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I interned in Beijing with a petrochemical consultancy company. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about my sector will gaining invaluable work experience abroad, which looks fantastic on CVs. The workload was fair and I learnt a lot about a few specific topics through conducting patent research for the company, ending in a report and presentation to colleagues. The social side of the internship was incredible and probably the best experience of my life! I can honestly say I have friends for life and have developed an extensive network whilst interning in China which could be very useful for the future. I would highly recommend this programme, it really is the opportunity of a lifetime and you will meet so many people and do so many amazing things and that alone makes it worth it!

Hello everyone, my name is Matias and i had my intership in Shanghai. I thought it was a very good experience to feel the sensation of working in an area outside the ‘comfort zone’.

You can learn many things in your field of work, as well as feel new emotions and mature as a person.

I really enjoy it a lot 🙂

The highlight of my time in Shenzhen has been having the opportunity to meet such talented youths from across the states and the UK. Learning more about Chinese culture alongside my peers would be a once in a lifetime experience that I would continue to learn from and look back on. My time at my internship at a crowdfunding company has also pushed me to explore other sectors of the tech industry. I am also grateful to have gotten to know some of the coworkers at my office during these two months. Although much of the work that I did was not along the field that I am pursuing, I was able to equip myself with both hard and soft skills related to working at a startup.

“Mi pasantía fue en una empresa internacional de ingeniería que se dedica a hacer sensores. Modelamos y también los vendemos en la compañía. En el trabajo hice modelos bidimensionales, también trabajé en grupo, hice sensores con una máquina de horno, y aparte de eso manejé un grupo como líder y me encantó. La cultura es diferente, pero la comunicación fue genial entre todos. Pienso que todo el mundo debería tener esta oportunidad. Si uno es de ingenierías o de negocios, a las empresas les encantará saber que estuvo en China porque quiso, y quiso aprender la cultura, aprender un poco de chino y también a comunicarse con gente de diferentes culturas.”

“My name is Ayushi Sahay and I am a student at the University of Technology Sydney and I am currently in the final year of my Civil and Environmental Engineering degree.

Beijing actually really different, compared to my home I live quite far from the far. Sydney city compared to Beijing city is so different, here in Beijing just around the corner from my apartment there is always something going on. The commute to work alone is completely different to what I am doing back home.

I am currently working with an Architectural firm, my firm designs buildings and shopping centres. They use a computer program called CAD which is really relevant to my degree since we use this software. In my first week they got me to teach the entire company to use this software.

I also assist helping out with other architects and they have really been helping me out teaching me more about CAD software. Back home we design on flat ground whereas here in China there is more difficult terrain to design for so it has been really interesting learning about different design practices in China in comparison to what I have been learning back home in Australia.”

Giovanni Bottazzi del Politecnico di Milano racconta la sua avventura in Cina con il programma di Stage nel settore dell’ingegneria a Shenzhen per tre mesi. Il lavoro durante il suo stage in Cina è stato molto interessante e coinvolgente.

“Andrea frequenta il Master in Ingegneria Energetica presso l’Università di Padova e sta svolgendo un tirocinio nel settore dell’ingegneria della durata di 3 mesi a Shenzhen, con il China Internship Program di CRCC Asia. L’azienda per cui lavora è una social enterprise che produce sistemi di illuminazione che poi distribuisce nei paesi in via di sviluppo o sottosviluppati; Andrea si occupa di un ambito che gli piace molto, cioè il controllo qualità del prodotto finito, per cui deve assicurarsi che il prodotto rispetti gli standard aziendali e mondiali.”

I study Electronic and Computer Engineering, so as part of my degree I have to complete a certain amount of work experience hours. Although I could have found an internship with a company in Australia, I am now entering my fourth and final year of university and decided that I wouldn’t have many free two or more month holidays once I graduated, therefore, I thought that going overseas would be a great experience.

CRCC Asia was very professional and supportive when helping me to find a suitable engineering internship placement. They continuously tried their hardest to answer any question that I may have had, from explaining what I would be doing throughout my internship to showing me the correct forms to fill out for my visa.

The people at the company I was placed at were a mixture of European and Chinese and all were incredibly friendly, I could not have asked for a better placement. They would always invite me to have lunch with them and even showed me around a few parts of Beijing that I may not have seen if it had not been for them.

Another perk in doing an internship in Beijing through CRCC Asia were the other interns that came to Beijing through CRCC as well. This was one of the highlights of my time in Beijing as I met and lived with people from all over the globe. This provided me with people to travel and hang out with.

I chose to undertake a two month internship program as this fitted with the holiday time I had free from University. Staying for two months allowed me to explore so much of Beijing and China that now I feel as though I actually lived in China, rather than just passing through. Having the weekends free from work allowed me to visit the historical aspects of not only Beijing, but also other parts of China. I was lucky enough to visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, go to the Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin and visit Shanghai.

I found this internship and trip to China very beneficial, both personally and also for experiencing working in an international company. I was able to make some great worldwide contacts while over there. Honestly, life took a bit of getting used to when I got home because it is a stark contrast to how life was in China, but that’s what made China so great. For me the internship I had in China was definitely worth it!

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