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Internship Sectors


In addition to the internship sectors below, we may also have internships available in the following sectors: Art Galleries, Retail, Design and Fashion, Food and Beverage, Graphic Design, Sport and Fitness, and Journalism.

Each of our 14 different Internship Sectors provides a comprehensive insight into working in China while also providing you with an opportunity to gain practical and relevant experience. CRCC Asia will work with successful applicants to place them into an organisation which aligns with one of their sector preferences.

Find out what our host companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have to say about working with CRCC Asia’s internationally-minded interns from all over the world in our Host Company Video Testimonial on YouTube.

While we cannot guarantee very specific requests, we will do our utmost to find relevant experiences for candidates strong enough to be accepted on our program. Please contact us if your area of interest is not listed below

Architecture & Real Estate

Today, China’s property market has enabled one of the world’s largest accumulations of real estate wealth ever, valued at US$17 trillion by HSBC Global Research and worth some 3.27 times China’s GDP.


The ever-increasing volume of top-tier business operating in China is indicative of the importance of the Chinese market to the future of international business.


Over 350 million more people will move to China’s cities by 2025. With skyrocketing electricity demand and cities plagued by blackouts, greener buildings are a necessity in China.

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting
With China as the second largest economy in the world and maintaining double digit growth, there is no better place to get finance and accounting experience in the world today.

Green Technology

As China seeks to maintain it’s economic and political influence over the coming generation it is acutely aware of the importance sustainability and green technology plays in its future.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

“China plans to dramatically reform its health care system, by expanding coverage for hundreds of millions, to fix a system plagued by rising costs and diminishing access.” – Time


“The European hospitality industry requires greater knowledge of China to get the maximum potential from Chinese tourists” – School of Oriental and African Studies


“With its own leading IT and web brands such as Weibo, Renren, Baidu and Taobao, China is well positioned as an innovator for the future when it comes to software and the internet.” – Accenture


Good governmental relations and an understanding of the complex Chinese legal framework are essential for all foreign organisations seeking to do business in China.


China’s logistics sector is growing at an extraordinary rate. Thanks to the rapid expansion of the country’s industry and rise of domestic markets it is essential to the development of China’s economy

Marketing, PR & Advertising

“To succeed in this environment, companies must have the flexibility to adapt & the skills to innovate to keep in step with the Chinese market’s exciting development.” – McKinsey

Media & Creative Industries

“Having largely relied on imports of foreign design and technology for many decades, China has woken up to the need to develop its own creative abilities.” – Sir David Brewer

NGOs & Charities

China is on its way to establishing a harmonious society emphasizing democratic governance and equality. The development of NGOs in this rising power is critical to ensure China’s long term success.

Tourism & Travel

Between 1949 and 1974 China was closed to all but selected foreign visitors until Deng Xiaoping promoted tourism vigorously and kick-started China’s tourism industry.

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