What is CareerBridge?

CareerBridge is an award-winning professional development hub, and was recently awarded GoAbroad’s 2020 Award for Innovative Technology.

Rooted in CRCC Asia’s 5 Key Learning Objectives, CareerBridge is a professional development hub used to enhance a participant’s overall internship by targeting personal and professional growth within the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) career readiness competencies.


What is the Global Internship Curriculum?

Accompanying CRCC Asia’s Internship Program, you will gain access to a series of 12 professional development courses designed to prepare you for jumping in to the global workforce. The content follows your progression from the admissions stage, through your internship program, to your return home, and beyond.

You will walk away with:


Career readiness skills and experiences: To enhance your employability as you enter the global workforce.


Verifiable progression of professional development: A series of self-reflection surveys and assessments, interactive courses, and global discussions will be graphed to show your professional growth.


A Global Employability Certificate will be presented to you with a Stamp of Excellence for completing the curriculum and participating as a community influencer during your Program.  

Module 1: Pre-Departure Module 2: During Your Program Module 3: Post Internship Program
Course 1: Career & Self-Reflection Course 6: Intercultural Fluency Course 12: Career Management
Course 2: Effective Communication Course 7: Global Networking
Course 3: Resume/CV & Interview Course 8: Internship Awareness
Course 4: Managing Your Internship Expectations Course 9: Storytelling & Job Description: Turning Experience into Employment
Course 5: Project & Time Management Course 10: Understanding Your Time Abroad
Course 11: Resume/CV and Interview – Next Level

A professional development curriculum that gives you the ultimate employment advantage

CRCC Asia’s Global Internship Curriculum provides professional development structure alongside award-winning Global Internship Programs – to help boost your global employability and truly stand out from the crowd.

3 Key Features

Gain verifiable and relevant competencies – that align with the leading sources on employment best practices – within a flexible, but structured, online setting.

Participate in a series of self-reflection surveys and assessments that will be graphed to show your professional development and growth.

Receive the highest level of support as you participate in interactive exercises and collaborate with local colleagues and global peers.

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