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My internship in Shenzhen was my first glimpse of international exposure and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision to follow through with such an exceptional program. I was placed with a traditionally Chinese investment firm where only one associate could speak English confidently. I was able to learn so much about independent productivity and agricultural markets during my time with the firm and those lessons translated well into my professional experience in the United States. The challenges I faced, the friends I still stay in contact with, and the journey as a whole made this experience one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t thank CRCC Asia enough for selecting me to participate in such a unique program and for offering me growth opportunities that have sculpted my character and professional development.

I interned at a co-working and co-living space. The company provides a space for freelancers and digital nomads to work and live. They also host workshops and courses to support freelancers and entrepreneurs with their development in business and marketing.

Part of my role was outlining the course content, especially when it came to marketing psychology. Within the workplace, I learnt things like how to communicate with my co-workers and supervisor, things to note down during meetings and the steps in which to start and carry out a task with a group. I think such skills may seem insignificant but will be essential in my future workplaces and hence, were great things to learn. In the second month, I got to have my own little project where I researched, conducted a few interviews, wrote a blog and moderated a panel discussion around the topic: loneliness experienced by digital nomads. It was amazing to individually run a project of my interests.

The internship has shed light on something other than what I’ve been focusing on in my studies. I shifted my attention from clinical to organisational psychology. My introduction to business and marketing psychology revealed how little I initially knew and allowed me to expand my psychology horizons.

I learnt a lot about business – everything from how to start up a business, how to create long-lasting partnership with businesses or customers to global freelance trends, what financial planning looks like for them and everything in between. I came out of it knowing I’m capable of adapting into a new environment/sector when introduced.

Previously, the thought of working overseas never crossed my mind and now that I think about it, it’s quite a daunting prospect. Even though I am aware that we were supported in a way, I would not be if I were to do this solo, it has opened up the thought that I could work overseas.

For the time being, I have one semester of undergraduate studies left and intend to apply for postgraduate studies in clinical psychology. If things fall through, I have many back-up plans, thanks to the perspective on applicable psychology that this internship has broadened.

I think a key thing I’m taking away from this is to keep my mind open to new things and be flexible. Whether that be the food I’m trying, the language I’m learning, adapting to a new lifestyle or way of transport- it helps you to be flexible and adapt. It applies to work as well. To have an open mind about what psychology is and how it can be applied. Once I stopped restricting myself, I was able to see how psychology can be used anywhere. Lastly, I think I needed an open mind going into a sector which I was completely unfamiliar with – it was the only way I could learn and become comfortable with the lingo. It was a good experience to help me open up my mind and be flexible.To conclude, I really enjoyed my time in Vietnam albeit some challenges. It was a great opportunity to experience the transition between university and the workplace.

Best decision of my life! An unforgettable experience coming into Vietnam, where not only did I get to work in a country where the finance industry is booming but also a country full of culture and history behind it.

During the day, I worked at a big corporate finance firm and by night I would try the delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine and explore Saigon city. During the weekend, the intern group went to Mekong, Dalat, Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Museum which goes to show how valuable an overseas internship is.

This program has taught me many skills which include cultural agility and interpersonal having worked in an international company. I believe these skills you can only obtain by working overseas and not by staying in NZ. CRCC Asia will always be there every step of the way to ensure your smooth transition before and after the program to help you succeed in your career.

Having been picked by my university to go abroad and work in Tokyo from which I was partnered with CRCC Asia, I loved the experience I was obtained straight away working in another culture with new connections. I was able to live and work in a country I had always wanted to visit and CRCC Asia allowed me to do this along with enjoyable weekend events with a great bunch of staff who care about their interns, supporting with any issues. I developed long lasting friendships from across the world and I haven’t looked back at making the decision to intern on the other-side of the world. I would love to do this again.

Nearing the end of my degree and feeling I haven’t had much international experience nor work experience, I decided to spend a month interning in Shanghai to learn what opportunities lie for me after graduating.

During my month here I was surrounded by the most lovely group of interns with a great sense of adventure, curiosity and fun. Our journey, learning and exploring China, has been one of the most challenging yet exciting experiences I have ever done.

Interning in Shanghai is a great way to learn more about your field and the memories you’ll make here will instill you with a sense of accomplishment and intercultural learning you won’t experience elsewhere.

