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Three weeks ago, I concluded my internship at G.A.P Institute as a Strategies & Development Intern. I’m incredibly grateful to have been apart of an organisation that is spearheading the push for equal educational access opportunities for Vietnamese youth & disadvantaged communities. Researching & working on campaigns focused on raising awareness on the realities of the deaf community was an opportunity to gain more knowledge of how a marginalised community navigate everyday life.

This summer allowed me to network with other international interns as well as the incredible team at G.A.P. Gaining work experience in such an exciting location like Ho Chi Minh City also allowed for room to travel around & explore Vietnam. Huge thanks to CRCC Asia (especially Mi Tran) for being so incredibly helpful throughout my journey here & facilitating the transition of working in a South-East Asian environment!

My experience was beneficial in many ways. The best part was probably my internship placement. I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and was able to learn a lot more than if I had interned in my home country.

I also love the country I chose, so CRCC Asia was such a great help in giving me the chance to have a great experience in Japan.

My time in Manchester, UK was a life changing experience. Interning in a different country taught me personal growth while teaching me about the field that I want to pursue in the future. My host company and CRCC Asia helped me understand the British culture and introduced me to many new foods and experiences. I could not be more thankful for this opportunity and for my time in Manchester. I am looking forward to going back and connecting with the friends that I have made.

I had a lovely time in HCMC. The staff were really friendly, caring and supportive. Gave me a chance to visit parts of the world I’ve never been to!

I cannot overstate how much I recommend applying for an internship with CRCC – I loved every second of mine! I worked for an educational NGO in Beijing, and fulfilled two of my greatest career ambitions: working abroad and working within the charity sector. Getting this experience was invaluable to me, and I hope to continue working abroad in this sector, and hopefully even in Beijing again!

Exploring the endless things Beijing has on offer has also been incredible. Every evening and weekend was filled with visiting a new site, restaurant, museum or bar. Being able to immerse myself in a new culture like this, as someone working in the city, rather than as a quickly visiting tourist, is a once-in-a-life-time-opportunity that I feel so lucky to have experienced.

Overall, I had a really good experience! From the accommodations, cultural/career events to the travel and people – the whole program was amazing. Vietnam is on the rise and it was awesome to get to come just as it’s about to explode.

Nearing the end of my degree and feeling I haven’t had much international experience nor work experience, I decided to spend a month interning in Shanghai to learn what opportunities lie for me after graduating.

During my month here I was surrounded by the most lovely group of interns with a great sense of adventure, curiosity and fun. Our journey, learning and exploring China, has been one of the most challenging yet exciting experiences I have ever done.

Interning in Shanghai is a great way to learn more about your field and the memories you’ll make here will instill you with a sense of accomplishment and intercultural learning you won’t experience elsewhere.

British Council Generation UK Program

My internship in Shanghai with a legal non-governmental organisation has been a pivotal experience in my career. It equipped me with professional research skills and helped me to realise that legal research is an area I would like to gain more experience in. Since completing my internship, I have secured a position with a London-based legal organisation. My experience interning in China was critical in helping me reach this next stage in my career and the skills I learnt during the internship will be invaluable in helping me to succeed in this new role.

My internship in Shanghai, China has been enlightening. I was in the HR department, which gave me a chance to practice my language and interpersonal skills. I really liked the fact that I could communicate with people in Chinese and interact with professionals from various cities. If I can go back to this internship or work there for long-term, I would in a heartbeat. I wish I had more time with the organization to fully understand and immerse myself in my second home.

“I worked within the NGO sector mainly with projects at schools and with youth, teaching them good environmental habits and with animals.”

“The weekly social events were good. KTV was a particular highlight for everyone. Also the dumpling making and volunteer events helped to keep everyone motivated and interested over the month.”

“I chose to come to Beijing to get international experience and to help me find employment when I graduate. I believe I have done that!”

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