of the world’s tallest 20 buildings are being built in China as of 2012

China completed 23 buildings of more than 200 meters in 2011, more than any other country.

of homes in Japan are built from wood

This is due to the fact that the Japanese have a passion for natural shaped material in architecture.
  • Manchester demonstrates rich variety in architectural style, from Venetian Gothic and Edwardian Baroque styles to Art Deco and Neo-Classical Styles and post 1996 and the IRA bombing in the city which sparked major redevelopment projects. The City is a great training ground for any budding architect!
  • The skyline of Ho Chi Minh city is constantly changing as the city develops.
  • Between 1998 and 2008 alone, 14.4 billion square meters of residential housing space were constructed in China.
  • Within the next decade, China’s construction industry will account for nearly one-fifth of all global construction output.
  • Each year China spends approximately $375 billion on construction, nearly 16% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). China is truly passionate about architecture – where better to learn the trade!
  • Manchester is home to the tallest building in the UK outside of London – The Beetham Tower.  

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

Real Estate Research Projects

Researching specific aspects of the real estate industry, compiling the information and, when necessary, writing reports on their findings. Information was used on company websites and publications.

Client Expansion Projects

As company ambassadors, interns sought out new clients, maintained existing client relationships and promoted the company’s real estate activities.

Architecture Projects

Interns worked with Job Architects in the creation of architectural proposals including research, PPT editing, administrative, and graphics and production support.

Site Visits

Interns visited sites to carry out dimensional survey work and photographic study work, while also shadowing Job Architects in client and site meetings.

Sample Company


Real Estate Agents for Commercial & Residential Property

The company is a Real Estate Agent for Commercial & Residential Property. It holds the highest standards of quality and integrity in global property transactional, management and advisory services. It is renowned for its knowledge of China’s dynamic property market. Its depth and breadth of expertise and high-quality research enables the company to provide reliable advice to its commercial and residential clients.

Interns will work with real estate agents and managers across several fields of real estate, (new client and partnership development, real estate market research, creation of real estate publications, company representation through PR related events).

Andrea Ferrari

Architecture & Real Estate

Università degli studi di Bologna

Faith Locken

Architecture & Real Estate

University of Nottingham

Mia Josimovic

Architecture & Real Estate

Richmond University

Carlos Ruiz

Architecture & Real Estate

School of Art, Institute of Chicago

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