If I could encourage only one of you to pursue this opportunity, I’d be happy. The internship placement programme in Beijing with CRCC Asia was an excellent stepping stone for me in realising the benefit of international internships.

I worked in a law firm by day, and at night I learnt Mandarin, tried new foods and saw more of the beautiful city of Beijing. I had never thought of China in my future career but having been there for a number of weeks, I could already foresee my return. Yes, it is different there and yes you may feel different to those around you, but one thing is for sure, the on the ground CRCC Asia team are incredible. I quickly felt comfortable with the other interns, where I lived and I looked forward to dinners and the weekend.

My favourite memories included visiting the Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven Park (my favourite afternoon) and roaming the hutongs and 798 Art Zone. To those who will soon embark on this experience, carpe every diem and don’t be afraid to try something new.

British Council Generation UK Program

My internship in Shanghai with a legal non-governmental organisation has been a pivotal experience in my career. It equipped me with professional research skills and helped me to realise that legal research is an area I would like to gain more experience in. Since completing my internship, I have secured a position with a London-based legal organisation. My experience interning in China was critical in helping me reach this next stage in my career and the skills I learnt during the internship will be invaluable in helping me to succeed in this new role.

British Council’s Generation UK Program

My graduation date was approaching and all I had was many rejections from law firms, which made me realize that I needed more professional work experience. However, I was seeking for a something that would make me stand out in such a competitive job market.

One day, at my University, careers fair, I met the CRCC Asia Team where programmes were being advertised. I thought: ‘’ China? Yes, I love China!’’- I had butterflies in my stomach as I knew this programme would be IDEAL as it provided professional experience in my desired industry and the opportunity to develop language skills in Mandarin!

I applied for an internship in Beijing, the capital of China. I must say, I fell in love with Beijing! This city was cosmopolitan and very developed, yet the Chinese culture was very much alive! There was something for everyone in Beijing including delicious foods, trendy nightclubs and plenty of historical sites!

CRCC Asia found me a great company match! I worked for an international law firm, within the securities department which dealt with capital markets, stock markers and RPO’s. This area of practice was completely new for me, but I was so excited to challenge myself. My work consisted of researching regulations and other factors which would impact Chinese companies going public in the US market and producing reports on potential clients. It was a particularly interesting time to work in this sector due to the current China-US trade war, which affects the business of our clients. In this role, I was able to experience the corporate ‘’lifestyle’’, which involved intense work but in return, I had the opportunity to attend exclusive events and lavish dinners in Beijing.

Professionally, this internship has given me a competitive advantage in the job market. In fact, as soon as I added this internship to my LinkedIn Profile, I have been receiving many job opportunities worldwide! This internship has supported the development of my adaptability skills, my interpersonal skills, and my cross-cultural communication, which is skills that lawyers need nowadays. Also, I have noticed that I have received many more positive responses when applying for legal vacation schemes in the UK! In addition, upon the completion of the programme, I was offered another internship in Beijing at an Embassy.

My advice to future interns is to go with an ‘open-mind’ and instead of feeling frustrated about certain cultural differences, EMBRACE IT! Emerge in the culture, liaise with the locals, try the new food, practice the local language and explore the city as China is an amazing country with so much to offer!

CRCC Asia provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful. Interning in Tokyo was a wonderful, indescribable experience I will always remember and cherish. The team on ground are very helpful with providing support and events for all the interns. Especially considering how small the team is.

My host company was very great as well. They treated me with the utmost respect, gave me a considerable amount of responsibility and made every day I worked there a day to remember. I honestly do not think I could have had a better internship experience anywhere.

Thank you CRCC Asia.

I speak not a word of exaggeration when I say CRCC Asia supported me since the day I came in contact with them. As cliche as it sounds, I genuinely believe my Tokyo internship proved to be the most challenging yet best time of my life! My company really encouraged me to exhaust my intellectual talents as a market researcher, digital content creator and data analyst. Confidence is one thing I gained, but an appreciation of Japanese work ethic is another; working in such a fast paced environment and simply being at the vanguard of technological innovation is an achievement I will cherish forever. I witnessed how teamwork and respect is successfully fostered for the betterment of a company and society more broadly. These principles that stem from an ancient tradition, is something I can now actively apply in my attitude to life. Overall, a two-month internship I wish I could go back and repeat.

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