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It was clear to me that upon graduating from my post-secondary degree program I was prepared for something brand new, exciting and out of my comfort zone. It was crucial to me that I embrace my passion for culture and travel again (since I have studied abroad previously), this time by embarking on an adventure to the far East. I was quick to learn about CRCC Asia, and before I knew it, I was starting my internship in Shanghai with this amazing organization that had made everything come to reality seamlessly.

To put it simply, Shanghai has taught me so much and has been an eye-opener into what other possibilities lay ahead for me. I am so happy to have had the chance to intern with CRCC Asia and gain first-hand knowledge of the way of business and life in modern China. I can attest that the internship program was indeed a huge step forward in my journey and that I will continue to reflect on its experience to shape my next steps.

I work for a financial services company in Shenzhen. We help foreign investors set up businesses in the city. The main services offered are incorporation and set up, government registrations and tax compliance, banking and cashier services, accounting and administration services.

The food! It’s so cheap and yummy. Highly recommend the bao zi (stuffed steamed buns). Also, the people I have met I am sure will be lifelong friends. The other interns are so friendly and it’s nice to have someone to go out for dinner with in the evenings (more food) and sightseeing at the weekends. I will definitely be coming back to China!

I worked for a global social enterprise called d.light. The company produces and distributes affordable solar energy solution for households and small businesses replacing the traditional and deadly kerosene. This enterprise aims to improve the lives of the two billion people in the developing world that live without access to reliable energy.
I really enjoyed the night life in Shenzhen, it’s very different to London. Shops closes quite late and there is plenty of entertainment everywhere you go. This is one aspect of internship in Shenzhen that I will miss the most.

In all honesty, my internship in Shanghai didn’t get off to the best start. I’d applied to be in the Finance & Accountancy sector, and before I got to China, CRCC sent me the details of a company which on paper sounded great, but when I turned up was completely different to what I thought it would be. The work I was given really didn’t interest me, and I felt I was getting in the way more than anything. Luckily when I spoke to CRCC about it they were really helpful and after speaking to another company I was able to join them instead. After this switch I was a lot happier; the team I was working with were much friendlier, and I was working on things that I could actually tell were making a difference to the company. In retrospect, I think things would have improved if I’d stuck with my original company, but the important thing is CRCC are really helpful in the event you are unhappy with where you’re working and want to change.

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