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Information Technology

Sector Overview


Sector Overview

  • Baidu is King. Since Google left Mainland China, dominant market leader Baidu saw its market share surge to 75% of internet searches.
  • With over 420 million internet users, China is by far the world’s largest online market, and its users are readily embracing new technological developments.
  • US and European IT companies are outsourcing manufacturing to China in search of lower costs and higher productivity.
  • China is investing in large-scale 3G deployment and broadband infrastructure, expecting to fuel growth of mobile application platforms.
  • Shenzhen is China's answer to Silicon Valley, home to Huawei, Baidu and Tencent. IT opportunities abound in mobile, computer technology, and gaming, while Beijing and Shanghai have more of an emphasis on graphic design.

Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

  • Maintaining and managing the company website and blog, responsible for overseeing design and content changes.
  • Utilizing web development programming languages to assist in conducting SEO and SEM campaigns for clients.
  • Research and development into the creation and launch of a new Apple iPhone App.
  • Creation of a website and database development project for a large marketing client.

Sample Company

Sample Company

Specialism: Consumer Software

The company offers top quality and innovative entertainment and applications software. It has various research and development centers, which play an important role as a comprehensive software development platform (including anti-virus software protection).

This is a large international company with a great reputation in China. They are Chinese managed and have a working relationship with Dell.



CRCC Asia interns are current students or graduates, and join our programs to take advantage of the career benefits a professional internship in China can provide.

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