For Parents & Guardians

Pre Departure

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Before your child’s arrival, there are a number of important steps that will need to be followed in order for CRCC Asia to process their application effectively.

Broadly these are:

  1. Admissions call with regional representative
  2. Offer decision within 24 hours & payment of Acceptance Fee ONE WEEK after this offer is made
  3. 50% of the total program fee is due 30 DAYS after this, or 6 WEEKS before the start of their program, whichever is sooner. We will then begin booking their accommodation, processing their visa, and searching for your child’s placement.
  4. The final 50% of the program fee is payable once the placement has been confirmed in one of their 3 sectors of choice.
If parents are able to assist during this stage then it generally allows for a smoother pre-departure process. Please see our application pages for more information on our application process. You can also find more information on our FAQ page by clicking here.


For applicants based in Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America, we are able to process your child’s visa application on their behalf through your closest regional office.

In order to submit your child’s visa application, we will need them to send through the following documents as soon as requested. Failure to do so can impact on our ability to arrange placements and process visa applications:

  • A scanned copy of their passport photo page
  • A signed copy of our Program Terms and Conditions

If a CRCC Asia regional office is processing your child's visa, you will need to post the following documents to that office when requested:

  • Their physical passport
  • A completed Visa application form
  • A form of Secondary ID
  • Two passport photos

If your child is applying for a visa in a country where they are not a citizen, they will need to produce additional documentation upon request.

Visa applications are a very time-sensitive process, therefore we appreciate the support from parents and family members in helping to ensure that the requested documents are sent through to our offices on time.

While Abroad


Your child will be greeted upon arrival at the airport by their dedicated Program Manager. Our Program Manager will then accompany your child to their accommodation to ensure that they are checked in safely. Our Program Managers will be a 24/7 point of contact for your child during the entire program.

Our staff be able to track your child's flight prior to their arrival. If a flight is missed, cancelled or delayed then it is important to inform CRCC Asia about this as soon as possible.

The First Few Days

During the first few days of our program it is common for interns to be very busy as they take part in our Orientation and Induction Process. As interns also like to use their first few days to explore the local area and adjust to the time difference, they may be more difficult to get hold of than usual during this period.

You are more than welcome to contact CRCC Asia directly if you are having difficulties reaching your child. We can check in with them on the ground to make sure everything is okay.

Points of Contact

All program participants will be provided with their Program Manager's contact details in their Pre-Arrival email. Program Managers form part of CRCC Asia’s 24/7 Support Network, full details of which will be provided in your child’s Welcome Pack.

In the event of a medical emergency or health issue, our Program Managers will be on the ground and able to assist wherever possible. Our teams are trained to follow internal safety protocols and are able to provide high quality support whatever the issue.

All program participants are provided with the address of their accommodation, workplace, and their local CRCC Asia office in case they get lost and need to take a taxi.

After the Program

Re-Entry Shock

Re-entry shock is an experience that describes the reverse culture shock that people go through after an extended period abroad. Many interns may experience a readjustment period once they return home, and it is perfectly normal. We find it helps if your child continues to engage with the country that they have just visited, whether it be via language classes, study abroad programs, or local clubs and associations.

Career Prospects

As the number of talented university graduates constantly increases, it is becoming necessary for job-seekers to differentiate their application with relevant practical work experience. By interning abroad, your child will not only acquire valuable insight into their preferred industry but also learn about countries undergoing growing economic dominance and international importance.

Alumni Network

After their program has finished, our participants immediately gain entry to our exclusive international alumni network. Our Alumni page contains more information on what your child can expect post-program.