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Interning in Tokyo has been an incredible experience. Spending my summer here, has definitely been a great decision. I have met some amazing like-minded people and made unforgettable friendships whilst on this adventure.
Experiencing and learning about a new culture, food and work environment has been valuable yet challenging but has provided me with knowledge and confidence for the next stepping stone of my career. I truly encourage anyone to take part in interning abroad.

After two months in Japan, I can say that I am coming home with more knowledge, full of experience, and have met some amazing people. CRCC made this possible by being so accommodating, readily available, and always willing to help. Going to a different country and culture can freak students out, but the CRCC team handled the stress and anxiety professionally and effectively. This is and forever will be one of the best experiences of my career and is something that I recommend to everyone. Tokyo itself has so much to offer and much students are able to learn from, inside and outside of the workplace. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can offer great rewards.

Thank you, CRCC Asia!

I cannot overstate how much I recommend applying for an internship with CRCC – I loved every second of mine! I worked for an educational NGO in Beijing, and fulfilled two of my greatest career ambitions: working abroad and working within the charity sector. Getting this experience was invaluable to me, and I hope to continue working abroad in this sector, and hopefully even in Beijing again!

Exploring the endless things Beijing has on offer has also been incredible. Every evening and weekend was filled with visiting a new site, restaurant, museum or bar. Being able to immerse myself in a new culture like this, as someone working in the city, rather than as a quickly visiting tourist, is a once-in-a-life-time-opportunity that I feel so lucky to have experienced.

My reasons behind interning abroad were simply: it would put me ahead in the job market. I never expected to learn as much about myself developing vital skills along the way as I did. I gained so much confidence during my two month internship, and finally believe after leaving China that I have so much potential to be a successful lawyer. With globalisation becoming increasingly prolific, the cultural awakening that I gained from exposure in Beijing I view as even more vital. I made some great friends as a result of the programme which I am also very grateful for.

The internship I participated in through CRCC Asia proved to be invaluable in my professional and personal development. The international connections I made and the cultural flexibility I was able to develop during the internship enabled me to attain employment in my field once it was over. I would absolutely recommend CRCC Asia to anybody looking for a program that has a salient impact on their later professional career.

The highlight of my time in Shenzhen has been having the opportunity to meet such talented youths from across the states and the UK. Learning more about Chinese culture alongside my peers would be a once in a lifetime experience that I would continue to learn from and look back on. My time at my internship at a crowdfunding company has also pushed me to explore other sectors of the tech industry. I am also grateful to have gotten to know some of the coworkers at my office during these two months. Although much of the work that I did was not along the field that I am pursuing, I was able to equip myself with both hard and soft skills related to working at a startup.

I had a really great time working at my internship, and I know that without the help of CRCC I would have had a very hard time getting an internship in a similar position on my own. Living and working at my internship in Tokyo gave me a great understanding of working abroad, and the work/leisure dynamic helped keep me creative and productive at my job. The various events CRCC put on such as dinners and community service events gave my local experience a lot of texture, and helped me better connect with my host country’s culture.

Overall, I had a really good experience! From the accommodations, cultural/career events to the travel and people – the whole program was amazing. Vietnam is on the rise and it was awesome to get to come just as it’s about to explode.

I completed an internship in Beijing through the CRCC Asia programme. I had an incredible experience; I worked with brilliant staff at the law firm, learning a lot about IP law which I had not studied before. I also travelled to China for the first time, discovering Beijing culture and work environment. On top of this, I made friends with amazing people also on the CRCC Asia programme. Growing both personally and professionally, I can’t recommend this programme more!

Working in Tokyo was the experience of a lifetime, one that I will never forget. I met so many incredible people that were eager to help me develop both professionally and personally. I am leaving Tokyo with a newfound confidence moving forward with my career.

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