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Thank you for the amazing professional and personal experience. I had a great time being able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not many others can say they have. The staff were highly responsive with my requests and communicated well. My Admission Advisor did an amazing job at answering most of my questions quickly and professionally through providing additional guidance if the answer was not immediate.

I really enjoyed my experience at my Host Company. Everyone is extremely welcoming, kind, and considerate.I learned how to freely apply my skills in research and consolidating information into an easy format that anyone could review.

Thank you so much for the great summer, and I wish everyone to stay safe and well.

I am extremely grateful for CRCC Asia’s assistance in placing me at my respective internship site, as well as their role in ensuring our smooth transition to staying in Vietnam. The program managers were always readily available to support the interns, and they made sure that our stay was stress-free. For anyone considering an internship with CRCC Asia, I would highly recommend it. I forged incredible friendships with my co-workers and made lifelong memories. My internship experience was one I will never forget.


Wonderful host company and people. Thank you to the entire team for making CRCC Seoul a wonderful experience!

Thank you for all your help!! The program was awesome and if possible, I absolutely recommend sending more students to this host company

100% please send more interns here. The work is fulfilling, achievable, and challenging. The workplace is very dynamic and flexible but still pushes interns to greater potential. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!

Three weeks ago, I concluded my internship at G.A.P Institute as a Strategies & Development Intern. I’m incredibly grateful to have been apart of an organisation that is spearheading the push for equal educational access opportunities for Vietnamese youth & disadvantaged communities. Researching & working on campaigns focused on raising awareness on the realities of the deaf community was an opportunity to gain more knowledge of how a marginalised community navigate everyday life.

This summer allowed me to network with other international interns as well as the incredible team at G.A.P. Gaining work experience in such an exciting location like Ho Chi Minh City also allowed for room to travel around & explore Vietnam. Huge thanks to CRCC Asia (especially Mi Tran) for being so incredibly helpful throughout my journey here & facilitating the transition of working in a South-East Asian environment!

During the past two months, I got the privilege to intern in South Korea for my college program! I am happy to announce that after this, I have fulfilled my final requirements and have officially graduated from the University of Oregon! I will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies with a Focus in International Business and two minors in Korean and Business. 

Thanks to my host company supervisors for mentoring and allowing me to intern at their company! I got to hone in on my communication, market research, and intercultural fluency skills. Along the way, I got to explore an industry I never thought I would have a chance to explore. 

Also, thank you to CRCC Asia and all the individuals that I met through the program! I made a lot of unforgettable memories.

This internship program was a great way to end my college experience. I truly appreciate everyone that has been a part of it. Excited to see where I’ll head next in my career path!

My Admission Advisor and the rest of the team were extremely helpful when I had any queries. Even though they said slow responses on the weekends, they always got back to me very quickly when I had any worries or queries. Such a great team overall!

CRCC Asia’s service and support in guiding students to gain international work experience are simply unparalleled. Not only have I been able to immerse myself in a completely different culture, I was also able to build my network internationally. This was definitely a summer to remember, and I am so glad to have experienced it!

CRCC have made my experience in Vietnam amazing and I recommend the company and the team.

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