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I genuinely had the time of my life doing this program, I think it was life-changing and overall incredibly positive because of the connections I made both professionally and in my friendships with others. Thank you so much !!

The location was great. It had almost everything I needed in terms of restaurants, groceries, and home amenities.

An absolutely amazing experience, and one that I have made many memories from. Will be something that I never forget. Thank you so, so much 🙂

Thank you for supporting us in the past 8 weeks! I had a lot of fun in Japan and hope you can continue to host for future students!

From pre-departure to leaving ceremony, communication was great. The events and drop ins were very meaningful to me.

It has been such a pleasure interning with CRCC Asia. Every event, drop off, volunteer, and arrival/ departure event have made my trip unforgettable. It has been an honor to represent my university here in Japan and get to do things I would have never been able to do without the assistance of CRCC Asia. I will continue to work hard and hope to meet new people as wonderful as everyone in the Tokyo team. I’ve had tremendous fun while here in Japan and have really witnessed a life changing event. I wish all the CRCC Asia staff a future where the stars shine bright wherever you are in the world. I’m extremely glad to have met you all, you’ve been with me the entire trip, you have all given me an experience I will remember forever.

I wanted an international work experience and learn more about business and marketing in a real life setting as I see myself living in Asia in the future. CRCC Asia landed me an intership that I otherwise would not have been able to land on my own. Everything from the accommodations, internship, on-the-ground support, etc. was prepared for me since the day I was accepted onto the program. My internship exceeded my expectations and surprised me in ways I had never expected. I got to experience a unique work culture at an international company in fast-paced Seoul that challenged me to diversify my skillset and kept me on my feet. I got to meet people from countries I never would have imagined meeting and became good friends with them. I consider this program a once in a lifetime experience and appreciate how well-prepared and effortless the entire process was.

The experience and connections I have gained from this program are something I could not have achieved had I been a part of a domestic internship. International exchange has enhanced my professional abilities in a corporate setting and adapting to another culture, whilst living and working in Vietnam was life changing.

An international internship with CRCC Asia is the opportunity of a lifetime and not to be missed! I spent 2 months in Vietnam, based in Ho Chi Minh city completing a textiles and fashion internship. The internship came at the perfect time for me as I’d just completed my honours degree in Textiles and was ready to break away from study to an exciting experience.

The CRCC Asia’s staff and company who hosted me and 6 others interns in Vietnam were fantastic. The staff were friendly, welcoming and supportive, this helped us settle really well into life in Ho Chi Minh quickly. The host company was the perfect fit for myself and 2 other interns, we got amazing work experience which wouldn’t be available to us otherwise.

If you’re thinking about going to doing an internship in Vietnam, don’t hesitate. We experienced and grew to love the amazing culture, sights and people of Vietnam, who just have to be some of the friendliest and kindest out there. Thanks CRCC Asia!

My time in Seoul was honestly some of the best weeks of my life. Being able to explore a new job and industry in a new city was a little overwhelming at first, but honestly felt so empowering and was an amazing opportunity. The internship I was placed at was really great and I had so many opportunities to see the city and its landmarks. I made some great friends with the other interns and buddies, and was able to experience a lot of fun things I couldn’t have at home. I really hope I never forget my time in Seoul, I will cherish it for as long as I can

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