Looking for pricing information? You can find our prices for each Location, Program Type and Program Length below.


The Acceptance Fee

After speaking to your admissions advisor, being made an offer and deciding you wish to participate on our programs, you are first required to pay an acceptance fee to secure your place.

You can pay your Acceptance Fee in USD, GBP, EUR or AUS Dollars through our secure payment gateway on our Make a Payment page or call your local regional CRCC Asia office to pay over the phone in your local currency now.


Program Acceptance Fee$500€450£400$500

The Program Fees (in USD)

After you pay your acceptance fee, you’ll pay the relevant program fee (as outlined below). We take payment online, over the phone via debit/credit card, or via bank transfer.

Please Note: All our Program Fees exclude your Acceptance Fee, flights and insurance. If you choose to pay your Program Fees in GBP/EURO/AUD, your Admissions Adviser will outline your final quote during your Advising call.

NOTE: All program prices stated for currencies other than USD are indicative and subject to minor changes due to currency fluctuations. 

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM – ‘Our award-winning flagship program’

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • AUD
Ho Chi Minh City$3195£2450€2800$4525$4195£3200€3650$5925$4695£3575€4100$6625

*Participants requiring a UK Tier 5 visa must add $500 for certificate of sponsorship with BUNAC.  Participants that do not require a UK Tier 5 visa include: EU/EEA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand.


ADD ONS (with Internship Program)

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • AUD
Add-On Type1-Month or Less2-Months3-Months
Travel (China or Japan)

With The DragonTrip

Language (China)

With Mandarin House



PLACEMENT ONLY – ‘Our value option’

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • AUD
Ho Chi Minh City$1195£925€1050$1700$1295£1000€1150$1850$1395£1075€1225$1975

*Participants requiring a UK Tier 5 visa must add $500 for certificate of sponsorship with BUNAC.  Participants that do not require a UK Tier 5 visa include: EU/EEA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand.


SPECIAL PROGRAMS- ‘Our exclusive partnership programs ’

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • AUD
Language Only (China)

With Mandarin House

China Campus Program  (China)

With China Education Association for International Exchange


All prices are in USD.

Alumni Rate

10% discount off any of our programs If you are an alumni and you refer a friend, they will receive a $100 discount off any of our programs.

Nominate a Friend

Nominate a friend for any CRCC Asia program, and you will each receive a $100 discount. *Discounts are not valid in conjunction with any other CRCC Asia offer/sale, and only one discount can be applied per program. All offers/discounts exclude the placement-only program.

Placement Only Option

The CRCC Asia ‘Placement Only’ price is for applicants who do not require accommodations or on the ground support from our CRCC Asia Program Management staff.  The ‘Placement Only’ option does not include visas, language lessons, cultural and business events, and is truly for individuals who already have connections within the program location and can live with family and friends.  The ‘Placement Only’ option does allow students to liaise with CRCC Asia’s placement specialists, however no other on-the-ground support will be provided.

Special Offers

Looking for a bargain? Check out if we have any special promotions here.

Financial Aid Scholarship

If you meet one of the below criteria, you are eligible for a discount on our programs. To find out more information, please apply to book an advising call.

U.S. If you are a college student receiving a Pell Grant

Australia If you are a college student receiving a CenterLink or StudyLink

U.K. If you are enrolled after September 2016 and receive a maintenance loan (of over £7,612) OR  If you are enrolled before September 2016 and receive a maintenance grant

Italy If you are a university student receiving a Borsa di Studio

Please note: you are only eligible for this discount if you are in receipt for one of the above – for further funding resources please see our funding page.

Much More Than Just an Internship

CRCC Asia strives to provide the best all encompassing internship program experience, and we believe earning the trust of our participants is key to their experience. The chart below illustrates a breakdown of the approximate costs and inclusions of our programs so that you can make an informed decision. We practice full transparency with the pricing of our programs because we recognize that there are many variables involved in choosing which locations and programs to embark on. Interning abroad is an invaluable experience that allows for growth in personal, professional, and global fields, but the monetary value assigned to these programs is not always commensurate. You want to be responsible with your time and effort, and we want you to be excited and confident in your choice to work with CRCC Asia.

CRCC Asia Program Prices

To avoid surprises, below is an infographic highlighting exactly how things work if you were to embark upon one of our internship programs.


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  • Fiona Cheng

    Interning through CRCC was one of the best decisions for me - I was able to improve my Chinese language skills, I made great friends and I have since leveraged this international experience to secure a role in my area of interest...

    Fiona Cheng
    Law, Shanghai
  • Félim Ó Maolmhána

    I would strongly advise anyone considering a CRCC Asia programme to just apply because that is what I did and it was one of the best decisions I made. In Irish we say, "De réir a chéile a thógtar na caisleáin" which loosely translates to "As time passes, castles are built". Time in China flew in and it changed me for the better...

    Félim Ó Maolmhána
    Law, Shenzhen
  • Daniel Pilipczyk

    I chose to do an internship with CRCC Asia as a free elective through my university and I have not been disappointed. If you want to experience a new city in a foreign culture half way around the world and gain some industry relevant skills along the way, then this is the internship for you...

    Daniel Pilipczyk
    Internship Program, Beijing
  • Navin Dhillon

    I was able to immerse myself in a completely different culture, visit exquisite surroundings, and the chance to experience life working for a Chinese law firm was invaluable and will stand me in great stead for my future career...

    Navin Dhillon
    Law, Shenzhen
  • Ryan Moley

    When looking back at my two month internship, it is an experience I will value for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend anyone at university or who has graduated to apply. Experiences like these are valuable and hard to come by...

    Ryan Moley
    Marketing, Generation UK China Programme, Beijing
  • Isabelle Dicks

    For anyone considering international internships with CRCC Asia, I cannot recommend the service enough. You will enhance your CV in ways unimaginable, whilst simultaneously embarking on one of the best experiences of your life...

    Isabelle Dicks
    Green Tech, Beijing, University of Edinburgh
  • Herman Inthuvarman

    I was left inspired by culture, motivated by work and addicted to travelling. The CRCC Asia China Program has given me a positive impact on my professional and personal development...

    Herman Inthuvarman
    Green Tech, Shanghai, University of Derby
  • Andrew Reeves

    The programme has given me lifelong experience, new friends and quality work experience to add to my CV - this will set me apart from my university cohort...

    Andrew Reeves
    Finance, Generation UK China Programme, Shanghai
  • Christine Lisowski

    After searching high and low for the perfect opportunity, I stumbled upon CRCC Asia; I am glad I did! The 2-month language and internship program in Beijing was one of the best experiences I've had! ...  Find out more

    Christine Lisowski
    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA
  • Eleanor Wolverson

    The scholarship seemed a perfect way to combine learning new skills and adventure. Many companies look favourably on internships, and the fact that I undertook an internship in China shows that I have a global outlook ...  Find out more

    Eleanor Wolverson
    Business, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom