About CRCC Asia

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CRCC Asia colleagues organising our China is Now event, forming an expert China-focused panel

Key Facts




7 programs, comprising Internship, Travel and Study components


Over 5,000 program participants from over 150 countries

Global Offices

11 international offices spanning across the globe

Team Members

55 talented and internationally minded staff members


Founded  by Oxford and Cambridge University graduates Daniel Nivern and Edward Holroyd Pearce.


China Recruitment Ltd (CR) and China Consulting Ltd (CC) merged in December 2008, leading to the formation of CRCC Asia

Our Services

As the leading provider of Internships in China, we work with over 600 companies in Beijing,  Shanghai and Shenzhen to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic international setting.

Through our China Study Programs, we offer a variety of different courses which introduce students and young professionals to the legal and financial sectors in China, Chinese Language and the Hospitality sector.

All of our Programs allow participants to gain an insight into Chinese business culture, meet industry leaders, and build business networks.

Our Consulting services link international and Chinese companies by offering strategy recommendations, due diligence and practical advice.

CRCC Asia has offices in Beijing, London, Madrid, Shanghai, Sydney, San Francisco, Shawnee, Toronto and Venice.

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CRCC Asia provides award-winning Internship, Study, Travel and Consulting services

Company History

In August 2006, China Consulting Ltd and China Recruitment Ltd were founded in London, UK. China Consulting Ltd offered strategic assistance to SMEs looking to enter the Chinese market and initially focused on projects in education and insurance. China Recruitment Ltd provided internship opportunities and Intensive Mandarin Chinese courses for students looking to gain experience in China.

In 2007 the companies expanded operations by opening an office in Beijing. In December 2008, CRCC Asia Ltd was formed, acquiring a full holding stake in both China Consulting Ltd and China Recruitment Ltd.

In 2009, CRCC Asia was incorporated in the United States. In 2010, CRCC Asia was runner-up in the British Business Awards Most Promising New Business in China and later in the year, CRCC Asia won the Cathay Pacific China Business Award for fostering links between China and the international community.

In 2011, CRCC Asia opened new offices in Shanghai and San Francisco, expanding its operations both in China and globally. In 2012, CRCC Asia won the British Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year Award and opened offices in Venice, Italy, and Sydney, Australia, making CRCC Asia a leader in both the European and Asia-Pacific markets.

In 2013 CRCC Asia further expanded its operations across Western Europe, building on the opening of the office in Venice, Italy by establishing an office in Madrid, Spain. Due to increasing demand and interest in the programs, combined with the rise of a number of international business cities in China, CRCC Asia expanded China operations with offices and a new program in Shenzhen.

By the end of 2015, CRCC Asia will have had over 6000 participants on the program who are now all proudly contributing to the signifiant relationship between China and the West.

Our Values

CRCC Asia believes in maintaining the highest level of commitment to its core values:

A commitment to people

Success depends on the quality of the people around you. Whether it is our international teams, our clients, our trainees or our interns, we pride ourselves in attracting the best people and bringing out the best in them.

A commitment to professionalism

Throughout every aspect of our business, CRCC Asia is committed to upholding professional standards and absolute integrity. This encompasses our international relations and our commitment to providing exceptional service.

A commitment to global partnership

We believe in a global future and we are committed to building international connections that will shape tomorrow’s business landscape. Our dedication is proven in our three core businesses, all of which forge unique links between China and the global community.