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Having been picked by my university to go abroad and work in Tokyo from which I was partnered with CRCC Asia, I loved the experience I was obtained straight away working in another culture with new connections. I was able to live and work in a country I had always wanted to visit and CRCC Asia allowed me to do this along with enjoyable weekend events with a great bunch of staff who care about their interns, supporting with any issues. I developed long lasting friendships from across the world and I haven’t looked back at making the decision to intern on the other-side of the world. I would love to do this again.

CRCC Asia provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful. Interning in Tokyo was a wonderful, indescribable experience I will always remember and cherish. The team on ground are very helpful with providing support and events for all the interns. Especially considering how small the team is.

My host company was very great as well. They treated me with the utmost respect, gave me a considerable amount of responsibility and made every day I worked there a day to remember. I honestly do not think I could have had a better internship experience anywhere.

Thank you CRCC Asia.

I speak not a word of exaggeration when I say CRCC Asia supported me since the day I came in contact with them. As cliche as it sounds, I genuinely believe my Tokyo internship proved to be the most challenging yet best time of my life! My company really encouraged me to exhaust my intellectual talents as a market researcher, digital content creator and data analyst. Confidence is one thing I gained, but an appreciation of Japanese work ethic is another; working in such a fast paced environment and simply being at the vanguard of technological innovation is an achievement I will cherish forever. I witnessed how teamwork and respect is successfully fostered for the betterment of a company and society more broadly. These principles that stem from an ancient tradition, is something I can now actively apply in my attitude to life. Overall, a two-month internship I wish I could go back and repeat.

My internship in beijing has been a really solid experience, with so many things happening in the work place, you really get thrown into the culture and are able to experience everything. To sum it up I’ve had an absolutely amazing time here, doing things that I’ve really enjoyed.”

I’m working in risk management, I came onto the program to gain some diversity in my practical skills, giving me a good feel for an area which I have never worked in previously. I’m working on projects with specific clients and assisting with the compilation of these reports.”

Beijing is an amazing place, the day time, the night time, there are so many things to happen, see and do within and around the city. I like the social events and the planned nature of the program. You don’t have to worry about how everything is going to play once you arrive, it is all taken care of.

I am doing an internship in Beijing with a social networking website, as a marketing intern I am doing research and analysis into the luxury cosmetics industry. I love Beijing! It’s such a fast-paced, crazy city, it’s such a friendly place with so many things going on happening every day.

I think the CRCC Asia program will definitely help me in interviews, in terms of being able to have this experience on my CV, and by being able to meet so many different international people.

“I worked at Christie’s Auction House and was directly involved in all aspects of the one of their biannual auctions. Work tasks included implementation of the auction, PR, advertising and being knowledgeable about the works of art, their expected value and the price they actually sold for.”

“The social events that CRCC put on were absolutely amazing – the Welcome Banquet was great, and KTV was amazing – the acrobatics show was definitely amazing too. All the things we organised ourselves, CRCC was more than willing to give us hints and tips on what to do or see.”

“My internship in Shanghai 100% affected everything – I am doing my dissertation on the luxury market in China. I gained a huge insight working at Christie’s with my primary research being aided by my colleagues from there. If I hadn’t done this internship, I would know which direction to be heading in.”

“I worked at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, where I liaised between business that are starting up and already established in Shanghai and integrating themselves into the Chinese market. I also helped coordinate events and attend networking events.”

“The Bund is a fantastic place to go in Shanghai – especially if you can get into the bars (e.g. Bar Rouge) as you get a fantastic view of the skyline.”

“I chose CRCC Asia because China is all about who you know, not what you know, so my placement was perfect. I made contact and networked with important people and got my name across. I am still in contact with the people I worked with at the Spanish Chamber, and on my behalf are sending my CV throughout their network. I plan to return to Shanghai in the next few weeks and am hoping to secure a job.”

“I worked in a Chinese marketing company called Imagine Displays for two months in 2010. Imagine Displays branded German and US company products in Beijing. I also helped with the website and assisted the Director with organising and attending business meetings.”

“CRCC Asia was fantastic at organising events ranging from dinner to nights out to theatre shows – the support they gave us was every minute of the day. Their local knowledge was more than enough to make it an amazing experience.”

“I found the office culture really similar to London, but when you go out to the business meetings you recognise the differences in business culture.”

“I worked for a global company called Auditoire, which was originally a French company that is operating in Beijing. My tasks included things such as research projects – a client would come in and I would create a mood board for their event, and I also went to hotels which was good for networking.”

“Beijing is an amazing city – my favourite place is the Summer Palace. I recommend everyone to go there!”

“The activities planned by CRCC Asia whilst I was in China and even now I am back home are really beneficial. They are really well organised so you can relax and just get to know the other interns.”

“Il mio ruolo, come business development intern, è quello di approcciare i nuovi clienti, principalmente all’expo ovvero alle fiere che settimanalmente si tengono a Shanghai. Dopo le exibition torno in ufficio e con email, telefonate ed ogni altro tipo di mezzo di comunicazione cerchiamo di metterci in contatto con i clienti per potenziali collaborazioni future, oltre che cercare di espandere il network dell’agenzia.

Le cose che ho apprezzato di più del vivere a lavorare in Cina sono sicuramente il grosso numero di opportunità che si possono avere dentro e fuori al contesto lavorativo, la velocità con cui tutto si muove e il fatto che l’azienda dove ho effettuato lo stage mi ha subito dato grande responsabilità, permettendomi di interagire con aziende multinazionali e colossi cinesi, una cosa che in Italia non sarebbe mai accaduta.

Credo che quest’esperienza con CRCC Asia in Cina, nello specifico Shanghai, garantirà grandissimo risalto al mio CV, inoltre con questo stage ho sensibilmente migliorato le mie abilità nel business ed ho allargato in maniera decisiva il mio network lavorativo, confrontandomi con persone da cui imparare e con cui, perchè no, collaborare in futuro.”

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