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“Sono sempre stato molto attratto dalla cultura asiatica e quella cinese, volevo fare un po’ di un’ esperienza lavorativa significativa. Pendo che il valore aggiunto di fare un porogramma di stage di CRCC Asia è prima di tutto un fatto di ambientazione. CRCC Asia mi ha fornito di un supporto eccezionale. Le aziende con cui CRCC Asia collabora sono tutte aziende di cui CRCC Asia si è assicurata della loro serietà e del loro valore dal punto di vista fomativo. Penso che quest’esperienza ha avuto un’ impatto molto significativo sul mio futuro.”

“The internship has been a really solid experience, with so many things happening in the work place, you really get thrown into the culture and are able to experience everything. To sum it up I’ve had an absolutely amazing time here, doing things that I’ve really enjoyed.”

“I’m working in risk management, I came onto the program to gain some diversity in my practical skills, giving me a good feel for an area which I have never worked in previously. I’m working on projects with specific clients and assisting with the compilation of these reports.”

“Beijing is an amazing place, the day time, the night time, there are so many things to happen, see and do within and around the city. I like the social events and the planned nature of the program. You don’t have to worry about how everything is going to play once you arrive, it is all taken care of.”

“I am doing an internship with a social networking website, as a marketing intern I am doing research and analysis into the luxury cosmetics industry. I love Beijing! It’s such a fast-paced, crazy city, it’s such a friendly place with so many things going on happening every day.”

“I think the CRCC Asia program will definitely help me in interviews, in terms of being able to have this experience on my CV, and by being able to meet so many different international people.”

“I worked in a travel marketing company, where my tasks included finding potential partnerships for the travel company, contacting companies and travel comparison websites to see if they are interested in partnering, and also to write a travel blog each day on my experiences in Beijing.”

“Having never been to Asia before, it was just a completely different experience from in the UK – its just so interesting as you never have been aware of the differences until you get to the country. You can’t describe it until you get there – I just loved the different experience.”

“My experience in China has been really helpful for my interviews with jobs – its really sets you apart from the other candidates and has helped me demonstrate I am self-motivated and driven.”

“My internship so far has been very useful, it has given me the chance to use the theorectical knowledge I’ve learnt at university in a practical environment. I have gained a lot of insight into the finance industry in China and general business in China, as well as finance all around the world.”

“One of the highlights of the program was the KTV Karaoke night! Everyone has a lot of fun, everything is typically Chinese with everyone to have a lot of fun. It was a very enjoyable nights and one of my favorite nights of the entire program.”

“I think the experience will boost my employability based on the fact that it has given me exposure to an international working environment. By actually being able to use the skills I have been learning at university I will be at an advantage over other applicants who haven’t yet had an internship like this.”

“I worked for an IT technology company based in China, which specialised in insurance technology. Basically they worked to optimise the insurance process. I worked on a long-term project for the 2 months I was there, identifying groups of clients and classifying them geographically.”

“The events put on by CRCC was all excellent – we went on a cruise on the river in Shanghai and got to look at the lights of the city. The migrant school was good to, it was nice to see a different side of China.”

“The night life was a big things for me – it was nice to come back from work and have a plethora of things to do.”

“I learnt a lot of skills that I didn’t have before, and also lots of opportunities for work. I am able to come back and work for my company in the future. I am definitely considering it.”

“Trabajé en Relaciones públicas en una empresa en Beijing, una ciudad increíble. El ambiente era muy dinámico, con gente de todo el mundo. Gracias a mi empresa pude participar en eventos y hacer muchísimas conexiones en el ámbito de las relaciones públicas. Lo recomendaría a todo el mundo que tenga ganas de trabajar y viajar. CRCC Asia es una compañía excelente: lo que abarca el programa, cómo te ayudan”.

“El primer mes hice clases de chino mandarín y aprendí mucho más de lo que pensaba. Gracias a ello, me pude manejar mucho mejor en mi segundo mes en una empresa de consultoría de negocios. Me gustaría dedicarme al sector de las relaciones internacionales, por lo que esto va a ser muy beneficioso para mí, sobre todo porque he conocido a gente no sólo china, sino de todo el mundo, con diferentes formas de pensar, y de culturas diferentes”.

“I am working for a bank in China that specialises in microfinance, and provides loans to people who wouldn’t normally have access to larger banks and loans. It was one of the first banks in china to offer this service, and has been very successful.”

“Beijing is an exotic city – it offers all the traditional Asian culture you would expect, but also you can find all the western comforts. Outside of work, there is a lot of activities organised – KTV and acrobatics shows for example.”

“I think the internship will be great for me because of the booming economy – my experience at a Chinese bank will look great on my CV.”

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