Located just two stops from Shenzhen CBD, the Shenzhen office is next to Asia’s largest electronics market and HuaQiang Bei lu’s famous food street. With clear access to both Hong Kong border crossings, the convenient location allows easy accessibility and provides a welcoming environment for every visitor.

The office is responsible for overseeing successful internship placements with host companies around the city and ensuring a positive experience for program participants throughout their time on the program.

Office Address

CRCC Asia Ltd (Shenzhen)

Room 3002, Metropolitan Heights
3018 Shennan Middle Road, Shenzhen 518031
Phone: (+86) 755 83219013

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Staff Members

Hannah Leeming Staff Image

Hannah Leeming

Shenzhen General Manager

Hannah is from Suffolk, England and graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Bachelor of Human Biology degree. After working at a luxury events company in London, Hannah moved to China where she has worked for CRCC Asia in Shanghai, Hong Kong and now Shenzhen.

Suki Wen Staff Image

Suki Wen

HR Manager

Suki graduated from Shanghai Ocean University with a Bachelor of Marketing Management Degree. She subsequently studied an Master Degree at the ESC Rennes School of Business in Rennes, France.

After her experience studying in France Suki was determined to improve her cultural awareness and gain experience working in an international organisation.

Theresa Xu Staff Image

Theresa Xu

Business Development Manager

Theresa is from Shenzhen, China. After working as a volunteer in Mauritius off the Southeast Coast of the Indian Coast she found that she loves connecting with people from different cultures.

She has been living in Shenzhen for 17 years and believes the city is still as vibrant and engaging as when she first arrived

Aneisha Vieira Staff Image

Aneisha Vieira

Business Development Marketing Associate

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in International Relations, Aneisha decided to leave her tiny island home of Trinidad and Tobago. She is currently pursuing Master of Arts in International Communication, a program which has granted her invaluable intercultural and international experience. After one semester in Leeds, England and another in Groningen, The Netherlands, she has an unwavering desire to practice her acquired skills in the real world while gaining a wealth of international experience.

Emily Parkinson Staff Image

Emily Parkinson

Program Manager

A former CRCC Asia alumni, Emily completed the Beijing program in 2012 which fuelled her desire to work in an intercultural environment. After completing her bachelors in Sports Marketing and Public Relations she went
on to do a Masters in Arts in International Communication studying in Vilnius, Lithuania and Groningen, The Netherlands. It was because of her Masters that meant our paths crossed again as it was obligatory to complete
an international internship to base her Master thesis on.

CRCC Asia was the perfect fit and with our assistance she completed her thesis; Exploring the intercultural barriers for communication in relation to Guanxi. Since graduating we were more than happy to welcome Emily back as the Program Manager.

Greta Bonfrisco Staff Image

Greta Bonfrisco

Business Development Manager

Greta is from Italy and graduated from RomeTre Universiy with a Bachelor Degree of Languages and Cultural-Linguistics Mediation. After graduating, Greta moved to China where she has been living for the past year and 5 months, working as an Italian and English Teacher.

She likes traveling and communicating with people from all over the world to gain more knowledge about different cultures. She is looking forward to further develop her professional skills in an international environment.

Stella Zhang Staff Image

Stella Zhang

Program Coordinator Associate

Stella graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The experience of studying abroad has made her interested in different cultures and she is determined to work in a multinational company. She thinks that there are still a lot of opportunities for international business in China.

Ming Shang Staff Image

Ming Shang

Program Coordinator Associate

After graduating from the Central South University with the BA degree in Public Administration, Ming decided to go to the UK for further study. She graduated with a Masters degree in Accounting and Management from the University of Southampton. The special overseas experience gives her the enthusiasm and courage to come to this international and multicultural city.

Soo Cho Staff Image

Soo Cho

Program Coordinator Associate

Soo was born in Seoul, South Korea and attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada majoring in Business Technology Management. She worked for CRCC Asia in Toronto previously. For Soo, being a part of the CRCC Asia
team built stronger interests in China, motivated her to transfer to the Shenzhen team and explore China in person. Soo’s interests include travelling, eating and animals.

Jacky Wu Staff Image

Jacky Wu

Program Coordinator Associate

Jacky is currently a Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Economics Degree at Vanderbilt University in the United States. He is also minoring in Mathematics and Psychology. Born in Shenzhen, he has witnessed its great economic development and increasing internationalization. Three years’ experience overseas so far has allowed him to learn different cultures and perspectives. Working in a highly international organization in which he can apply his skills and ideas has always been his goal. He is therefore ready to start exploring his career in CRCC Asia.

Summer Lei Staff Image

Summer Lei

Business Development Associate

Summer Lei has graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Masters degree in International Marketing.With the experience of studying in the UK she is very happy to work in a multicultural environment. She came to Shenzhen to start up her career as she feels comfortable in this city and believes that Shenzhen is the best place for her future.

Stacey Ma Staff Image

Stacey Ma

Business Development Associate

Stacey has completed her Masters degree from the University of Birmingham in International marketing and Bachelor of Arts in Business management and Marketing from Nottingham Trent University. She is passionate focusing on marketing study with good communication skills in English and Chinese. 5 years overseas study has made her have a positive and international outlook which helps her to engage with any people from various cultural background.