the finance industry is booming but also a country full of culture and history behind it.

During the day, I worked at a big corporate finance firm and by night I would try the delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine and explore Saigon city. During the weekend, the intern group went to Mekong, Dalat, Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Museum which goes to show how valuable an overseas internship is.

This program has taught me many skills which include cultural agility and interpersonal having worked in an international company. I believe these skills you can only obtain by working overseas and not by staying in NZ. CRCC Asia will always be there every step of the way to ensure your smooth transition before and after the program to help you succeed in your career.

Through CRCC, I was able to gain experience in a Chinese IT company. The company itself has seen huge success offering blockchain and cryptocurrency related services, and the department that I was placed in offered me the opportunity to gain meaningful development experience in this dynamic new field!

As part of CRCC’s “Intensive Mandarin” internship program in shanghai, I gained in invaluable lessons in Mandarin which absolutely helped me to make the most out of this experience. I was able to learn from my peers about IT, language, culture… So much more than if I would have just gone in on my own. CRCC helped me set myself up for success with my host company.

As a result, I’m walking away from this experience able to come back to live and work in China, and utilize the skills in data science and machine learning that I continued to develop this summer!

“My internship in Beijing so far has been very useful, it has given me the chance to use the theoretical knowledge I’ve learnt at university in a practical environment. I have gained a lot of insight into the finance industry in China and general business in China, as well as finance all around the world.”

“One of the highlights of the program was the KTV Karaoke night! Everyone has a lot of fun, everything is typically Chinese with everyone to have a lot of fun. It was a very enjoyable nights and one of my favourite nights of the entire program.”

“I think the experience will boost my employability based on the fact that it has given me exposure to an international working environment. By actually being able to use the skills I have been learning at university I will be at an advantage over other applicants who haven’t yet had an internship like this.”

“I work for ACM Worldwide, which is a real estate investment company. I came because my university has a partnership with CRCC which gives me credit for my internship in Shanghai. Its different to England – something out of my comfort zone.”

“Its giving me a good feel for office work which is something I haven’t done before. I also get to explore Shanghai and experience the city.”

“I am working for a bank in China that specialises in microfinance, and provides loans to people who wouldn’t normally have access to larger banks and loans. It was one of the first banks in china to offer this service, and has been very successful.”

“Beijing is an exotic city – it offers all the traditional Asian culture you would expect, but also you can find all the western comforts. Outside of work, there is a lot of activities organised – KTV and acrobatics shows for example.”

“I think the internship will be great for me because of the booming economy – my experience at a Chinese bank will look great on my CV.”

“I worked at an insurance brokerage during my internship in Shanghai. Being an insurance brokerage, the work is very client based. I worked on their Customer Relationship Model (CRM), did lots of talking with the director, and produced reports and review on the latest trends in the market.”

“Working with Chinese colleagues was a real eye-opener. There are cultural differences but aren’t as huge as expected. It is a very positive things to learn how to act within the Chinese market.”

“I got offered a job here. Opportunity is just around the corner in China! CRCC were a massive part of building the foundations and getting you into the rights places.”

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