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Deposit for All Programs


CRCC Asia is proud to offer Australian students the option of paying though our secure external payment gateway hosted by Commonwealth Bank. Please reference the image above on how to proceed with making a payment. Please double check your details before continuing to the next step.

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CRCC Asia now offers two new payment options available for applicants once their deposit has been paid.

Flexi Plan:

  • 30 days after deposit a minimum payment of 50% of remaining balance is due. Full payment at this stage will lead to sooner receipt of placement.
  • 90 days after deposit or twelve (12) weeks before program start date, the remaining balance is due.
  • If the applicant pays their deposit inside sixteen (16) weeks, their payment plan will be set up to meet a six (6) week deadline.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Plan:

  • Working with the applicant, admissions staff will create a PAYG Plan that meets the financial abilities of the applicant as well as the deadlines of the company.


  • All PAYG Plans will include a 5% finance fee on the remaining balance after deposit.
  • All PAYG Plans must be paid in full by the Early Round Deadline of twelve (12) weeks before the program start dates.
  • If the Applicant requires a final payment deadline inside of standard the twelve (12) week deadline before program start date, this will need to first be approved prior to arranging the plan.
  • If the applicant pays their deposit inside sixteen (16) weeks their payment plan will be set up to meet six (6) week deadline.
  • At minimum a payment of US$300 should be received every 30 days.

If you prefer not to pay online, we can accept card payments over the phone, and may be able to accept direct bank transfers in some cases.

If you are not using the payment structure illustrated below, please call us and we’ll send you an invoice and payment details for the correct amount. By paying the program fee, applicants accept the Terms and Conditions as issued by CRCC Asia.

Our formal methods of payment are via PayPal/ Bank payment gateway on our website, by contacting one of our offices to make payment by phone, or by bank transfer. If you would like to pay by bank transfer please contact your local office for the details. We will never ask you to pay via a money transfer service (such as Western Union) or to a bank account outside the UK, the USA or Australia.

You will be charged a small administrative fee (2.5% of invoice total) to pay your final payment via PayPal. If you would prefer not to pay this fee please contact your local office to discuss our alternative methods of payment. You can also pay via bank transfer, or by calling your local office to process a payment over the phone using your debit/credit card.

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