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Our objective is to equip your team with the right people and strategic training to ensure you hit the ground running.

Due Diligence

“The report is spot on! It could not be better than that, so well done you and the CRCC Asia team.”
Leading Forbes 500 Company

Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, we conduct sector analysis and provide strategic advice and recommendations. This typically includes a detailed assessment of local competition, an economic intelligence report detailing trends for development and suggestions for how your company should position itself.

CRCC Asia conducts detailed due diligence on behalf of Western companies looking to invest in China or seeking specific knowledge of Chinese companies. Reports have been written on a variety of industries including insurance, oil and gas, fertilizer, media, retail, real estate and education.

Establishing Communication

It is crucial to establish a personal relationship with prospective stakeholders in China, and through our networks we are able to help you to forge that crucial connection with key government officials, private sector contacts, and senior decision makers.

Meeting with Chinese Counterparts

CRCC Asia accompanies you to meetings with potential clients, partners and government officials, offering translations services while advising on strategic approach.

Case Study

CRCC Asia assisted a German backed media company in developing relationships with the Tianjin metro system. This included negotiating the rights to install in-tunnel advertising on the whole of the system with the owners of the Tianjin metro. Our client was already registered in China and had several contacts but the business was struggling to develop and unable to forge the required partnerships with Chinese companies. CRCC Asia was able to call upon its own network and make the necessary introductions to help get the breakthrough contract signed. CRCC Asia offered continued support thereafter in order to to maintain the relationship well beyond implementation.

“It is a terrific breakthrough for us. It will give us a showplace for our product which will do so much to open all the doors in China.”
Client Comment

A well-constructed approach to market entry is crucial to understanding the local business environment, and past market entry strategies for CRCC Asia’s clients have included the following components:

Strategic Analysis and Recommendation

When initially conceptualizing your entry into China, we take into account such critical considerations as developing the correct business structure to suit the market and the appropriate location for your operation. We work with you to develop a sound business plan for assessing competitors, potential partners and localization of product.

Brand Creation

Our team creates a brand and communication plan which includes company literature targeted towards the Chinese consumer, a website, and translation of your company name and slogan. The aim is to equip you with marketing materials and strategy suitable for the Chinese market, in order to connect you with your target audience from the outset.

Registration and Compliance

We arrange for the legal registration of your company with the appropriate levels of government and collate all relevant documentation. We also provide tax advice for foreign operations regarding both company tax and employee tax compliance.

Case Study

CRCC Asia assisted a global corporation entering into a strategic alliance with a Chinese insurance broker, with the aim of providing online insurance to the Chinese domestic market. We began with a detailed assessment of the market and an outline of the existing types and roles of brokers. We then developed a database of over three hundred insurance brokers, from which we shortlisted fifteen that were suitable for our client’s model and interested in developing a relationship with our client.

Our representatives gave cross-cultural training to the company directors prior to their departure for China and accompanied them to all meetings, partaking in negotiations and providing support services such as interpretation and translation where necessary. Following agreements between the two sides, CRCC Asia offered assistance in setting up a Chinese office, recruiting local staff and planning of future operational strategies.

“Our three month association with CRCC Asia was extremely beneficial. From doing the ground research to implementation they were always on top of the job. Throughout the time we engaged the company’s services they were always professional, competent and thorough. Their knowledge of the language as well as the Chinese market will be an immense asset to any company that wishes to work in China.”
Client Comment

CRCC Asia provides valuable advisory services to Chinese companies entering foreign markets and individuals looking for investment abroad. Our worldwide offices and experience in China give us an understanding of business from both perspectives, allowing us to provide tailored and appropriate strategy recommendations. CRCC Asia provides valuable advisory services to Chinese companies entering foreign markets and individuals looking for investment abroad. Our worldwide offices and experience in China give us an understanding of business from both perspectives, allowing us to provide tailored and appropriate strategy recommendations.

  • We source investment opportunities for Chinese companies entering foreign markets.We formulate strategy and research for Chinese companies and individuals investing overseas.
  • We provide regulatory setup, brand creation and training for Chinese companies in Western markets.

Case Study

CRCC Asia assisted a large State-Owned Chinese company to set up operations in the South-East of England. This included introduction to suitable office locations, partner organizations and opportunities for business development in the UK, along with administrative services such as the company registration, set up of branch status and assistance in processing visa applications for the key staff.

“Setting up in the UK was much smoother than we imagined. The services offered by CRCC Asia were fast and professional and helped us a lot. We hope to have a long and successful business in the UK.”
Client Comment

Executive Search

Through our extensive database and business network, we can source a selection of top Western and Chinese staff to give your team in China the best possible members.

Cultural Training

It is essential that expatriate staff arrive in China equipped with advanced knowledge of Chinese business culture and intercultural communication techniques, and we facilitate such training in the form of seminars, presentations, and written materials.
We provide tailored cultural and language training to ensure that your team is fully prepared to engage with business in China.

China Courses

CRCC Asia runs short intensive courses designed to introduce professionals to aspects of China. These courses are composed of lectures, business seminars and site visits; they will not only introduce you to important information about China, but will also introduce your company to industry leaders working in the region.

The continuing success of FDI into China reflects the ongoing growth of its markets. We understand that good investment requires a deep understanding of China and through our business network and extensive operating experience we can provide you with the best possible options.

Due Diligence

We carry out tailored research regarding the reputation, financial status and strategy intentions of potential candidates.

Locating Investors

We shortlist potential Chinese investors, set up initial meetings with them and accompany you in your pitch.

Investment Opportunities

We research and assess investment opportunities in China and provide assistance throughout the negotiation process.

CRCC Asia Investment

CRCC Asia is always looking for opportunities to invest or co-invest into companies and projects. Favored sectors include high technology, green technology, real estate, energy and education. The size of the company can vary from start-ups to more established entities.

Case Study

CRCC Asia successfully assisted a British company, listed on AIM in London, which had long lease mining rights in West Africa. The company was looking to shortlist Chinese companies interested in making an investment into a mining project in Cameroon. CRCC Asia took responsibility for reviewing and improving existing documentation, contacting Chinese companies with an interest in the relevant commodities and similar projects, submitting and explaining documentation, and conducting preliminary meetings. CRCC Asia was then responsible for providing support in meetings once the client arrived in China and helping with structuring the most beneficial deal for both sides during the ensuing negotiation.

“I am impressed with the number of contacts which have been made…and the speed with which the services have been delivered.”
Client Comment

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