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Paul Dolby

To develop myself further I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone, and CRCC gave me this opportunity by helping me immerse myself in an exciting new culture in a planned and safe environment. My time in Shanghai was well organised, with constant social activities and friendly check-ups to make sure I was getting on well. Yet I felt I still had full freedom and independence when I wanted it, sometimes taking time away on my own, or with the many other friendly interns to explore the city and have fun.

My time working in Shanghai made for many fond memories, I made many friends and learnt new cultural skills in anticipating how people from different cultures think and perceive my own actions. I also found that I was given some important responsibilities, and that my manager really wanted to give me tasks that would complement my career path and benefit my CV. Like any job, it was important that I discussed with my manager exactly what I wanted from the internship, and how he could help me, as well as how I could help him.

Shanghai itself was amazing; the business potential, nightlife, and day to day pace of living are why I will return next year.

and gain an international internship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world....

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