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Internship in Shanghai

Nowadays the city is known for its affluence, modernity and nightlife, and life as a Shanghai intern will give you a taste of Eastern glamour few cities can rival.

The following programs are available in Shanghai:

Our China Internship Program in Shanghai is tailored to enhance both your professional and personal development, by offering placements in a range of different internship sectors, including Finance, Accounting, Business, Marketing, Engineering, Legal and many other industries.

Home to China’s largest stock exchange, and the new Free Trade Zone, Shanghai is a hub for finance and entrepreneurial business ventures and is one of the most affluent and expensive cities in China. As part of the China Business & Finance Course, you have the chance to spend a week in the government and business heart of China, Beijing, followed by a week in Shanghai, learning about China’s economic complexities, business regulations and financial markets.

As Shanghai’s people become richer, they engage in one main pastime. Shopping. The consumer culture in Shanghai is extensive and entertaining, with traditional markets and modern malls to cater to every whim. Check out the Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect market to see old Chinese men barter for caged crickets, or the hi-tech Cybermart to pick up every imaginable piece of electronic equipment.

This consumer frenzy has pulled in people from around the globe looking for business opportunities, and has spawned a unique sense of entrepreneurship in Shanghai. New, exciting businesses try their luck here everyday as success in Shanghai can be the starting point of a bright and plentiful future. Many expats have flocked to Shanghai over the past few decades, making it one of the most competitive Chinese cities to enter the job market as a foreigner.

Students nowadays tend to seek international internships rather than in their home country as there are many benefits in doing so. An internship is a unique way of enhancing your professional experience in a field of your choice, with the added benefits of networking with international students and experiencing a whole new culture.

The internship program runs every month all year round and is designed for current university students, recent graduates or people looking for a career change, to gain professional work and life experience in China’s burgeoning economy, thus placing themselves on a competitive edge in the job market.

For more images of Shanghai, including accommodation, events and intern travel, please visit our Photo Gallery.

Life in Shanghai as an Intern

Located on the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai has grown from a traditional trading port to a truly global and progressive city. Its history as a harbour city has meant that Shanghai has always been open to international influences and at the forefront of Chinese modernization.

One of Shanghai’s most famed features is its skyline. Architectural wonders past and present populate the Western bank of the Huangpu River, known as The Bund. Lit up at night it is a striking mix of Art-Deco architecture and older gothic and baroque buildings. The city is a cosmopolitan metropolis and buzzes with life, day and night.

The mystical City of God Temple lies at the core of the old city and reveals a more ancient Chinese past, where many go to pay their respects to the gods and the Taoist priests who reside there. Here, the Chinese heart of the city can be seen in the buildings and the historical monuments.

Life as a Shanghai intern is fast-paced, gilt-edged and absorbing – when you’re not working in the heart of China’s commercial center you can relax in glamorous bars and clubs, take advantage of the abundant shopping opportunities, or sample the delicious specialties associated with Shanghainese cuisine.

Your Internship in Shanghai with CRCC Asia will include international quality accommodation, various social and networking events, 24/7 support and Chinese Mandarin lessons.

We maintain close contact with our Shanghai Internship Program participants after they finish the program as part of our Alumni Network. We’d recommend reading more about their experiences with the program on our Testimonials & Media page.

For information about Shanghai and China in general, including information about Chinese currency, working in China, getting around, and the Chinese language please visit our China Travel Guide, written by previous program participants.

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