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Investment Portfolio

CRCC Asia has invested into and owns a stake in the following companies:

The Dragon Trip


The Dragon Trip aims to show backpackers the real China, giving them the chance to meet other like-minded travelers and make a positive impact on the places that they visit.

The Dragon Trip shows the very best parts of China including cultural, historical and adrenalin-inducing attractions, jaw dropping scenery and mind-blowing night life.

China Study Abroad

China Study Abroad

China Study Abroad is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented company offering language programs, higher education and further opportunities in China.

The Student Lawyer


The Student Lawyer is a free online resource, which makes legal news and articles accessible to future lawyers.

Everything on the site is written by law students or practicing professionals and aims to help those who want to become lawyers or have recently started their career.

If you are serious about a career in the law, we hope that The Student Lawyer will become an indispensable part of the journey to your desired career.



Lingos is an online and mobile service to help people learn languages in 3 ways:

Local: Lingos allows language learners, native speakers and language teachers to easily find and connect with each other by using the service to arrange to meet and to learn, teach and practice with each other.

Social: Lingos provides specific and structured events that allow learners to come together to socialize and practice together.

Personal: A fully personalized online language learning service delivered on the web, mobile and tablet apps and digital TVs. Lingos partners with top global language schools to adapt their tested curriculum to an online platform that includes text, audio and videos.

If you have a company that is looking for investment and partnership, then please write to [email protected] with your attached business plan and required capital.

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