of the Top 10 global math rankings belong to China, Japan and Vietnam

Other countries have looked to China’s educational models in an attempt to boost test scores.

of China's GDP stems from the manufacturing industry

China is an engineering giant, having accomplished several world-famous engineering feats over the last few decades.
  • Each year China spends approximately $375 billion on construction, nearly 16% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • As China, Japan, and Vietnam witnesses rapid urbanization, the demand for labor, services, and infrastructure has led to an increase in government investment in urban construction projects across all three of these countries.
  • Shanghai boasts the tallest building in the world by highest occupiable floor space in the shape of the Shanghai World Trade Center.
  • Manchester, a key player in the Industrial Revolution, has a wealth of engineering and industrial history.

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

Research Projects

Conducting a research project on rural waste treatment in western countries, for a rural population of 3,000 people.


Analysis into construction companies in Shanghai for a potential joint venture.

Market Assessment

Assessment of international renewable energy policies, identifying potential market challenges and existing clean energy production capabilities.

Sample Company


Green Energy Consulting

This consulting company is active in environmental protection and renewable energy fields. It provides highly qualified engineering services in the following sectors: biomass energy, air quality emission control, waste management and renewable energies, specifically hydro and solar energy.

The company is committed to the principle of sustainable development and combines a team of both foreign and Chinese professionals based in Beijing and Europe to fulfill their objectives.

Marcela López


University of Florida

Enric Flor


Universitat de Girona

Savia Diaz


Griffith University

Christopher Hall


De Montfort University

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