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I had a lovely time in HCMC. The staff were really friendly, caring and supportive. Gave me a chance to visit parts of the world I’ve never been to!

Before my internship with CRCC Asia, I had already been to Beijing twice in my life. Upon returning to China I was under the impression that I knew exactly what I was getting into. BOY WAS I EVER WRONG. My internship was an experience completely out of my wildest expectations!

Challenge. A major part of the fun, growth and learning comes from the challenge. Every day is a new adventure when you are living in Beijing. The hustle and bustle of the metropolis keeps you on your toes and a surprise awaits at every corner. There is nothing better than wandering around and getting lost in new areas and discovering the hidden gems of the city. I love trying new foods, meeting new people and doing random things spontaneously. KTV, street food, night clubs, social nights, movies – you name it, I’ve done it. The initial culture shock and language barrier is quickly overcome by the ease and convenience of their mobile applications, metro system and technology. You quickly learn to adapt and familiarize yourself to the heat and fast-paced lifestyle.

Work. This was my first time working in an office at a large company and not to mention in a completely different country. Initially, I was intimated by the corporate environment. My company’s office was in a gorgeous high rise right in the centre of the city. The office was a trendy open collaboration space and everyone was always hard at work on interesting projects. Once I got to know everyone at the office, I not only became very comfortable, but also more confident in my own roles and abilities. I began looking forward to coming to work every day despite the packed 50 minute subway ride every morning. After working in a professional business environment with coworkers from different parts of China, I realized I still have a lot to learn. It made me even more determined to master Mandarin, my minor in University, so I can understand and communicate more effectively.

Family. The beauty of interning through CRCC is the fact that you are never alone. Despite being far from home, you have the comfort and support of the program managers and other like-minded interns. Personally, the best part was meeting students or newly graduates from all across the globe that I can now call my family. Whether it be personal or professional, I’ve formed an invaluable international network.

The Future. Without expectations, I got on the plane with a packed suitcase but more importantly, an open mind. My one month internship came to and end before I knew it. Time flies when you’re having fun – this statement has never been more true. There is so much more I want to see and do. I’d love to come back to China after graduation for work or higher education. This is where my internship journey comes to a close. Everyone’s experience is different. So don’t take my word for it. Go and create your own story!

My experience with CRCC Asia has been really great! They have paved the path for me in getting an internship at an international law firm in Vietnam, which happened to be one of the top law firms! My internship consisted of a an intense workload – from drafting legal documents to searching laws regarding the clients’ situation. The most excited part was being a part of the legal team who was advising a Government-owned company! I get to explore first-hand how a commercial law firm operates and what is involved in their day-to-day operations. Despite the fact that the area of practice was new to me, my colleagues were very helpful in guiding me to get a grasps of everything.

I am hoping that by the time I finish my LLB course, I would step my foot directly into the job market.

Shenzhen is an amazing city, but when you first arrive it can be incredibly overwhelming, the culture shock was made easier due to CRCC perfectly matching me with my internship placement, being able to work in a sector that I love allowed me to feel more comfortable in a culturally unfamiliar setting and the company I was matched with, were a perfect fit for me. I was a production intern in a Chinese Film company, my daily tasks included working on sets, location scouts and pre production paperwork – which is exactly what I was looking for when I applied.

The internship also allowed me to meet other students from different universities all over the world that I ended up becoming great friends with.

Unfortunately, during my internship I fell really unwell due to a pre-existing medical condition and ended up in hospital. My CRCC Asia program manager ensured that I received the right medical help and accompanied me to hospital. One of my main fears about interning abroad was not being able to communicate due to the language barrier in a medical emergency, however CRCC supported me every step of the way and put my mind at ease. I can not thank the Shenzhen team enough for allowing me to feel secure, safe and supported.

Hello everyone, my name is Matias and i had my intership in Shanghai. I thought it was a very good experience to feel the sensation of working in an area outside the ‘comfort zone’.

You can learn many things in your field of work, as well as feel new emotions and mature as a person.

I really enjoy it a lot 🙂

Interning in Tokyo has been an incredible experience. Spending my summer here, has definitely been a great decision. I have met some amazing like-minded people and made unforgettable friendships whilst on this adventure.
Experiencing and learning about a new culture, food and work environment has been valuable yet challenging but has provided me with knowledge and confidence for the next stepping stone of my career. I truly encourage anyone to take part in interning abroad.

After two months in Japan, I can say that I am coming home with more knowledge, full of experience, and have met some amazing people. CRCC made this possible by being so accommodating, readily available, and always willing to help. Going to a different country and culture can freak students out, but the CRCC team handled the stress and anxiety professionally and effectively. This is and forever will be one of the best experiences of my career and is something that I recommend to everyone. Tokyo itself has so much to offer and much students are able to learn from, inside and outside of the workplace. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can offer great rewards.

Thank you, CRCC Asia!

I cannot overstate how much I recommend applying for an internship with CRCC – I loved every second of mine! I worked for an educational NGO in Beijing, and fulfilled two of my greatest career ambitions: working abroad and working within the charity sector. Getting this experience was invaluable to me, and I hope to continue working abroad in this sector, and hopefully even in Beijing again!

Exploring the endless things Beijing has on offer has also been incredible. Every evening and weekend was filled with visiting a new site, restaurant, museum or bar. Being able to immerse myself in a new culture like this, as someone working in the city, rather than as a quickly visiting tourist, is a once-in-a-life-time-opportunity that I feel so lucky to have experienced.

My reasons behind interning abroad were simply: it would put me ahead in the job market. I never expected to learn as much about myself developing vital skills along the way as I did. I gained so much confidence during my two month internship, and finally believe after leaving China that I have so much potential to be a successful lawyer. With globalisation becoming increasingly prolific, the cultural awakening that I gained from exposure in Beijing I view as even more vital. I made some great friends as a result of the programme which I am also very grateful for.

The internship I participated in through CRCC Asia proved to be invaluable in my professional and personal development. The international connections I made and the cultural flexibility I was able to develop during the internship enabled me to attain employment in my field once it was over. I would absolutely recommend CRCC Asia to anybody looking for a program that has a salient impact on their later professional career.

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