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Maia is one of the people who made any complications / issues better throughout this entire program. Really grateful for her support & effort to the CRCC program. Thanks Maia 🙂

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Thank you for the amazing professional and personal experience. I had a great time being able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not many others can say they have. The staff were highly responsive with my requests and communicated well. My Admission Advisor did an amazing job at answering most of my questions quickly and professionally through providing additional guidance if the answer was not immediate.

I really enjoyed my experience at my Host Company. Everyone is extremely welcoming, kind, and considerate.I learned how to freely apply my skills in research and consolidating information into an easy format that anyone could review.

Thank you so much for the great summer, and I wish everyone to stay safe and well.

Great opportunity to gain experience in Asia and China, The internship is what you make of it, the more effort and enthusiasm you put, the more you will gain back. Use your time to the maximum, as 2 months fly and China is a huge country. If you’re not happy with your host company, make sure you keep good communication with CRCC.

My internship in China was truly an eye opening experience. I was blown away by the country’s breathtaking views, bustling economy, and intimate relationship with technology. China had so much to offer. From hours spent learning about the country’s rich history, cosmetics and health food market trends, and regulatory affairs to days spent trekking and exploring the cities like Hangzhou and Qibao, China has equipped me with a global understanding of international business and regulatory affairs and given countless memories that I will cherish forever. I am a more culturally aware, self-reliant, and communicative person because of the time I spent in Shanghai, China. The experience forced me out of my comfort zone and try things (foods, activities, social settings etc.) that I never considered prior. I encourage all students to take the opportunity to intern abroad. Your life will be changed forever!

“I have worked on nearly ten projects so far, which is a lot for one month! The projects I have worked on include market research into IVF and project researching servicing.”

“I have done a lot of shopping, gone to a lot of markets! I love the markets! I don’t know how I am going to take all my stuff home yet.”

“When I first got here, a lot of people stared at me because I was a foreigner, but I have grown used to it. My supervisor told me to wear sunglasses and pretend like you are a rock star!”

“My internship in Shanghai in the pharmaceuticals sector will help me with my career – people in this industry don’t do inter-state, or even internship abroad. I am planning to come back, I have loved my experience here.”

Looking back on my experience over these past two months working in China, I feel that I am not the same person I was when I left. Spending two months away from home in a culture very different from my own, working hand in hand with individuals from all over the world, being placed in charge of tasks that impact more than myself, and independently having to navigate through it all, has enhanced my understanding of life and of my career, while granting me a global perspective. My international internship in Shanghai experience enabled me to fulfill my goals growing professionally, academically, and personally.

In an interconnected and borderless world where information moves with a speed never seen before, the long-term competitive edge belongs to those individuals harbouring special attributes in their professional vitae. Keeping these words in mind, I embarked on an exciting journey to the financial capital of China – Shanghai.

Working in the Medical Sector as an advisor to the board on matters relating to International Marketing and Business Development, I was able to hone in on the skills that I had learnt at University and apply them to real-life situations in an environment that was mentally stimulating. At the end of my Internship in Shanghai, I was offered employment back home in New Zealand owing, in great part, to the wealth of experience I had gained in a culturally distinct environment in a matter of 2 months.

None of the above, from getting on the flight to Shanghai to leaving a more confident professional, would have been possible without the guidance of CRCC Asia. They have the experience and staff necessary to ensure a comfortable stay in Shanghai along with a myriad of diverse activities that inspire professional development and instill knowledge about local culture, tradition and language. It’s not just work and no play here.

From KTV to a boat trip down the beautiful Pudong river, the list of activities that testify Shanghai’s claim to be a buzzing city is endless. I thank CRCC for their unparalleled professionalism and for ensuring my stay in Shanghai to be a comfortable and memorable one. As for those considering China as a destination for professional development, I’d say, “Go for it Mate!”. It has certainly worked for me.

I first found out about the CRCC Asia internship programme through an email forwarded to me and my classmates during my final year of university. Despite being only 20 at the time of my application, which I thought may have been too young for consideration, I jumped at the opportunity knowing that my time in the safety of university education was coming to an end. Coming from a scientific background, I was well aware of China’s status as a world leader in medical research, the direction in which I hoped to guide my future career. In my opinion, the internship in Shanghai not only offered me what I was sure would be an amazing work experience, but also a chance to travel – one which I didn’t have during my time before and while at university.

So yes, the metro really is as crowded as they say it is, there really are lots of ‘interesting’ food options, the traffic really is crazy – but the scooters are good fun – and everything really is cheap: there are a hundred other anecdotes I could use to describe my time in China, but the truth is that it’s a culture that has to be experienced to be believed.

My internship in Beijing over the past 4 weeks has been an experience I will treasure for years to come. China has taken me out of my comfort zone in nearly every aspect of my life. From zip- lining across Longqing Gorge, eating scorpion or even just playing football and basketball with the locals, it has been enlightening to see how a completely parallel culture lives. It was amazing to see in person some of the great wonders of the world and the heritage behind them. Getting pictures with the locals at The Forbidden City or seeing the sunrise while camping on the Great Wall of China are just some of the things I will never forget.

All in all CRCC Asia have created a great opportunity to learn and travel through China and become immersed in its culture. It has unquestionably gave me a different perspective of its society and the people that make up this country. I will definitely be back to China in the future.

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