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Finance & Accounting

Sector Overview


Sector Overview

  • China’s economy continues to grow at close to 10% each year. In terms of GDP, China is forecasted to have created a ‘new’ India by 2020.
  • China’s recently proposed 12th Five Year Plan will encourage growth created through developing infrastructure and government-regulated international trade.
  • China’s government policy will also seek to address inflation and the housing market bubble.
  • Foreign direct investment in China rose to a record $105.7 billion last year showing foreign investors’ confidence in the Chinese market.
  • Both Shanghai and Shenzhen have stock exchanges, and are home to a myriad of finance companies. Finance is the most competitive sector on the CRCC Asia program, particularly in Shanghai. With its close proximity to Hong Kong, Shenzhen has received a high volume of foreign investment over the past 20 years, and has a well-developed finance sector. Beijing also has excellent opportunities in wealth management and accounting.

Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

  • Researching and providing advice on Western attitudes to the Chinese investment market.
  • Being responsible for basic auditing of client financial records and summarizing the findings of an initial audit.
  • Conducting financial and accounting due diligence of Chinese, Italian and U.S. private companies in the banking sector.
  • Completing a research project on the rare earth market in China to assess the investment potential.
  • Researching and summarizing recent tax legislation changes and devising new relevant financial products and services for the firm.
  • Researching and editing a large accountancy firm’s Mainland China Trust and Banking survey.

Sample Company

Sample Company

Specialism: Asset and Wealth Management.

The company is one of Asia's foremost financial advisory firms, with offices throughout China and Asia. Working with domestic and international clients, the investments team tailors client portfolios to their specific needs. Additionally, the company focuses on real estate investment projects and foreign exchange.



CRCC Asia interns are current students or graduates, and join our programs to take advantage of the career benefits a professional internship in China can provide.

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Finance & Accounting Sector Testimonials

Samuel Burr Intern Image
Samuel Burr
Finance & Accounting
University of Cambridge
Pei Shan Yuen Intern Image
Pei Shan Yuen
Finance & Accounting
Fabrizio Aicardi Intern Image
Fabrizio Aicardi
Finance & Accounting
Università degli studi di Genova
Laura Hughes Intern Image
Laura Hughes
Finance & Accounting
Queen's University Belfast
Eduardo Jorge Jacobo Intern Image
Eduardo Jorge Jacobo
Finance & Accounting
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Claudio Iacopino Intern Image
Claudio Iacopino
Finance & Accounting
Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Brent Alexander Newton Intern Image
Brent Alexander Newton
Finance & Accounting
Golden Gate University
Riley Jarvis Intern Image
Riley Jarvis
Finance & Accounting
Carleton University
Abigail Rose Hitchcock Intern Image
Abigail Rose Hitchcock
Finance & Accounting
Cardiff University
Hardeep L. Intern Image
Hardeep L.
Finance & Accounting
Carleton University
Alessandro Aondio Intern Image
Alessandro Aondio
Finance & Accounting
University of London- SOAS
Veronica Giacomelli Intern Image
Veronica Giacomelli
Finance & Accounting
Università Commerciale L. Bocconi
Mantas Stropirstis Intern Image
Mantas Stropirstis
Finance & Accounting
Utrecht University
Matthew Hanlon Intern Image
Matthew Hanlon
Finance & Accounting
University of Queensland
Rimal Prasad Intern Image
Rimal Prasad
Finance & Accounting
University of Auckland
Thomas McBride Intern Image
Thomas McBride
Finance & Accounting
Heriot-Watt University
Huw Corcoran Intern Image
Huw Corcoran
Finance & Accounting
University of Manchester
Hazman Abu Hassan Intern Image
Hazman Abu Hassan
Finance & Accounting
University of Melbourne
Javier Muelas Intern Image
Javier Muelas
Finance & Accounting
Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Alida Ragaglia Intern Image
Alida Ragaglia
Finance & Accounting
Università degli Studi di Torino
Isabel Leguina Intern Image
Isabel Leguina
Finance & Accounting
Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Federico Chiatti Intern Image
Federico Chiatti
Finance & Accounting
Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Nicola Nasuti Intern Image
Nicola Nasuti
Finance & Accounting
LUISS Guido Carli
Les Han Intern Image
Les Han
Finance & Accounting
Macquarie University
Eric Choong Intern Image
Eric Choong
Finance & Accounting
Monash University
Matthew Bowerman Intern Image
Matthew Bowerman
Finance & Accounting
University of Tasmania
Toni Pachernagg Intern Image
Toni Pachernagg
Finance & Accounting
University of Queensland
Daanish Baig Intern Image
Daanish Baig
Finance & Accounting
University College London
Matteo Magagnoli Intern Image
Matteo Magagnoli
Finance & Accounting
Università di Bologna
Jennifer Mcgachy Intern Image
Jennifer Mcgachy
Finance & Accounting
University of Strathclyde

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