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Intern Reviews

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Great service. My Admission Advisor helped me so much. It was a delight to email her.


The section on creating a CV in Career Bridge will definitely help with future employment as I will be able to describe my skills and accomplishments persuasively. My professional development plan was used as a tool to track my progress and as a method of self-reflection

Thank you all for the wonderful experience for my first time abroad. I really appreciate the guidance and assistance during my time in Seoul. I was able to grow not only professionally, but personally.

I was blessed to have such an amazing company with an incredible team of staff.Thank you for everything!

My Admission Advisor is such an amazing person to work with! Made me really excited about the program in general.


The topics of “How to translate skills going back home” in Career Bridge was beneficial for my professional development. During my internship, I used Career Bridge courses to learn about professional communication

Maia is one of the people who made any complications / issues better throughout this entire program. Really grateful for her support & effort to the CRCC program. Thanks Maia 🙂

Thank you so much for all of your help!

I actually picked up a lot of work from my co-intern, and learnt a lot about how local legal documents are structured.

Thank you for the amazing professional and personal experience. I had a great time being able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not many others can say they have. The staff were highly responsive with my requests and communicated well. My Admission Advisor did an amazing job at answering most of my questions quickly and professionally through providing additional guidance if the answer was not immediate.

I really enjoyed my experience at my Host Company. Everyone is extremely welcoming, kind, and considerate.I learned how to freely apply my skills in research and consolidating information into an easy format that anyone could review.

Thank you so much for the great summer, and I wish everyone to stay safe and well.

I am extremely grateful for CRCC Asia’s assistance in placing me at my respective internship site, as well as their role in ensuring our smooth transition to staying in Vietnam. The program managers were always readily available to support the interns, and they made sure that our stay was stress-free. For anyone considering an internship with CRCC Asia, I would highly recommend it. I forged incredible friendships with my co-workers and made lifelong memories. My internship experience was one I will never forget.


Wonderful host company and people. Thank you to the entire team for making CRCC Seoul a wonderful experience!

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