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“I work at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in Beijing. My tasks so far include looking at three stock exchanges around China, and researching how they have got to where they are and presented my findings.”

“Last night I went to see the Chinese Acrobatics Show which was amazing. The nightlife here is immense and I have enjoyed it all but the Summer Palace has been the best thing so far.”

“è stata un’esperienza molto entusiasmante fino ad adesso, ho avuto modo di collaborare con la responsabile delle Risorse umane dell’asia pacifico, sono state delle settimane molto importanti,mi hanno dato una grossa chance,è stata un’esperienza molto importante a livello internazionale. Queta penso he può essere un esperienza molto motivante per noi nuove generazioni perchè vi può dare la possibilità di fare un esperienza all’estero in diversi settori, vi può dare la possibilità di conoscere nuove culture, nuovi ambienti.”

“Hi I am Thomas McBride, I have a Bachelor Degree of Finance from Heriot-Watt University, I have been doing the CRCC Asia one month Internship in Shanghai, with program in Finance. I have been working in an investment banking and financial advisory company. I’ve really enjoyed my time in China, I’ve been working on really meaningful projects, one of our clients is a manufacturing client with an upcoming IPO. I got the chance to reach out to private investors to see if they would like to come on board with the investment. It was a really great experience to put on my CV.”

One of the most critical aspects of any business is understanding the market. With China’s increasing involvement in the global economy, living and working in the city’s capital is an invaluable experience. During my internship in Beijing, I worked at a financial research company that focused on the financial services industry. I learned about new trends in China weeks before they would make headlines in the United States. I learned about banking strategy, financial technology, and just how different life is internationally. The ability to provide first-hand insights to the world’s fastest-growing market has made me more confident moving forward in my career. I recommend CRCC Asia to all of my peers.

Participating in the CRCC Asia China Finance Course was a highly fascinating, stimulating and rewarding experience! I really enjoyed every single bit of my internship in Beijing! From exciting and memorable site-seeing adventures, to mouth-watering Chinese cuisines and jaw-dropping acrobatic shows. The programme was packed with lots of fun!

Above all, I learnt so much about China’s financial and economic development, engaged in Chinese business skills workshop and networked with market-leading professionals from various financial sector. A particular highlight for me was going on a site visit to Taikang Life (one of China’s major insurance companies) and observing the daily operations of the company’s risk management team. What was truly remarkable about the China Finance Course was the fact that other participants came from diverse academic background with varying level of financial knowledge and different areas of interest within the financial sector; this created a wonderful platform for us to share valuable and interesting views about finance in general. In deed, this experience has greatly strengthened my passion for international finance and corporate work!

Thank you CRCC Asia!

I completed a one-month finance internship in Beijing in a major Chinese magazine – the Chinese version of The Economist. I was warmly received by the company and they did their best to help me settle in straight away by taking me out to lunch for a Chinese banquet! I quickly realised that the working environment in China is friendly and cheerful – I saw smiling faces all around me!

The work I was set was mainly independent research into current issues concerning finance; for example, I had to do research on hedge funds and how they were affected by the financial crisis, how they may be affected by the new regulations being introduced, and how practices have changed since the crisis. My supervisors gave me the right amount of space to complete my work in good time. I would recommend to anyone on the internship scheme to really get stuck in and ask for as much work as possible, and not to let things drift. There were times when I had completed all my work, and I wasn’t sure when the next piece of work would be set, and in those times I approached as many people as possible within my department, and within other departments, to get more work, and before you know it, you’re extremely busy again Beijing and you’ve expanded your network!

The CRCC Asia team really settles you in quickly as soon as you arrive in Beijing, taking you straight to your accommodation so that you can have a long nap after the long journey. The accommodation really is first class, making you feel at home. I was initially apprehensive about being in a brand new environment all on my own, but I soon realised that all the other interns were in exactly the same position as me, so you get through your problems together, and it makes for a really enjoyable time! I would definitely recommend this programme for anyone who wants work experience that stands out, and although it may seem a little pricey, once you are in Beijing you realise every penny was worth it!

Outstanding academic achievement is not sufficient anymore to secure a job within the financial industry. This industry is highly competitive and the caliber of candidates applying for jobs is also exceptionally high. Standing out in a crowd of extremely qualified graduates is essential to ensure you can make it through to the interview stage, and an internship in China certainly offers this so-called ‘edge’ to your CV, which most institutions are looking for. China is not only the fastest growing economy in the world, its currently sustaining worldwide economic activity by largely contributing to solve European/American governmental debt issues. Furthermore, business activity between Western nations and China is exponentially increasing, and having a thorough understanding of Chinese lifestyle; culture and economic environment will be a tremendously valuable asset to your short-term future.

Moving on to my personal professional experience, I interned in a Bank in Beijing; they are a micro-lending financial institution with HQ in Baotou in the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. My fellow employees were very social, nice, hard working, with outstanding academic curriculums, and highly interested in European lifestyle. They were always open and available for conversation and showed continuous interest in the European banking system, and how culture affected business activity in this continent. Working for them has been extremely valuable for me as an individual. Not only did I learn about banking systems in China, I learnt about this particular Bank as an institution and what their short and long-term goals are. Internationalization is their foremost objective, and being capable of demonstrating an understanding of European Banks and their business models, as well as portfolio management strategies employed in these institutions was essential to produce worthwhile reports for people with a very tight work schedule. Initiative and the ability to research were amongst the set of skills I developed during my internship. Furthermore, I attended a number of social events and managed to meet the Executive Board of this particular institution, which was a rewarding and mutually fulfilling experience. They were excited to see me, as a European, working for their bank, and very kindly offered to help me in attaining a job in China if required.

In short, an internship in China can be a life changing experience, but it’s only up to you to decide how good an experience you want it to be. Are you open-minded and willing to deal with the many cultural differences you will encounter? Are you capable of being a month away from home without missing your family? If your answer is yes, then you should submerge yourself into this very exciting new world.

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