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La mia partecipazione al programma di CRCC Asia si è dimostrata essere una bellissima esperienza dove ho potuto avere l’opportunità di conoscere moltissimi ragazzi da tutte le parti del mondo e vivere un’esperienza lavorativa che non avrei potuto trovare qui in Italia. In azienda mi son trovato molto bene, la mia supervisor era molto gentile, mi dava dei consigli, cercava di darmi la sua opinione per migliorare il mio lavoro e mi coinvolgeva molto nei progetti che sono stati portati avanti.

Secondo me è un’esperienza che risulterà molto rilevante nel mio cv in futuro, e mi è piaciuta tantissimo. Adesso sto ancora studiando e per il momento non so ancora cosa farò in futuro.

Mi nombre es Enric Flor y he estudiado ingeniería mecánica en la Universitat de Girona, gracias a la cual me enteré de los programas de CRCC Asia. En mi caso estoy haciendo el de tres meses de prácticas en una empresa en Shenzhen.

Pero lo que más me gusta es ver a la gente cómo vive, y las costumbres que tienen aquí. Después de dos meses viviendo en China aún estoy viendo cosas que me sorprenden y estoy seguro que el mes que me queda seguiré igual. Personalmente, creo que esto es lo mejor que te puedes llevar de este país, tratar con una cultura y unas tradiciones tan distintas que te hacen ver el mundo con otros ojos y crecer como persona. Es una experiencia que recomiendo a todo el mundo y que dudo que alguien se arrepienta de haber vivido.

After studying abroad at Peking University in Beijing last summer, I was eager to return to China and applied to CRCC online. It’s now been two weeks since I left my internship in Shanghai and I’m still missing it so much. It really was one of those unforgettable summers – I gained valuable work experience, life skills, funny anecdotes and new friends across the world.

I’m now entering my third year at University and I’d love to return to work in Shanghai or study for a masters in Chinese. My CRCC internship really whet my appetite for working abroad, and I can’t wait to graduate and start my next adventure! Thanks to the CRCC Team!

Going to Shanghai for an internship through CRCC Asia was one of the best experiences ever. I enjoyed a balanced work and social life and was able to build good networks, both of friends and professionals.

All of this would have been impossible for me to do without the CRCC Asia team and everything they organised, from the airport pick up to the weekly events. It was well worth the investment and I highly recommend the CRCC Asia Internship in Shanghai Programme. Thank you CRCC Asia!

I worked for a global social enterprise called d.light. The company produces and distributes affordable solar energy solution for households and small businesses replacing the traditional and deadly kerosene. This enterprise aims to improve the lives of the two billion people in the developing world that live without access to reliable energy.
I really enjoyed the night life in Shenzhen, it’s very different to London. Shops closes quite late and there is plenty of entertainment everywhere you go. This is one aspect of internship in Shenzhen that I will miss the most.

Mi nombre es Pablo y he participado en el programa de prácticas de CRCC Asia en Beijing, en el área de business, durante un mes.

A su vez, la organización está muy atenta y dispuesta a ayudar antes y durante el programa. Por todo ello, agradezco a CRCC Asia el haberme otorgado una de las becas que ofrecen, gracias a la cual he podido vivir esta experiencia única e inolvidable, tanto a nivel personal como profesional. Indudablemente, la recomiendo a todo el mundo.

Having heard about CRCC from my travels around China with its partner company the Dragon Trip two years ago (a trip I highly recommend!) I was very keen to make my return to China. CRCC made this possible and provided me with an incredible summer, both career wise and for the overall experience!

My CRCC internship in Shanghai provided me with an unforgettable experience, and my only regret is not staying longer! Having enjoyed my time working abroad so much, I am excited to do so again in the future, thank you again CRCC!

Years ago I spent some time travelling through China, witnessing first-hand the definition of a nation of superlatives, as the raw majesty of this country battled against aggressive industrialisation. I saw the middle kingdom rapidly approaching a crossroads as increasing coal consumption and consequential pollution levels threatened to destroy not only the natural environment, but the people’s way of life. I thought about how I could make a positive impact on this challenge in the future, and found CRCC Asia to be the enabler of this action.

The advantages of international work placements for those looking at gaining experience in a prospective field are immeasurable, and undertaking this internship in Beijing has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life, both for my career and as a person. I now have a clear vocation in mind for my future, a strengthened moral compass, and a stronger grasp of mandarin, whilst further developing my cultural understanding and abilities to adapt.

For the slightly less experienced or adventurous, CRCC Asia provide everything you could need and more, especially in assigning a program manager to check that you are okay throughout your stay. My program manager helped with everything from work related issues to where the best shops and clubs are. When I was ill she also sent me a text every morning which made me feel much better and at home and you have someone to call at any time of the night and day if you were ever to have an emergency. There were times where living in China was the most stressful and difficult experience I had come across but overall it helped me grow so much as a person. I would definitely recommend having an internship in Beijing, China to anyone, it is such a brilliant and interesting country. I hope you have as much fun as I did.

My internship in Shanghai took place in a Chinese Law firm with large aspirations, which in my eyes was the perfect place for me. As an aspiring lawyer, the lack of a huge chain of command meant I could interact with the firm’s managing partner and work closely with him which cannot be said for interns in most law firms. I gained a great insight into the Chinese legal community, business culture and etiquette. I also gained a valuable insight into the Chinese language, which I am continuing to learn now I am home. The work I handled varied from tasks such as proof reading and translation of documents for international clients, to finding answers to complex legal situations and advising clients on them, all of which looks great on your CV!

I would certainly never have had the amazing experience I did without the CRCC team and the CRCC Asia experience is one I would recommend to anyone.

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